17 thoughts on “DI BAKKLE DEM SHUDDA HOT

  1. u stupid thottttt! YOU are lowering our value as woman bitch. No man has a penis that big. Do you think he wants you more..your special qualities is stuffing a foot down your fuxing choat.. And what are you practing for? U practicing to suck a elephant cock. You foolish bitch..Why would u let someone boost you to compete in something this demoralizing as a woman??. BITCH I HATE YOU…. Hope your not a JAMAICAN!!

    1. Chances are it’s a yard THOT! Me would a kick de phucking bottle dem further in har mouth while skanking :ngakak

  2. What she wants the public to know is that she could fit ten dicks in her mouth all at the same time. She should get in touch with a porn company, or Guinness world record, as I’m sure this is a very rare talent.

  3. Tatness to di extreme Smfh di things some a dem dancehall roaches yah do to b seen,den dem wanda y no man naw wife dem but who wld wnt to bring a bird like dis to dem family an say dis mi girl sick

  4. I wah tell u say she have a pickney ya now u wah see the baby father.. Old hogo gyal go dance go suck every bottle .. Get kick outta Russian for selling pussy at Polly a them supm ya har daughta a grow up come see .. She so f***g ugly to

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