0 thoughts on “SO SHE CAN SHOW HAR BAG SENDER…………

  1. “een every part of me, I can feel your movin awayay, baby, I can feel your movin away, baby, more every dayay, een every way!!!!!” :kr :kr

  2. Why these people keep bringing these hand luggage to dance nobody give a damm if a channel or flannel it don’t look good why u ca carry a little clutch now tell me dat look good pon u shoulder in a dance real frighten Friday never come se

  3. Is dancehall the only place these people go. The cloths they wear don’t reflex dancehall to me. Bobbette I don’t know u or your girl daffy (99.9% dancehall men are gals) nor I am I a dancehall person. I just see u guys on social media hyper than a star wearing cloths I can’t afford to maintain while having a nice car house and BILLS. I know I am more educated and has a six figure income so how in hell they doing it. This is not coming from a badmine person (just jealous and curious) What kind of work or investment u do or did u win the lotto. SOMEONE HELP ME I REALLY NEED TO KNOW ON A HONEST LEVEL NO BADMINE ANSWER PLEASE

    1. wid my kids & car & bills mi wah kno which field a work dem inna tuh cuz it look like mi did a study di wrong ting inna school & go inna di wrong career mnl

    2. You should have studied law and criminal justice. That will teach you how to commit crimes and get away with it.

      1. Or they have a good link a china town…DWL, mi use to wonder the same thing some of these things ain’t real. Or di more popular thing now scamming ppl credit card… Shame. Den don’t live no where!

  4. I like the Man’s shoes. He coulda wore an outfit that did them more justice, but the shoes are nice nevertheless.

  5. I totally agree with Star I would love to know how they do it and I am a Licensed Paychologist making 6 figures and can’t afford such things. But you know why they can because they are thievesssssss

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