Okay, can we officially say that the Skincare Industry is officially the place to be? First we had “Tiannah Glow” from Fashion Designer Toyin Lawani (Tiannah Styling) and then we had “Crystal Glam” from Nollywood Actress Oge Okoye. Now, Nigerian/Cameroonian Musician Dencia is out with her skincare line “Whitenicious” by Dencia.

According to her official release, the brand has 2 products on the market;

“Whitenicious by Dencia” for dark spots which clears dark spots caused by anything from acne, wounds, hyper-pigmentation bruises etc… on any part of the body. It works on all skin types including sensitive skin and “Whitenicious by Dencia” for dark knuckles, knees and elbows. A lot of people suffer from hyper-pigmentation on these areas and this product clears up the pigmentation to match the rest of your skin. It can be used on all skin types and everyone from white to black.

Dencia Whitencious Skincare Line – BellaNaija – January 2014002


  1. mi waan sum fi me knees. My knees den black from all di time mi spend pon mi knees as a little girl a rub red polish pon floor.

      1. lol, madd! Sumptin wron wid met!!!! where do u get dese innuendos from!!! But, u kno u right, most people doa kno dat u cyan brush ur knees, lightly, daily, wen u bade. Same az using a wash rag, to da knees. Soap and water makes for clean skin, of course, on a daily basis, 2x a day or as neede, lol. :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

        1. londy when u clean floor a ja the knees get black and a little had fi true….so because a dead skin u can use something to exfoliate it work man

      2. Yes Ms Met brushing does work. My elbows dem was dark and mi buy a brush from one a di African store inna Queens and it work. Every day mi put extra soap on my elbows and brush it wid the dry brush and mi si results. It may take a while but it work. Just mek sure that yuh lather up real good suh the brush nuh cut yuh.

  2. love the skin your in. Light-skinned people should make a ‘PRODUCT’ so that they can be dark-skinned!!!!FOH!!!!!!
    morning jmg, met, jmg crew, bloggers, peepers an all, bless-up.

    1. They already did ( spray tan). They were smart enough to make it a temp. fix so that customers have to keep coming back.

  3. I know my above statement is completely ridiculous; BUT, this sh#*t is gettin out-of-control. From black to white, and of all people “Africans”, who seem to have mastered the ‘BLEACHDUNG’ technique…yes dats wat I typed, bleachdung!!!!! mad,sick, hed nuh gud!!!! :marah :marah

  4. So two product mek: one iz a spot remover and d adda one ah wah met? i re-read. The other product works on elbows and knees. Which means u can use it all over the body; anywhere thats DARK!

          1. that is so sad…africa is where our color started so dem a reject dem own being at the beginning a di stream…das y we can never really rise

      1. I mean you are in the bizness of bringin the “dark” into the “light” no pun inteded, so it iz your civic duty to make us aware! :afro: :berduka

  5. Met yuh nuh get the news yet sey dem ago start tax hair extensions and all cosmetics too so mi a wonder weh nuff a dem ago start do..esp the bleachers

    1. So happy when i read that too. The weave thing gone out a this world. I don’t know if some a dem can recover. That is where i think it starts them get shame a dem kinky hair and don’t know how fi comb it, but can cover it up quick with a wig. Ignorance

      1. I feel I will have a page on black hair care a long time mi did waa do it…mi a go do some research and come up wid some information

          1. @me too pretty. Mi cut off mi hair in a semi-mohwak this past weekend and mi tell yuh sey mi look 10 years younger!! I have very curly hair so my hair dresser blew it out and straigthened it and I have no perm at all in it. Mi love it because now my natural hair can finally grow on it’s own after wearing weave for over 10 years. Mi head feel very light. All I do is wrap it at night and style it in the morning. I will be washing it every week and treat it. But mi fraida the bleaching…no sah mi know a girl whey use to live a Jersey and bleaching kill har. She use to use some strong shit and it end up giving her cancer of the skin and it spread and killed her. Bleaching is very serious. Mi will stay dark skinned.

  6. Africans + Asians love the bleaching is a shame. Jamaica fi tax it cause dem a do it pon a different level when the kids start get cool. Just like how dem raise tax pon weave, raise it pon the bleach as well.

  7. I don’t see anything wrong with using toning cream to even out you skin tone or fade dark spots. What I have a problem with is people who use bleaching cream all over the body to change their appearance (turn white).

      1. I see it this way, yes toning creams are just the same as bleaching cream just a smaller dosage.. However say you visit your dermatologist and you ask him/her for suggestions with your dark spots… knuckles… knee caps… discoloring.. blemishes etc. Believe it or not, whatever he/she prescribes is also a form of bleaching cream, anything that helps remove dark spots etc all contain similar ingredients that can be found in bleaching cream. In my mind there is a thin line between bleaching and “toning out dark spots”. I don’t see anything wrong with removing dark spots or toning out scars etc, however…. toning can most def be a gateway to bleaching. Stick to coco butter.. it works!!

  8. metty and metters mawninggggggggg!! bwoy mi nah lie mi love mi black beautiful dark skin the african luv bleach ah dem start the trend! when gyal waan white dem go ah african shop and seh to hell with ms chin!

  9. I don’t see a problem using these cream to clear up blemishes but when u rubbing it all over trying to change ur color something wrong with u mentally….. People who bleach are insecure they don’t love the skin they are in….. I use bleaching cream on the spots on my face no where else only I the spots yea I’m guilty off using it but sometimes u just want them go away fast…..

    1. Same here. Prevention is better than cure, if we would stop popping and picking bumps on our faces we would not have these problems. We all know what picking bumps leave spots but we can’t help it.


        1. mi jus ah seh…mi wha know, and mi nah guh find out if mi nuh ask…everybody free fi do wha dem want wid demself… so whoeva know the big secret mi willing fi blessing dem wid sum money jus fi the info

  11. I have all the answers to your burning questions more than likely but this type of info need fi dead and bury. lol

  12. ahhh boy, black women are already classed as insecure and bitter so why give them more reasons, the perm hair wasn’t enough so a lot of women wear fake hair and now they’re bleaching their skin….you people are making it hard for other people that don’t take part in this shit, why unno think it so hard fi people believe that some black women have natural long hair and later down the road every natural brown skin woman that they see they’re going to think they bleached to get that complexion…#disgusted

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