Richard Chappa Knight Well sewer smell like batty more time Anna dat dem love so them right at home. Dem lucky Anna hurricane time lol

Like · Reply · 3 · 32 minutes ago via mobile

Donyafierce Stephens A photo shoot dem deh pon? Dwl

Like · Reply · 4 · 41 minutes ago

Dianna Delilah Watson and then man screw dem unclean something yah, kmt. boi mia tell u dem mus a carry some kinda germs. flood need fi jus wash dem whe

Like · Reply · 2 · 43 minutes ago

Kelly Upsetter Wow! I feel bad for them .. so sad!

Like · Reply · 2 · 16 minutes ago via mobile ·Edited

Chanel Coco-Dior There lifestyle is wrong but every “human being” deserve the basic necessities of life which is food, shelter n clothing.

Like · Reply · 2 · 11 minutes ago via mobile

Michael Burnz Bernard Dem lucky a sewer dem live cuz a dovecot dem shoulda hav a permanent home. God himself did kill batty bwoy dat mean him nu like dem

Like · Reply · 3 · 35 minutes ago

Curlyn Fortune nothing could stop they heat they still feelin sexy to take a pic

Like · Reply · 1 · 38 minutes ago

Tash Eva Bless This is utter rubbish… who are we to judge the life people live?… we all sin not because they sin different from us… I see lesbians living free in jamaica and no one trouble them… What is d difference between lesbian and gay? We now live in a civilised world… stop making other people life ur priority and focus on urs…. We all av to give an account of our sins.. Leave them to GOD.. We are not here to condemn people… its there life let them be..

Like · Reply · 1 · 2 minutes ago via mobile

Tamar Evahbless Morris Oh God

Like · Reply · 1 · 44 minutes ago via mobile

Michelle Marsh That’s terrible! Question, didn’t god make them too?

Like · Reply · 2 · 9 minutes ago via mobile

Mantha Boo Dwrl @ the one sitting on the bucket brushing his teeth

Like · Reply · 2 · 21 minutes ago via mobile ·Edited

Luconia Irving Wow!!!

Like · Reply · 1 · 23 minutes ago via mobile

Mackeelia Greaves Dem doe care so y should we.. Jamaica is a very homophobic society, so therefore them fi think b4 dem tek dem nasty act to certain place.. Beat dem yes!! #disgusting

Like · Reply · 2 · 24 minutes ago

Sadoya SweetNess Dwl woieeeee can’t help it gotta laugh look on the pose them # look yah nuh@ Kemoy Burke no sah ah wah Jah Jah worl ah cum to

Like · Reply · 2 · 26 minutes ago via mobile

Jason Smith them fish yah want some gunshat a that them want

Like · Reply · 2 · 33 minutes ago

Chevon Muddy Pinnock A fish dem. Dem must go somewhere else wid dem battymanism n don’t bring it to their communities because young kids are there n u don’t want dem to grow up n turn gays. So beat out dem bloodclat tr888

Like · Reply · 2 · 40 minutes ago

Shaneeka Shana Got’it Pen Lol..I’m sorry but I couldn’t help but laugh when I saw this..somehow they look comfy down there..the one in the red shorts tho..posing as if he’s on a runway.

Like · Reply · 2 · 42 minutes ago via mobile

Nisha GoldFox Melecia Young…dem can pose doh…a bet seh di blond hair one tink him a Rihanna…dwl

Like · Reply · 5 minutes ago via mobile

Lawrence White Mutamfu Atleast they r eating

Like · Reply · 3 minutes ago

Trina Mineurownbiz Dixon mi baxside

Like · Reply · 22 minutes ago

Chummy Half Mad Ebanks dem fi lucky dem have a place fi stay.. cuz mi sure, not even the rats like dem nasty ways…

Like · Reply · 28 minutes ago

Shantol Stewart Right place dem deh… dutty fish dem!

Like · Reply · 2 minutes ago via mobile

Tinesia Walker if yu lie, tief, lust, a di same damn sin!! Mi nuh agree wid dem lifestyle but chase dem weh fi wat?? kmft who is unno fi a condemn ppl? Nuff a unno fi thank God seh him nuh tan like man cuz a nuff a unno him woulda bun out already

Like · Reply · 1 · 3 minutes ago

Alecia Cash-ahh These gays that live under the bridge are soooo violent and literally look trouble with anyone who past. Ive heard a lot of people said they walking and the gays start trouble with them…just to show up themselves. Stay deh sorry fi dem.

Like · Reply · 1 · 13 minutes ago via mobile ·Edited

Craig-rasta Jahson Cunningham I don’t see the problem

Like · Reply · 17 minutes ago via mobile

Ras Bala thats right…thats detestable in the most high’s eyes

Like · Reply · 1 · 23 minutes ago

Sav Don mi bloodclatt hw nobody no kill dem not even one no dead….

Like · Reply · 1 · 24 minutes ago

Jimmy King Send dem to new Kingston dwrcl***

Like · Reply · 26 minutes ago via mobile

Daniel Dragon Bailey Good! isolation from society at large

Like · Reply · 1 · 35 minutes ago

So Sweet thats the life them want dat the life them get

Like · Reply · 1 · 38 minutes ago

ZJ Venum Nash

ZJ Venum Nash’s photo.

