Good Day Met,
First I would like to say everyone has the right to feel free to say what they want… So here it goes….some of your subscribers need to be put inna dem place. Since these cowards want to sit behind computer and hide under fictitious blog names, let me call them out by name:
NADIA !!!!!!!!!!! U need to f**k off and dead.. U outta order first comments you sitting your wukless Dutty rass behind computer an ah judge ppl . Obviously you must feel you have knowledge about who they are and you probably know them an skin your dry teeth inna dem face and hide and chat bere shit pon pinkwall… Ah waa do u one of dem tek ur man? You vex because you caan show your face a nite time let alone day??? All these big ooman u ah try style wouldn’t even waste dem piss pon u if u did on fire.. U ah talk sey ppl look cheap, tacky, people need church, and crack head granny???? SHOW URSELF RANCID C*NT, these woman have more character inna dem pinky toe than u have inna your entire joncrow family! Dutty cesspool crotchets GYAL! They know bout life and what it takes to have a life and don’t waste dem time hiding behind computer internet thuggin. Mine ya bloodclaaaaaaaaat self, f*ckin load of maggot filled donkey sh*t. Lesson: SHOW ur self or SHUT the f*ck up! You see dem mek we see you! Wicked duppy!


    1. mi seh dem a some set a jokers…dem love fi se people a hide behind di wall and dem doing di same ting ..sick people dem :travel

      1. :kiss dis is di years of di video king n queens…everbaddie a tri reach hollywood…mi a guh mek a video but mi a wear a mask

  1. no mon this girl is a clown…….she caan real she must did a smoke sumthing before she write this and send in…. like really chic smh

  2. DON’T YOU GUYS SEE IS THE ‘juju sweetness’ big woman sent this in complaining cuz nadia had made that comment but then again why does it hurt her so much? i thought she was too CONFIDENT for these kind of things.

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