**Pardon the lack of english but uno mus get di point..Di bahamian man bring di Jamaican woman go Bahamas fi please him and him fren dem and she tek whey one a di fren dem from him wife**

Robert Wright
6 hrs
QUESTION .when will bahamain men learn.I have a friend who met a Jamaican lady the other day .she give him her numbers in yard over the last few months. a long distance relationship develops .he sends an AIRLINE ticket and a letter inviting her back to the BAHAMAS .for trip on one condition she stay with him .she agrees to these terms.on her ARRIVAL he tells her she also have service his boy’s or friend she say not a problem .now on any give night .his friends come by to be service .to a point now where one of his married friends fall’s in love with her and ask her to move out to an apartment he’s paying for .for her NOW my buddy get very upset and tells the married friend carry. His ass home to his wife that his gals and he was just share her with his friends. My thing is why do they continually do this CRAP .a lot of Bahamian men leaves wife ,kids and home for yardy . What yardy got that are BAHAMAIN WOMEN donot have please no disrespect


  1. Yard women have the worst case o “tek whey ur man syndrome”in the world. Aidonia said it best for yard man,a me them call Mr tek whey yuh gyal!deal with it,a so the thing set!

    Room for rent apply within!

  2. Why does it have to be where we from why it cant just be a girl? Why Jamaican haffi deh wid Jamaican? Why Bahamian haffi deh wid Bahamian ?? I think this is a blame game. I believe u should be able to be with anybody u want without people categorizing everything. If it was an American woman instead you would say the same thing, what does American women have over Bahamian? Just love yourself and quit comparing.

  3. Yaad woman some of them have, the haffi come back, the stickiitty stay, the I shall return. The glimmity glamitty, the glue. Ijs. Plus some a dem come in like gymnast, they got tricks. :maafaganwati

  4. The ladies (some not all) here need to care for their men and stop gwaan like is them wear the pants, cook real food and learn how to whine and stop jiggle, maybe then uno will keep uno man under management.I don’t know how some women from Jamaica tek up the man them over yah and allow dem to disrespect not only uno but fellow Jamaicans as well, Bahamian men don’t even have no approach dem clueless just like dem nasty women.

  5. Everywhere inna di Caribbean not to mention di world people a complain bout us Jamaican woman….a nuh our fault we just good like dat, a nuh our fault everything just always tun up!

    Unnuh just hate we cause we good suh! Goodaz unnuh fi walk out pon dem and tek weh unnuh want! Cho!

  6. Lmao @sweet !!! U mek me buss out a big dutty laugh!!! But a true … Jamacian women R special !!! We wash cook and clean good plus we God fearing … Man like den ting deh inna woman and we do cater to our men way more than other women do

  7. Dem pan dem page a talk bout Jamaican ladies do every kinda sex and lick out battam, all now I dont ansa dem because it is said that nuff a dem bahamians dont know how fi maintain dem vagina and it bus whey like st thomas pond

    1. Eewwww…. Bahamian man dem mouth smell like pussc 24/7. Me a wonder if a fi hol dung population growth mek dem nhame pumpum so.

      Me prejudice and nah take Nooo black man if a no Jamaica him navel string cut.

    2. Lie dem a tell bout lick out bottom.. Dem trying to shame we. A Bahamian man tell me we Jamaican women are easy on the eye, compare to Bahamian women :ngakak it’s not our fault. Dem need to blame dem genetics

  8. Yu friend is a nasty pimp/human trafficker!

    You worry about we “glimity glamity inna we panty” (morning, Sweets :d ) and de vise grip pon man d!%k but the fact that you friend a sell me fellow country woman nu bother you? A beg yu rass pardon.The man a rescue har from you wretched friend.