Like · Reply · 3 · 10 minutes ago

Joel Williams

Joel Williams’s photo.

Like · Reply · 2 · 31 minutes ago

Amii Anderson This is sad

Like · Reply · 2 · 17 minutes ago via mobile

Kareta Rudegirl Farquharson They actually luk like where they livin..crawny!!

Like · Reply · 1 · 34 minutes ago
Vaughn Palmer You ppl are really delusional. Do you really believe this propaganda? Most of these boys are run-aways who leave rural communities & go to the urban areas. They have nowhere to live & so gather with other boys & live in these Gullies!
They get mixed up in homosexuality because of MONEY!!! Rich men cruise the streets looking for these boys & offer them money for sex. WISE UP ppl!

Like · Reply · a few seconds ago

Real Original Singa Ding Bullet fi d battyman tr88

Like · Reply · about a minute ago via mobile
Shantoy Williams Wtf!!!!

Like · Reply · 3 minutes ago via mobile

Rushell MrzWorlboss Samuels Unno look hungry bad..lol

Like · Reply · 4 minutes ago via mobile

Otis Wright Dem nasty rass Mentally disturbed,all who a say to leave dem alone take them in your house and find help fi dem cause they are some sick animals.

Like · Reply · 4 minutes ago via mobile

Glamourgirl Wilson Kandice,a di same ting mi jus a seh enuh,dem fava is a shame…loool

Like · Reply · 6 minutes ago via mobile

Kiyo Maddfrass Scott Lightaaa fi dem BBC …..

Like · Reply · 20 minutes ago via mobile

Andecia Lawrence Denasha Wright

Like · Reply · 29 minutes ago via mobile

Randy King Skinny Shot fi them gaza me say!!

Like · Reply · 30 minutes ago via mobile

Tissi Campbell Bun up ! smh

Like · Reply · 30 minutes ago via mobile

Randy King Skinny Lol stay on the gaza it hot so them look refuge to the gully side

Like · Reply · 31 minutes ago via mobile

Oschane Lyons They choose that road so its up to them they got life messed up! yea they are human but not like us they call down destruction on them selves.

Like · Reply · 32 minutes ago

Dominique Barrett Fiyahhhhhh!!!!!!

Like · Reply · 32 minutes ago

Yekinni Jop Simms Dem deh not even fi a live none a tall much less a live in a gully

Like · Reply · 39 minutes ago

Nicole Goodovaevil Turner Oh my god they r humane being a no dem want to be that way wicked people mek dem turn that way

Like · Reply · 39 minutes ago via mobile

Kei Sharpe Dem look happy so why feel sorry

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Russian Aurthur’s photo.

Like · Reply · 42 minutes ago

Shawn Thomas Damn right down deh dem mus stay

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  1. These comments gave me a f**ked up feel. Most a the man on this shit commenting for sikes a gay themselves also the women. UNNO hearts rass cold bad

  2. This is bad. No matter what they are the government of jamaica need to take responsibility to help out some of these guys because they need it. This problem will not go away by it self. If you keep taking from people and not provide them with anything in return it will be worst.

    1. ace u really believe dem live ina gully? also if di government help dem den dem haffi go help all a di homeless people in jamaica.. not jus dem specifically

      1. Even if they live on the streets …..why is everybody concerned while no one is even concerned about the homeless children, women and elderly people. If they really live on the streets they chose to do it . Obviously they love it…..

          1. dem need fi go find dem parents them look underage …and mek di mada or fada find place put dem …..dem choose fi live so as many others …..some ppl have dem lifestyle and dem work and maintain dem ppl yah have a mi want and gimme dis mentality …if dem wah live dem way dem nuh need fi burden government …orphan and autistic pickney need help a Jamaica this is not a crisis

      2. Met a true, people live unda at Gully/bridge in New Kingston (off Dumfries Road). The Gleaner I think did a story on d crackheads n female prostitutes that lived under there. It look like these gays have now joined their colony

          1. Met it nuh look like dem live desso and a nuh desso dem did do the coverage pon a di wider part and it neva so dark

  3. The person weh a talk bout government fi help them a people good tax money weh them go out go work fah fi mind batty man you must be crazy dont care what nobody says but until the die I it is wrong and I will never say otherwise being gay is wrong we now live in a world if we say we no like gay or it wrong people want treat we like we are the ones doing or saying something wrong but me a one person that will go to my grave saying battyman and lesbian ago burn in hell

  4. @met and the METS helping ghetto youth is the first thing to do always but if the government want to legalize HOMOSEXUALITY in jamaica make them put them up. And I know working people pay taxes but that’s life.

  5. In Jamaica nearly all the men look fishy but tru dem nuh upfront with it den get weh. Time to grow up and stop this foolishness now good god.

  6. Lem lem fuck okeeto breed fi fresh and now she a fuck price rite wat a wicked bitch 3 friends in a one crew

  7. It stink a rema say di lem lem upsetter a hide and fuck price rite wey nuh gal nuh want but dis gal nuh have no shame at all

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