1. mi just skip straight to 43:50 – 43:50:01 dats all de time mi haffi waste on dese damn two clownsters

  2. mi like Amari //I tend to like crazy delusional people at time …hear stomach strong u f**k

  3. Bwoy money is a hell of a ting. Cos when Bop did inna di Gully. Woman wouldn’t spit inna di wind and Mek it ketch him. And now him have 2 shilling an get gyal farm. Smh. Dumbeldorf bout on her way to beautician. Just a done out Boopsie, sorry Bop little money

  4. Bop a really clown ..mek this idiot woman wey a look a hype a turn him in a one big poppy show ..she need fi go a denist u see r ugly mouth look like she push out some a the pickney dem through r mouth ..she a question Bop that him can get fi diss Chin ..this big old waste woman..the 2 a dem sick stomoch

  5. After she spend the $500 , she stress couldn’t go hairdresser again, I died when she say to dentist he’s a super star! Dentist only want make sure these waste pay the money up front, and is how much language she speaking? Bop look confuse can’t talk for himself

  6. Yes husband bopping carry her to the gym then the surgery .. you fat f**k can’t even climb stepp

  7. Amari a boast and brag and don’t even have a good bed Fi sleep on she no have no class Dutty gal f** like dog..me hear seh she and gully stink up the plane weh day. Crack head them a credit card she a spend with the hope Fi mek money off a gully so she can pay the bill.. Me can’t wait Fi gully bite her with the one teeth essie..

  8. Bwoy Bop cyaa win atall. Woman use him people criticise. Woman a try clean up him mouth people criticise. Woman sound alarm bout belly people criticise. Smh…I like this new ooman because at least she ah try mek de effort fe mek him luk decent being a “celebrity”.

    Give them a chance mek dem survive. If she gave a plastic heart it soon become transparent. Wish dem well nuh!!

  9. And hear har nuH wow.. he’s my husbon fat f**k you know the man mouth rotten and yu all want it bite up yu yu slymi underneet.. fi gi you pusci cum desease..you woman you are the best.. I hope this makes you rich caw bop gone leave your fat ass a note next to him false teeth cup …wait for itt

  10. The woman say a gully do her hair am dreading this grizmite just desperate for attention she need Fi go tek care a her kids weh she lef on the Massy a the world Fi go watch gully hood like no body want see her a Jamaica..me want them dash weh her down there wait mek she Gwan f**k around

  11. She ah look pooopa fi har tribe..Bout give a chance. ..this is a private issue why the world need to see her Spend on bopping teeth if your heart so clean to him. .this is for the grams

  12. Thank you simplicity, I skipped except for 5 seconds I swear. Who can watch this dam fool who think she is a reality star. Plucking eeediat. Stop support dem fool yah, people wi think a so all j’can fool fool

  13. She’s all for herself, never heard of her till now! Delusional, bop thing water down, he don’t have a mind of his own! She have him like a baby. When God give you a big break if you don’t make use of it, it s gone in a split.she sick stomach, physically and mentally.

  14. All she a chat tooth removal and dentures (she a do d cheap way)cost waaay less a Jamaica? So why do it in NY? Fi show n tell? Mad people dem.
    Wonder if him dentures will fly out when him start ‘spit’ lyrics?

  15. Smh…What’s wrong with Jamaican people. Is there a problem with this woman taking care of Gully Bop? If she don’t take care of him, unnu cuss say she want him money…This is why black people cannot prosper because u always have the few that want to see u fail. Give them a chance. She may not be Chin but she cares about him and willing to do the best for him. Leave them and make them prosper…Unnu nun want him so why unnu nun leave them alone….BADMIND IS THE WORST DISEASE…..God Bless them and I wish nothing but the best for them. Everyone deserves a chance in life…

  16. This lady is off I swear. She cussing chin about how could chin be with a man wey him teeth look suh and if she did know before sey bop mouth stay suh bad she wouldn’t kiss him this woman done lost her mind.she and bop Bruck alike. Bop fi get sey them did offer to do him teeth when him just buss and him turn it down stating that he wouldn’t be able to sing. This wannabe Lady Amari is really sad . I hope things work out fi she and bop because she seems a bit kookoo,.

  17. She prove it that he’s broke, by her having to make the payment. So bop really run through his money without saving anything to be able to fix his own teeth. Liberty really do come through carelessness #smdh

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