12 thoughts on “DI BLEACH REACH

  1. No serious question these shoes is it some type of new trend for men to wear women sandals. I see it happening a lot and I’m becoming concerned.

  2. Suck wunu mother wunu caaa style me me no like batty boy if u noo me me not even like boy wa talk too soft wunu cant me me hold down me head me a bad boy no man cant f**k this so get wunu ack straight bout batty boy me never short a nuff are never run hugry wunu now wa me sister name money

  3. How wunu naa sa me sister rich so wunu like bring down youth but dont try that can’t jerk me me just a correct wunu don’t try a batty thing da just a correction to the hater dont try batty up me name come with somem eles talk wa wunu noo sa me sister make live like a don as me woman wa me da wid if she ever miss me yet suck wunu mother again

  4. Some wunu mother wunu think wunu can batty up me name everybody wa now me now me no like batty boy bout batty man bright wunu think wunu can make me hold down me head bout batty man me not even like boy wa talk too soft as me gal are me fren them if them ever miss me yet wunu fi talk sa me sister rich me never short a nothing yet wunu think wunu can batty up me name wunu fi talk bout the two honda them wa me sister by an gi me one every clothes wa me have nme sister by no boy caa f**k this me rather bold clatt dead bout me now a ghetto this not me no worry over them f**ry ya wa then pussy ya a put up fi try style me just a correction to me fan an if wunu don’t now me me sister name money bout batty man suck wunu mother again lol lol

  5. Struggy….yu dress like a battybwoy suh weh yu tink people aguh seh. Yu surely nah try look no woman inna yu cutie cutie slippaz an yu likkle cuff up pants. Yu confuse my yute. The look yu a try get is badMAN, yu see di MAN inna di word? Yu a mix up real badMAN wid bad battyMAN. See the difference Struggy??

  6. Leave di youth badmind active .mi know him from him a baby n mi Neva hear him name call pan batty pure gal to him ting .mi nuh see nutten wrong wid how him dress .him have style .U a watch di. Man style a u a di batty man .it muss new gal weh him f**k n duck a call him batty man .gwaan mad dem Charm son dem hungry n naked.bleach n wear u good clothes n f*k dem gal .mek survey use condom.dem love watch n chat people to much

  7. Longtime me now a youth hear an me never hear him name a call pan batty a true the youth every clean only thing me now bout him a nuff gal him f**k so some a wunu badmine boy an gal don’t try style the youth an go make him teach u fashion all him sister wa him love so much an she no rate are brother she make people try style the youth she have are things an she not even want the youth drive are car an that a the lease to her more time me see the youth late a night a walk like she want them kill are brother an she now that people no like him a gal ya wicked me all hear Sa she stop give the youth money big up yourself youth me always study u an u all ways a talk bout God an you families them you love u families an you have a good heart

  8. No to rass,unu really a call struggy batty boy,the mount a Gyal them boy yah f**k it uncountable,who him no f**k a who him no want f**k,me and struggy par fi years and a now me a hear them things hear,unu badmind no f**k,him love him family them fi true him always a talk big bout them and the world know say him sister have money but she nah spend it wisely because she make all her mother a surfer,a wicked Gyal that man,she come Jamaica every time and a do bay money pull up fi hype up her name and then she make people a chat her brother, me nah lie thou struggy a real youth,him deserve better than that,him sister all buy rose rice and struggy them live in a government house,she fi stop it treat your family them better,all Struggy gyal she swear think say Struggy want her,a just true she pretty him just a par with her,but me love see them thou,them look nice together even thou me no like her,she gwan like her shit can make patty,and she buss up buss up badddd and crawny like dog

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