Jeesas man stacy greatness Dior from London England u nuh tired fi get rass lock up fi a move out d ppl dem tings out a d store and duh tuition scam no man wah go b ur charges now Caz u suppose to get every charge in d book already as u reach u theif yeah stop now man Init ur poor mother must b tired of jail house now



  1. Big nose teletubby bleach out MICHELLE GREATNESS from queens, yes the same one weh married do dwarf iron BALOON wukliss boy weh yuh affi a work over time fi mind lmao. yuh can’t talk to you niece??? She naw gwaan good a England what a shame

  2. A yah so nice mate dwfl teletubby michelle a wah do the family a unuh lol but I would like fi know a wah she charge fa now Caz seems like a nuff time she get lock up now mate

  3. Stacyann archibald aka Stacy greatness Dior u can stop now man like u wah rich off a ppl plus how it ago look on ur kids ur daughter n son ago grow n know Seh dem mother a theif n jail bud

  4. Dutty gyal stacy weh nuh live no live comfortable a England Caz u a fi play first ketch fi get a bed r u sleep on the couch r on d floor nuh body nuh bad mind u Caz weh u have a weh u build fi mek man life comfortable fi him n woman n kids Caz anything u do a fi d whole a unuh including in wife weh u a try pretend him nuh have bleach out run over Stacy nuh body nuh fraid a u Caz u can’t fight number 1 put fight to me n me tun over (Edited) Stacy stop tell lie Caz u know u left Ja last Friday n reach home a u cotch up dutty house last Saturday n do road Sunday n get ketch n Neva c road till Monday me hear btw a which store u get band from now lol haha u know Seh u a d most bad mind 1 n u evil Dan Satan so do nuh mek me open me mouth har pink wall affi go close d whole site today rmbr me have u ticket a England dutty Stacy rmbr a me did feed u kids d day when u mother stick out n Seh she nah do nuh more fi u Caz she cah bada when dem did a bawl Seh dem hungry n nuh food nuh in a d house dutty Stacy dats y Timmy always a bawl fi go a him fada Caz him always Seh nuff food dere Caz him can go a shop Stacy me ago settle fi now yeah until me hear u call me name again Init

  5. stacyann archibald aka Stacy greatness Dior from croydon England wah next n what did ur kids say when u got released from jail on manday dem did excited fi c u r dem use to u being locked up by now

  6. Stacy u done cry now? U head stop hurt now? How was court? How much adadine did u take? Did u enjoy blocking ppl Caz we just here laughing at u Init Caz no body no care weh u have Init u a talk bout u have shop when we can bet u Seh not even a juice u nah go drink out a it plus d house a nuh urs alone a fi d man woman n kids

  7. Stacy u start stress again Init Caz Shenelle deh a Ja in a the house lol stop stress ppl n fass on her page fi watch har man n yes she tun up bad n a bay pic a post up FYI the video shot

  8. Some big pussy gyal fi Leave stacy Alone some gyal fi stop thief from them family house when them put you up an to leave food for the poor mattress alone a England yuh live dutty gyal karrie an so for the Soul call wife who nuh stop suck an f**k the man a New York beaches need to stop now shenelle the man tired a yuh now the man ago Married to stacy u will see what coming your way shenelle get a life stop posting things about the gyal you have 3 kids you need to look into yourself and let go life is not a movie grow up bitch and face the fact the man’s gone now bitch

  9. Shenelle need to grow up life is not a movie stop posting things about the girl yuh foot big face bumpy yuh have 3 kids you need stop yuh bull shit stop fight for the man to love yuh all these Facebook things that you are doing not going to make any sense u will see soon shenelle cockburn pen Noe all what you are doing stop posting things on Stacy Facebook that she is about to commit suicide all that is a lie bitch you about to commit suicide when the divorce yuh dutty bitch we will all see the result in the end stop fight a losing battle who is feeding you with information about this day need to stop take food for the poor mattress you because know that you got nothing on Stacy all lies

  10. Listen how long now Stacy a get this fairy tale story Seh man ago married to her…no 1 have time for Stacy n her stir up life n I don’t think Stacy wanna go there Caz even though Shenelle don’t wanna comment I’ll help her Caz I’ll post the pics she sent me of the infection panties Stacy left in Ja especially the peach one with the black seat weh stiff like she spray starch it…n the pic that Stacy sent her on Insta plus the pic of her scraping Timeko dick like a professional teeth trainer…btw Stacy u nuh hear how Shenelle dash out u things them out a d house lol…n to Cockburn ppl she careless she Seh she just a wait fi dem find u out n how much u chat n diss dem up but tell truth soon bus…Stacy go sort out things with ur frenz n leave Shenelle alone caz honestly she don’t even rmbr u

  11. Stacy thank god for bleaching products Caz better har foot big n face bumpy than she a walk round with infection pussy….nasty Stacy weh lef infection insert applicator in a kitchen draw

  12. This is nasty shenelle budhai doing cuz she run gone Florida cuz video get out of her sucking some guy cocky pon YouTube when she did pregnant with her last dawta tamierah. Ole crosses soon dead from aids. Google her name an u will see video weh she a suck man wood wit her pickney inna belly. Nastiness

