hi met, juss go pon mi facebook a while ago an si diss pon di lady weh always a tek pics beside di one struggling red: (see attachment 1


den mi go pon mediatakeout a read sum gossip and luk weh mi si as di first “struggle” turkey: (see attachment 2)


loooooool, den a who sen in dilady wid di red couch turkey to mediatakeout???? or a google di lady wid di red couch thief di pic from, an cum pon facebook a try luk a hype???


    1. yuh knw all a nung mi still a laff a mek dem bad suh man..judith yuh faciniated wid red deh doah manyuh got know for the coach nung yuh waan known’s fe plate…..dis mek mi laff out so loud de chicken was 1 min away from cremating yow

  1. DWL@ the pic of the bun up turkey… Now that is what you call 3rd degree burns fa real!!! She had to have had the oven temperature way too high fe dis turkey get disya bad bun. At least she turned lemons into lemonade and laughed it off ( oh well I don’t really like turkey anyways :hammer :hammer )…. Mi seh coo pa di turkey inna the short black leather dress :hammer :hammer :hammer

  2. Mi seh all the turkey drumstick bone get bun tuh raasclaat !!_________________________________________________________________________

  3. Judith is a attention seeker and a wannabe. She befriend every one who dress nice eg dolly, sweets, shawna, KP, shy etc and copy how they dress smh she need to humble that girl make her breast turn her into a attention seeker monster

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