Good morning!!! Mi wah address this gal hannahleah dixion aka diamond diva why you nuh go fi u husband top curl and Lowe other ppl husband. Kmt at least a tru him a dj him nuh really out deh pon party like that but him is a bad dj him got him own thing naa lie him bad. Mi tek him in a couple dance n a swear him kick it out him name Zj STRACHY otherwise call Demetre. Listen diva last year u f**k d man on occasions breed fi d man n then almost rass dead inna hospital cause d baby in d tube u affi go other surgery n lose U tubes now u can’t breed again. And then after all that the man still stick with d wife n because a dat u tek d gal pic and a spread rumors bout she got AIDS.

Idiot if she got AIDS don’t u got AIDS too??? And the boy STRACHY a fool still a chat to d gal after she do that n then d wife look like a fool too cause she naa confront u. Then again she looks like a young girl that has class cause mi never see this girl inna dance yet although d man bring har every wey to my knowledge. And to wah mi hear the big question is how u fi a sey STRACHY a u baby father n u never have a child fi him idiot?

Look at this, STRACHY walk n f**k every dance gal most a unu go dance together n a fren he was married before n lef d wife go to a next gal n then go all d way back a Jamaica go breed gal n now he is married to her…. Now mi hear sey a d best a him since he got remarried well mi wah know what a Gwaan. Mi a hear this yah story but naa hear it good so please anybody knows of it let it be known…..Suh mi wah know if the new wife know bout it or wah?? mi nuh know how man really look n f**k diva this gal was a escort/sell p**y she get look up fi grand theft she nuh like bade. Everybody yard she go stay she nuh bade fi days n a go dance .

Wey dem f**k u pon the air bed wah u use to sleep on r might still a sleep pon now tru u a work u act like somebody gal?? Yuh life dutty n love chat bout ppl life michiboo dash out u business d other day n from that u inna u shell. Even thou michiboo life nuh suh clean either next thing mi caa believe this bitch all thief from Simone highrolla no sah mi caa tek it!!!!


  1. Same thing mi a wonda Met, it obvious the senda not too familiar with the female anatomy senda instead a study ppl life go and do some study on the female reproductive system kmt.

  2. Lol a wah this to rass this story thou….lol met let me see if I can clear this for her the baby look like it get implanted in one of the tubes so it cause her to have a tubal pregnancy which can kill her if not treated so d Doctor had to d a surgery to remove d baby and it look like it bad and she lost d tube suh if u…….if u don’t have any Fallopian tubes the sperms can’t travel to fertilize d egg so she won’t get pregnant woiiiieee this serious a miami

  3. DJ Stratchy you reach Pink Wall…Lol…No say…From you lef Stacy, a di worse a you…Get it together…Don’t be the typical DJ whore…Settle yourself…

  4. Senda (wife) retardation levels high! The self praise you GI yu self was obvious, fresh from ratbat living and no know anatomy, cheerful regarding the hospital event and so damn concern about a next bitch marriage only says one thing…a next retarded bitch-of-a-wife creating problems for a next bitch.

    Girl bye, u man name retarded too, I sure caught the praises and caplock on the name. Go hold a skinout n lo what you can’t control.

  5. Diva a f**k man from miami and orlando that front big like a front dump truck i just slide through sender no friction

  6. This is really funny to rass dj strachy diva all I can do is lol a swear d wife a fool senda lo ppl business who u be??? mi see Wife all d while but Neva know u fool suh n who eva a chat bout Stacy who d f**k is stay bad Stacy all a bloodclaat bitches wah mi know strachy deh round stay bad from reva to Stacy n diva! D wife look good comparing to all d bitches

  7. This big ugly shape bad tan bad gal!!! Nuff and love Inna everybody face, see shi a big up Vini wey day and who chat Vini like she!!! U is a wicked gal cause u know u love chat Vini and Meisha prapaa!! U Eva tek a look Inna do mirror yet gal? U nuh see how bad u look!! U fi stay home and nuh road Inna Dem cheap foolishness dey wey mi see u Inna!!! And u Eva look like u want bade!!! Is how man f**k unnu???? Senda thanks fi nuh put up er pic cause Dem gal yah cyan get nuh light cause Dem is nobody!!!!!

  8. Dis a big disgrace pon d Dj a swear n pon d wife but everybody f**king know diva f** ever Dj she fi go chill n some Dj fi go tek a chill pill n low some nasty stay bad gal!!! And who d f**k is Stacy??? D gal wag every man she deh wid a just fi har car lol ???wife mi nuh know u but a suh it lol and senda big up uself u love mix up lol as fi scratchy go tek a rass chill pill n have class n respect fi u self that nasty gal diva mi hate d ugly bitch u see she walk n chat all d gal dem round har idk how ppl be frenz with har????

  9. Which stacy dat met we need pic and anoy what u mean stacy a f**k fi car? And where is the wife ? She know whats going on or she know and don’t care

    1. No I mean they only with her because they can drop her at work n tek d car n gone with other gal…………a heavy top gal n she nuh got no shape

    2. The wife lives with d Dj as to what I heard the wife knows but not interested cause diva a every man pussy no body wants diva if diva nuh got har husband why next man want har them just f**k har cause a convenient pussy that only when d man d wah f**k that’s d only diva see them…….my advice to the wife would be don’t lower ur self to nasty gal

  10. Diva a di biggest nastiest gal round town, tan bad esi!!! She and er fren Dem!!! Lol!! I don’t know how man f** Dem!!! Shi jus well want to be seen and known!!! Dem gal dey a nuh nuhbody!!! Dirty gal Dem dey!! Kmt!!! Everyday shi dey pan Fb a share ppl flyer a look Fren!! Kmft!!!

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