Now seriously ppl mi need unnuh fe tell mi if she look good buffey why yuh nuh left canal street and dem name brand alone.. act your wages..Chanel. .WHERE… Giuseppe lol look at your toes now ppl pon the wall wey know bout ORIGINAL look pon hard foot ah tear out the knock off slippers front ..no don’t mek mi laugh .. look pon the piece a dutty wig pon hard head…bitch find a stylist ….now back to CHANEL COUSIN guh give back CANAL STREET dem name brand …u could a tek dat money n put it towards yuh surgery fe yuh belly Cuz that can’t suck out that affe cut out….love you boo when a yuh baby party send mi invitation come …please n thanks much love




13 thoughts on “DI BADDIS SET A PEOPLE DEM

  1. lolol….Im not laughing at the faux designer things – but her feet in those shoes…Girlll… you know better! lol

  2. But what strikes me more than the knock off shoes, and awful hair & outfit is the fact that is smaady who ah smile wid har sen har in….bout love you boo & send baby party invite….damn disgusting

  3. You tried it….,,,you would’ve been better off buying from Nine West at least it would be real….,

  4. Wondering why someone would really send this in. Is her ways of dressing affecting you…your life..your sex life..are u serious…#Hater Alert…if she was scamming like apple and the rest a. Bitches it would be another story dont

  5. My girl u shudda skip u rent payments fi bout 3-4 months and mek u kids dem go hungry so u can buy the “Real” ones to empress this unscrupulous bitch…it’s apparent that she has no value…on ur friends list lurking… Its obvious she nuh have button bout her…u look good my girl..REAL TALK…

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