Gm met plz put up this dog shit yah wey walk round and f**k off all the boy dem ina unruly crew now shi target all married man and still live ina har Mother house teyanna you need fi give you pu**y a break from you 17 yr it a round

0 thoughts on “DI COUNTER TIYAD

  1. Bitch why,yuh mad. It sound like. It seems like you caan rule your unruly man!
    suh start pon the girl. aleast she have somewhere to stay at nigh,and yuh worry bout man.

  2. Bwoy dem lame ass ppl wan dun ppl good name…..ehhhh pussy yuh pussy mussi tiyaad ….beeerrrr lie yuh a spread…..yuh a groupie bitch ass bad man or gyal…..sorry fi yuh………yuh a di daaaw shit…..nuh kno shit and a spread shit….

  3. Is her front to do with as she please. If married man sleep with her, why the wife mad at the girl and not towards the husband? After she never took any vows. I can never understand that.

  4. I hate badmind ppl I can bet that its a person she know that did this to her because the gal look good Smh at the ugly sloppy body b#$%h that wrote this about this girl

  5. Its must the wife of the husband wey this girl so call fu$% that wrote this lmaooo it sucks to be u wifey cause u affi hide u identity fi diss u matey lmoooo it sticky pon some bad mind ppl people gal f**k if u want to f**k a your pussy who ever write this is pathetic Smh probably hating on the girl in a real life Smh

  6. It must be a slow day in hell for you to have time to slander a Diva. Try it for a spell, she is making memories, what are you doing standing in the sand box hating. You are a hateful person, get a life. Why are you mad? You live in housing court. Talk your business, talk about where you live and who you screw. Bitch f**k you, you hating ass bitch.

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