    Hope her skills good enough fi mek you friend dead naked wid seman still a drain when coroner pull up…we wicked like that :maho


  10. Morning PP, Mek dem tan deh a worry bout we skills, in and out a kitchen and bedroom. We are blessed we are blessed :pertamax

    1. “We are bless, we are bless…when we wake up in the morning and when we lay our heads to rest…we are bless YES we are bless” :kr :kr

      MUAH Sweets :kiss

  11. As for the that woman who agree to sex the man and his friends is a disgusting bitch! No matter the hardship am facing, me naaw sell myself!! No man, can’t make me stoop so low.

    1. You on point, but missa man concern should be geared towards him nasty countrymen taking disadvantage of young women from anywhere. Bahamians no like we and dats a fact.

  12. Mi nuh rass see how him ago buy whore and then mek it look like a regular yard girl him pick up. Unnu cant use the whore dem weh unnu a buy judge yard woman in fact yard woman a one a di tuffest nut fi buss (big grin). But mi know a wah unn u waah save unnu sweet preps a yard bcuz unnu luv share and send come fi the ole jezebel dem ya then run unnu batty mouth like a so all woman tan. Brethren brethren brethens!! When unnu a buy whore tek unnu services and lock u rass mouth. A wah do dem ya man star? D man dem nowadays mouth just a flap so wen dem get likkle cratchis tpc.

    As to the shithouse up a tap yes u is a shithouse white wash and 2 new sheet a zinc n all. The main reason u send come ya a bcuz the island small so as unnu go inna whore house unnu wife know thats y unnu send all bout fi strange face weh unnu can lock down n ppl nuh really know dem fi chat to n hear unnu biz while the home grown freaks service the visitors dem as same applies. As the woman dem decide dem ago sell likkle front the whole village know n the bruk nuh cold yet. UNNU STOP IT!!! Unnu ago buy front, buy it and leave out the nationality, race ethnicity etc out a it bcuz anything u a class dem as we can find one near u. Usually u sister or u mooo………

    P.S. next time you a try pimp mek sure u av the money fi kip the ho in ur stable ok playa else u gonna always av probs n probly waah get violent wen u money bun up.

  13. A lot of women leaves there homeland, to defile themselves, go back and then show off on friends and family.

    1. Okkk I agree Met needs to tek this down but on one conDition ok..that is…while she a tek down u need to tek up a frigging rass book,go turn a NUN cuz NONE of what u gonna come with gonna be legible.

      Whether u are near or FAR,i know FOR a fact beforehand u won’t be making any sense.

      Ps: nuh mind me run UR Fox.eer I mean Facts plz n hopefully the truth will set u free fi go find the reading Rainbow!!

  14. jamaican women love people man and always get frig at the end of the day the reason why some a d man dem left dem good good home is because d idiot gal dem go a how much obeah man and fck how much monkeyfi try hol ppl man not a no glimmity glammity nothing and it really be the nasty setsss dat come in pan people good home andd bruck it up .. i am jamaican and i am not gonna be biased good punni nuh set a one place im sure nuff bahamian women can hol dem man ! and a nuff jamaican woman go a obeah man go tie man unu talk d trute n split justice sometimes the man dem hateeeee d gal dem n just cant left because dat get tie!!! real talk esp if dem gal find out u have a likkle change or comin up on some real money try knw u a get tieeeeeeeeeeeee

    1. Abbbbbayyyyy you lose one and migrane tek you. Bayyyyyyyyy bitch. If a all obeah a man get snatch.
      Go born again and pray yu mumma trech out hole no pass on to you again. Frigging out of order wid you generalizing.

    2. I will gladly go get mi eyesight tested a mawning I promise ok…but ppl help me out in case a me nah see good.

      In the sentence immediately after I’m sure nuff bahamian women can hold dem man ….u really type I and nuff jamaican woman go a obeah man go tie man??

      Oo n u want we talk the truth or trute?? Like I said maybe it’s my eyesight n since u a yardie mi nah go pressure u too tuff,gwaan through go tie man,cow,rooster as u have a like,we too Disgusting fi trute!

