According to the Ivorian Ministry the ban is mostly targeted at the skin whitening products containing mercury and its derivatives, cortisone, vitamin A and more than two percent hydroquinone, a lightening agent that is mostly used to develop photographs.

The statement declared that the widely used cosmetic lightening and hygiene creams are now forbidden in the country as they are likely to cause serious health threats to the people using them. A startling claim that was corroborated by a member of Ivory Coast’s pharmaceutical authority, Christian Doudouko.

“The number of people with side effects caused by these medicines is really high,” he said, adding that they could cause serious skin conditions such as skin cancer.
Billboard advertising skin lightening products. Source: newsforafrica

Billboard advertising skin lightening products. Source: newsforafrica

Dermatologists have also tried to warn people about the hazards of using the products which they say could lead to hypertension and diabetes.

While there are no official statistics of women using the products in Africa, women from all walks of life including India, Pakistan, Japan, America as well as the Middle East, have also have also resorted to bleaching in their quest for “beauty”.

The ban comes at a time when skin bleaching advertisements have played a pivotal role in twisting people’s perception of beauty by portraying people with light skin as the most beautiful thereby pushing women to bleach their skin in search of beauty.


  1. Praise God, if only Nigeria now will follow suit, they just oped a new supermarket over here in Lagos called Just Rite, they dedicated one long aisle just to skin lightening products only, (mi suh shame fi seet) O ma se O!

  2. Look how she did pretty as a black girl now she spoil up her skin fava duppy frightening i blame society for putting this light is better

  3. Good for the Ivory Coast. I just don’t understand why people do this. I love my dark skin color I was born with and will instill these principles into my sons also. This bleaching fad has become an epidemic in the black race specifically in Africa and some of the Caribbean islands.

  4. White people risk skin cancer trying to get dark, Black people risk skin cancer trying to get light. The ironies of life.

  5. My question is: what is in these women dna that keeps them never satisfied with the way how God made them? I am one proud dark – skinned woman, and mi love mi skin colour to the maximum! Black is beautiful!

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