Sher recently met in an accident while in Philadelphia with Tall Up. Sher said that she has been traumatized and Renee has called her non-stop. For about two weeks it has been the talk that Nickeisha and her not on speaking terms. So Sher fans call out Nickeisha saying that she’s not a real friend and regardless of what they have she could have called her.






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  1. A true cause mi kn a lady wah noh chat to dis other one fi over 10 yrs an d ooman son dead an bawl like baby an call her cause dem a did friend nickesha fake long time

  2. Nickesha shut up no bady pussy noh stink like urs cause u have bout 4 man regardless a,wah happen u could have sah something pon her page wid u bleach out hypocrite self yes u life public u live an do tings fi please the crowd soh u could have continue to play d big hyprocrite u could a post sinting uno tink ppl nah chat always memba UNO FRIENDS HAVE FRIENDS THAT IS NOT FI UNO FRIENDS uno chat each other

  3. She had time time to make a video and a long statement for IG, clearly she’s alright so I guess Nickeisha saw that and said the same.

  4. You know seh when me hear bout the accident me she to myself… When you teck too much ppl man di blow can come from anywhere. Sher did deh a NY and a drive go Philly, Which means seh she see John John and some a di Obeah weh dem set pon him reach har. Sher go to Church and change your lifestyle starting with leaving the ppl dem man alone. As bad as ppl talk bout tall up and har sista, I never hear dem name a mixup ina no bed hopping. If unuh a dance , dance and stop use dancing fi cover up fi di whoring.. Thank God she live to see a next day and hope it give har a wake up call as far as life goes.

  5. Tink u ezzz sher a meck it look like a one BIGGGGGGG CRASH like a sum bady tamper wid d brake or obeah her fi shi dead smh glad dem ok still

  6. Sher have likkle more sense than the two of dem. She lef Jamaica and launch her lipstick line Monday gone. Maybe because Nickeisha no have no visa she kind of holding them back.

  7. U can kn nikesha badmind shi noh have noh reasoning ability always a cum wud a inorgant sef but god kn uno fi change up uno clothes and dressing looks ((( Me kn uno agoh dweet cause wen ppl talk uno dou d tings dem d next day)))) any day nickesha get her visa wah mi hear shi a try buy she agoh behave like traviling to NY etc a fi er alone trust me uno jus look an si ..

  8. SHER a write book pon Ig an a gwan cause she wah behave like a d guy ooman obeah her fi kill her inna car accident dats y shi a goh soh hard pon d gram bout it trust me . But how shi agoh k ow a which one a d ooman dem dweet dou?

  9. This is my take on the situation, not everyone that post up about i love my friend etc. Is genuine and seem to be the better friend ‘just because’ they’re posting about their friend. People have different personalities,hence thats why i feel like some of you guys judging Nickiesha that she wasn’t loyal because she wasn’t as active with the reposting and talking about her friend on instagram like renee.

    Also from my perspective i think people just judging nickiesha based on that and from the fact that sher is upset with her. But check out intagram sher was the first one to start throwing words, tho she deleted some of them. Anyhow what i am trying to say also that if you love your friends you will accept their decision if you know its important to them.

  10. lawd a mercy unuh bad over yah suh tho!! somebody cant get in a one accident and speak on how shaken they are?! unuh a talk bout she a act like a big accident, an accident is an accident. all a likkle fender bender can gi u neck problems fi years. anyways i was noticing that when sher did the amber rose thing nickesha wasnt there. after the don andre tom cruise era n they split sher tek off while renne a big har up and nickesha look salty. like she wasnt happy for sher!!

  11. I think its true wat somebody wrote earlier. ” A accident is an accident” And Glad nobody was badly hurt, But i do think Sher put up the post about Renae being a real fren to hurt Nickesha and then feel guilty when people go ova to her page to bash her so deleted what she said. Lately Nickesha to me just get loose up, Skin out pon bed everyday, Same clothes a film herself for ig and a do pure FREE PROMO for da man dem. Its really not a good look baby girl and u have a son to feed. Do better and fix up u character! I mean as bad as some might say Sher is, She always look aiight, She have her lipstick thing goin on and she can travel. Jus the travelling alone will make the frenz u thought u had badmind u. She look like she nuh want go back to jamaica a rass lol

  12. Nickesha noh have visa fi cum farin an cause dem shame an spice did talk sah dem noh loyal to each other dats y dem noh blow it up yet a nuff a gwan an RENEE a hype up d LOVE ting fi meck nickesha luk bad uno stay dah a cause if dem dash out d real things pon social media nuff ppl agoh get hurt meck dem a keep it under rap dem gal dah noh loyal to each other one bit a shame meck.dem noh cuss yet

  13. If anybody a follow anyone of them pon Instagram….unnuh woulda notice seh a months now dis a gwaan, wid Sher and Renee pon one side and Nickiesha pon di other….Sher and Renee nuh stop wid di best friend and love dis and love that behaviour and every now and then you see dem throw out one bone fi Nickiesha and hav her up wid dem like seh everything good!

    Ppl just really a notice now seh a Nickiesha pon har own cause Marvin nuh deh up inna di picture dem like before, so ppl never did a notice di void of Sher and Renee and more and more Nickiesha a push fi do har own ting, notice seh more while a she alone you will see pon party poster….but you see Sher and Renee together!

  14. Mi nuh like none ah dem more than the other so mi ah sey dis. If one of my one time fren throw subs at me on www and try style me becoz mi nuh have visa, tuff up mi batty(fake) launch lipstick line & show me up with the other chick when we all were a team just know sey mi nuh obligated a bloodclaat fi express no sympathy if we are not on great terms! There was no great accident fi dis everlasting bawling insecure Renee she deh pon. Every thing she shed tears like she never get nuh love from her blood sister/aunties so she frighten fi Sher (my observation) Sher Farr from perfeCT so unu Lowe di young chicklets mek dem sort out dem frenship & hop off nicky back, she in her feelings for whatever fallout they had.

  15. Kizzy obeah sher that’s what cause the accident the whole a Jamaica know that she was warn not to mess with that dress maker man cause Kizzy love send ppl pic come Jamaica to the obeah man

  16. All I want to know is if sher na come back. A from August she over deh and a soon December which mean she a brush bout 5 months and a 6 months immigration give pon visiting visa. I want know if she ago married to get sort out or she run this time

  17. SHER!!!!!!you over yah a read d comments dem an a teck time a respond pon IG but the post wah u just write dont sah no bady dont kn wah a gwan inna u life cause u friend dem chat u wid fi dem friend u si how it feel now wen d hole a uno did a try dun spice a fi uno time now an u a play like u a saint SHER stop it cause mi personally kn sah u a creeper a your life still as u just post but sher u a creeperrrrr big time mi can prove dat u affi keep quite bout certian tings cause nuff a uno gal fukk frighten and careless uno fi pay attention an kn sah nuff a d boy dem uno lay dung wud a video uno uno fi stop tell lie sah uno UNBORTHERED cause wah ppl talk bout uno most a it a true and it a BOTHER uno so much if it nah bother u why u a respond my girl u friend dem roun u noh real a dat u fi kn uno too hype and badmind uno did tink a uno alone can dance and skinout a nuff young dancer uno try an block now ppl realize sah uno ano nuthin

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