    3. Me sorry but glimity glamity hol man. When man gi gal feed back say de pussc fat and narrow wid muscle like key hole then glimity glamity a shot.

      Nu because you and your type pussc bust whey like ole baggy elastic you fi come bright up you self.

    4. Bullsh!t!! Stop generalizing. If a man who’s married or in a relationship decided to cheat on his partner, then fell in love with the other woman, then decided to leave his home to be with her, it has noting to do with “obeah”. If that man want to go, not even his children can make him stay. You all like to blame obeah on every little thing that went bad in your life.

    5. Never lose a man yet to any bitch come correct or dont come for me at all why u so mad ??? im just stating the facts and No i did not type that I go obeah man it was clearly a typo and yall know its true jamaican women love to tie man .. whoever wanna be mad then stay mad that is none of my business..but this is my opinion that i am entitled to and it remains the same so stop beat up unnu gum and catch arthritis inna unu finger cuz i dont care ..really …

    6. Never lose a man yet to any bitch come correct or dont come for me at all why u so mad ??? im just stating the facts and No i did not type that I go obeah man it was clearly a typo and yall know its true jamaican women love to tie man .. whoever wanna be mad then stay mad that is none of my business..but this is my opinion that i am entitled to and it remains the same so stop beat up unnu gum and catch arthritis inna unu finger cuz i dont care ..really …

      i find that there are a lot of hypocritical people on here.. people who are just biased to certain things .. its ok for people to chat how bobette obeah daffy and the list of other females goes on but whn i make a general statement me a get attacked? oh lol ok so i guess bobette cant hold daffy wid r gd pussi den??? and me and she anuh friend it just goes to show how people be biased and in they feelings on here like .. people cant blog in peace because u have some hoggish set a individuals weh ready fi jump down the new blogger dem throat just DISGUSTING!!!!!!

      and pum pum na hold man again gd pum pum lone nah dweet dat unu fi know!!!! a freakiness a dweet man nah stay wid no gd borin pum pum .. some a yall real clueless ! unu nuh see unu jamaican man nah stick around to js good pusci ??? di man can get dat good borin pum pum anywhere a virgin is born everyday some a unu even feel seh if unu go pa unu headtop it will hol d man – my yuh bruck u neck sis! str8 wrong bang!!! dwrcl !!!

      1. Mad? Not me. The only way you would know that Jamaican women “love tie man” is because you have tied a man before. Personally I don’t know if one can actually tie a person, so I can’t elaborate on that. I doubt anyone including myself is mad at your comment. You stated that “Jamaican women love to tie man”, you put all of us in one basket, including yourself, if you are actually a Jamaican woman and, that’s not fare at all. Bobette is a none mother f**k!ng factor to me, so I don’t know how she end up in this thread. For those who believed Pum pum hold man, let them stand by their beliefs. You on the other hand thinks “freakiness a sweet”, if that’s your reason for a man to stay with a woman, then that’s fine with me. Next time, please learn to differentiate and not generalized. That would help a lot, and (some) of us folks wouldn’t “jump down your throat”.

  15. Yes miss Bitch@anonymous 2:09 seem to me you just write your own confessions as the only Jamaican You know for a Fact that is an Idiot who go obean man and fuq off the poor monkey’s to Tie ppl man,yuh com een like one big load a dwag sh/t bout good punni nuh hold man.

    1. Har hol constructed out a balas board widout support beam. while de rest a we build wid cinderblock and steel.

      A mussy iron back crew she come out a mek she know bout monkey phuck.

  16. So a man thinkerh so is he. Some woman does not need obeah fi hol a man. Dem vice grip tun up so much, the man no even waan a next man look Pon you, dem jealous and paro seh a next man ago waan sample di salt ting. But maybe you never had the pleasure of a man who just want you without necromancy.

  17. Sweet if me love u one more time, nuff a dem nuh know nothing bout that. Good pussy speak 4 itself so stay over unu island wid pussy weh nah grab.

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