N— “Rose” G—– aka MANEQUIN a full time you stop flat backing for material things since you claim you are a working class citizen. As the good ole proverb say dutty black pot must not cuss kettle, in other words the young lady you a talk bout she grow up pon capture land (but thanks be to God she grow up and is living with a husband on a marital self owned property) nuh the same phase a capture land you now in law capture to and live with har son and you weh shoulda know better cause you work a parish council (st.mary) and without land title or proof a ownership you build up house wid the young boy. Now the boy and him mother wah get rid a you and you still a play doll house. You tek great pleasure in stalking, carrying news and making mischief why you haven’t report the pedophile who molested on of —–? You know who sleep with who but a guess a you alone know the story cause community personnel seem clueless on your allegation(s). Start name out all the senior male figures you work with and them tek you mek bum ball even now you still live wid you boy toy who nuh mek joke fi beat you -you still clap your crotches like a open air convention. You don’t like a person yet you spend you days and nights fi drive miles out of your normal reach fi watch and peep pon them skyscraper house you hunt dem inna the social world every day you find time fi use you mouth and banton and put down people. You must stop it dutty gal such a pity the readers weh nuh know people involve in the Lasko Fan Story can’t visit the area and speak one & one with people who nuh av nuh relation to the issue and see who fa reputation of being a ginal, thief, scammer, prostitute, hustler,pimpster etc woulda get a name tag attach to it. Don’t like a Internet bad gal or police siren you must defend yourself when people come to you and nuh run.

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  1. mi juss wah noe why unnuh call up judene name…please lef har outtah it caw dat a longtime ting anuh like she n em deh anymor

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