A married woman Talent Zunzanyika stormed a church service and claimed that 34 year old Pastor Joseph Ngapasare impregnated her.

Ngapasare was forced to abandon playing keyboards during praise and worship during a church service where he had been hired to perform.

Joseph sneaked out of the congregation and invited Talent for talks which lasted nearly three hours.

Talent confirmed her adulterous affair with Joseph saying her husband was centrally locked by his concubine for the past two years such that there was no more sex in their house.


“I decided to visit Pastor Joseph at the church service on Saturday since he was not responding to my calls over pregnancy issues.

“I am two months pregnant,” said Talent.

“I have been seeing him since December last year following a counselling session concerning my family issues.

“My husband was locked by his girlfriend that for the past two years we have been living without sex and we have one child.

“Pastor Joseph is the one responsible for this pregnancy and I cannot continue staying with my husband since his relatives are aware that he was locked and his manhood is dysfunctional.

“I informed Pastor Joseph about this and when his wife heard about it I heard that she left the Pastor unceremoniously a fortnight ago.

“I am prepared to live with Pastor Joseph as his second wife because he is the one responsible for this pregnancy.

“For the past week, I have been sleeping in his matrimonial bedroom that even his church members are aware of it,” said Talent.

Joseph could neither deny nor confirm the adultery issue.

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