5 thoughts on “DI BED A SHOT

  1. Mi nuh see why ppl a gwaan such. A dem suptn deh ppl do a foreign when interior decorator come in! Dem seh bed head outdated! It duh good. So me nuh see di big deal!

  2. Lol Jamaicans are the only people on earth who would cuss you over the quality of your bed… Is it really that serious? Are Jamaicans really that vain and shallow? I hear people every two seconds bragging about being humble and blah, blah, blah but yet will mock someone who has to draw in a bed head on the wall…. Instead of making fun of this individual truly be humble and praise GOD that you can actually afford one… I know Jamaica is a very impoverished place, but no need to celebrate minuet financial accomplishments at someone’s expense.

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