You mean to tell me after so many years, Aidonia still a buy his woman fake bags and shoes? Kim you didn’t learn your lesson after you post those fake Louboutin heels and dem DONE you on Twitter? You come now a showcase a pair a sneakers in a color & pattern Gucci neva mek? And that fake Givenchy bag dat still inna plastic??? Real leather items aren’t sold in plastic bags boo.

Aidonia stay inna you lane and buy Steve Madden and Aldo. Stop embarrass the girl wid di bag a fake tings. A come post US$4000 bag when not even fi di month you see dat. Wi know you trying to keep up wid di hot girls who pics you eva a comment unda Kim, but your man just don’t have it boo. You look fool and wi laughing.





      1. Look here nuh. Mi see everybody a run in say the sneakers real and juss laugh. I’m in Gucci every month and it’s on a regular catalogue deliver to my house and mi NEVA see those sneakers in store or on the website. Sorry Kim Fucci

        1. thank you !!! I’m like real where ? that must be a super exclusive mek fi she one

          and the plastic on the Givenchy is a dead giveaway !!

          China Town boo boo

          dont post , just wear your fake stuff, you pretty enough that people wouldnt have too too noticed

  1. SMH as a wife with a young child this girl and i did asy girl sure does have way too much time fi social media though..kmt.
    Her husband gave her a shoe, why does she have to post it on snapchat lawd unnu friday frighten sah, nuh form a humble nuh inna unnu none !!!!

  2. That bag doesn’t retail for $4000 either it’s way less than that and it looks pretty authentic to me from the photo

  3. The items aren’t fake however he loves to show her off and spends very little on her, hopefully this is a start. Kim why you ain’t never been on a plane tho? Why weren’t you on his petition? Why you can’t even drive? Y’all basic bitches need to upgrade… everything for the gram but nothing in real life.

    1. They are indeed nice. That’s why he need to buy those brands and stop buy knockoff. For the same money you can get nice things that don’t make you look like a pretentious ass.

  4. Da bag de look like it undergo plastic surgery ….mi Nuh know y Aidonia Nuh stop Shane me… Di gyal dem a Jamaica a try dem best Fi copy weh den si Di rich gyal dem have Benz now boot and bag

  5. Dem and dem dolly house wedding can go siddung
    Cuz Kim never look happy yet !
    She have that face like something always wrong or on her head
    Poor she .. dem soon divorce .. Kim is a pretty girl she could’ve done better than aidonia but not because u pretty doesn’t mean u are not a buttu so it go

    N dem tings deh faker dan nikki sweets punni
    Ketch d boot .. Kim me Nuh business weh u seh
    Dem fake bad bad .. dem boot deh look like it sell outa
    Somebody drumpan real talk

  6. Givenchy nuh sell ntn inna plastic bag tho…..

    Cause even the little purse weh mi buy from them come inna one cloth draw string bag and them put da bag deh inna one a dem fancy paper bag with crepe paper pon the inside a it and the name pon front! And is a likkle likkle purse me did buy!

    1. exactly. the people dem sell dem stuff in dust bags, not plastic bags! That is always a dead giveaway. if you can’t produce the dust bags sitcho ass down :cool

  7. She no own a car??? Say it ain’t so! Them set up themselves so at the end of the day, she a just Aidonia wife, ntn more. So if him no shit she no nyam, what a life! Then when them ready them say ppl grudge/ bad mind them, grudge them fi wah?

  8. But this is not the first or the last dem inna fake gears. The Gucci slippers she wore for the mother’s day pic, fake. The two LV bag she been carrying for years, FAKE. The Cazal shades, FAKE! Two more FAKE things to add to the collection

    A dem say knockoff

  9. Ppl a d chinese dem a meck dem gucci dah fi d black community dem.kn uno a ediat an love hype dem dah noh real an d made in china tings dem dat

  10. The Givenchy Antigona bag retails for around $2500 US before taxes. Didi prob buy that bag for around $50US. LOL I don’t wrong you Didi, nuh waste di money buy Kim no damn bag. She needs to get a job and get off Instagram. The time you deh studio a voice song she deh home a click on people pics and stalk comments. Too idle and lazy!

    Too many people live in that yard who have to live and eat to be spending that kind of money on someone who offers nothing but a pretty selfie. Hol a Chinese Gucci Kim!

  11. Y’all are some bunch of hatersssss what is a shoes and bag one dub plate could buy that! Leave the girl alone f***g bum bitches stalking Kim life smh

  12. This is what happens when u love to show off. She never had to take a pic he could have bought her them and thats it, jus wear it and act normal, these bums will never get use to money and things what a shame. Dem cya look pan Sasco wife and copy SHE all Chi Ching woman a mek her come up in SCHOOL and Didi have more dan him, these girls are too damn lazy!

  13. Dem ppl yah bitter eeh!! Unno low Kim alone coz some a unno wish unno a get fake bag and shoes from unno man, some a unno a man never GI unno a sweetie yet, a unno affi mind unno man….come out a d ppl dem life, whether or not har things dem fake a she a wear dem not unno…gtfoh wid unno badmind selves

  14. It’s not that serious y’all watching the girl too hard and the shoes are very real! They not even expensive so why pressure the poor girl. Let the couple grow and strive. I’m happy for her and if he no have shit let them grow together. The hate is real! I’m glad you no settle to just be a baby ma Hun! Low di young couple and pray they make it and prosper. Nothing like black love! Too many black baby mas nowadays and not enough wives! And uno woman would rather see them apart than together? Why is that sisters?


  15. she buy dat from boutiqueinitiution. is a store off waltham that sell pure fake shit. she all buy fake converse from them. cause them cheap

  16. Kim is too damn hype with no ambition. She had her job n mek Instagram get to her head n stop work. Learn to be independent n stop siddung and depend pon man. That’s why no matter what aidonia do her she sit n take it…someone comment up top that she always look unhappy! Maybe she is unhappy but she can’t manage on her own so she have to sit n take it. A show snap every minute driving aidonia’s car… go n work n get ur own Bcaz him no plan fi get u a car.

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