    1. Stacyann kerryann Archibald afta u nuh betta Caz Rembr d boy a tower hill f**k u 2 while u a breed wid Timmy Caz u wasn’t sure a who fa Pickney Caz d boy a tower hill f**k u n dump u

  13. cum on now this still a talk bout n whoever write that last message suck cocky a common assault n stop telling lies Caz me go look n I didn’t c any video plus Stacy suppose a scrape every black from that man cocky by now if she nah do it she betta n me clearly read Seh d girl have pic wid har a scrape d man cocky like professional teeth trainer

      1. Stacy f**k off n leave d girl true u shame n can’t walk streets Caz she fling out u out a house u want dash dirt pon har go clean up u dirty pussy n draws dem n stop call up d man name mek him look like a bitch

        1. Make sure u tell him cuz timeko nah fight fi f**k out shenelle cuz him see di video and know seh she a waste gal. Not even keep all har Pitney dem.

          1. Insecure Stacy when u ago talk bout waste gal check urself n u know Timeko kids a him life so move up n u Eva a bring in kids in a argument like urs any betta a two d girl have so check who a get more n me know d man a look after him kids u mean she a mother

  14. Mix up dutty Stacy weh scrape England to mine man n leave har kids a house hungry leave d girl man Caz in d end u did know d situation n u still run up in a it Stacy I really don’t know how dos man don’t find u out yet n dump u just like the rest Stacy Rembr when u get pregnant with Timmy u wasn’t sure about the father Caz the next guy did just done f**k u n dump u Stacy we all now Seh u work the obeah to capture anyone ur daughter gettin big so go focus on her and stop hunt her dad to pay u child support from the Likkle him a make from the bus job Stacy u go Jamaica go act like u a somebody when u r not Stacy how much u pay Jalil to get u stay in England

  15. Mix up dutty Stacy leave d girl now man Caz u did know what u was getting into go sort things out wid ur lil girl father n stop stressing the man yeah to pay child support when u act like u rich n the god damn man just trying to make a living working on the bus route Stacy we all know Seh a obeah u use to capture wah u want Stacy how much u payed jalil to get ur stay in England Stacy u mean n cheap nuh rass till not even ur kids u don’t want to buy food put in a unuh house to eat Stacy a nuh no 1 problem u walk n scrape up England n get lock up

  16. Stacy go wash u dirty Baggie dem n stop recycle dat a nastiness if she have AIDS u ago get it to Caz u a f**k har man Rembr idiot lol

  17. Stacy how much nipple bottle u bring fi d Likkle boy ur f***g in old Harbour yeah d same 1 weh name Kidd n u did a promote his party n u picture was im dp

      1. Stacy when ur gonna talk about pay to f**k man check ur background Caz how much money u 1 spend pon Timeko n all n u still nah get weh u want lol a scrape u scrape England fi man c u lol

  18. Shenelle u have nothing to do. U see how u have time fi answer don’t worry mi soon put up ur video so u can dead again. Lol let’s see who have file fI fling out.

    1. Stacy when ur gonna talk about pay to f**k man check ur background Caz how much money u 1 spend pon Timeko n all n u still nah get weh u want lol a scrape u scrape England fi man c u lol

    2. Big stretch out Stacy b 4 u enjoy urself ur busy on pink wall Smfh go find ur dirty underwears to watch n go search around the house 4 ur infection insert applicators n throw them
      Out lol hahahha Stacy ur just mad Caz Shenelle fling out ur nastiness out of the house Stacy Shenelle nuh c u

  19. Yea this is stacy all this comment n shit n ppl pretending to be me anybody who know me know I ain’t got time for shif like this shenelle this is not my thing sitting on social media n cussing over man girl that’s ur thing I honestly though all a this finish but I get to realize that ure sick n u will never stop shit like this my girl if yuh nah talk money it no mek sense grow the f**k up dnt worry bout my kids cause them good worry bout yes girl obeah that’s ur thing yuh bbyDada can tell yuh not my thing girl but Inna real life it’s about time you grow up n set example n asset for ur kids while u busy cussing n starking my life yuh man busy helping me to accomplish n have asset grow up cause only if ppl really know the things u do just to have the man n another stop be so stupid a ditch dirt n the man nah run off wid yuh fawn tek yuh f**k n enjoy it

  20. Stacy low d girl man n talk how much u do fi hold d man anyways u tell Timeko how much Rambo did a own up d lil boy n did all Seh d lil boy ago look like him….when u ago talk bout assets talk bout assets weh u live Caz anybody can own things a Ja weh live a foreign Caz a d currency idiot bitch btw we all know Seh d man nah help u Caz a u a do everything u mean u a help him n rmbr whatever him do to she him will n can do it to u

  21. Shenelle why u nuh put up yuh mug shot fi steal a Florida inna november last year fi go support timeko. Your life sad claim yuh a wife but a mine man an a go a jail. Dwfl but yuh a try style Stacy. Google shenelle budhai and see who a tief. Trump soon deport yuh.

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