7 thoughts on “DI FOOD OF ALL FOODS

  1. Woi dats why imma die single..nuh bwoy couldn’t bright suh fi gi mi dat fi nyam much less turn up a my work place with that shit. Dem woulda fire mi when I done wid him.

  2. Hands get way wid the browning. Mi did go to one baby shower and a suh the oxtail did black and ugly. I couldn’t eat it a backside…but mi hear sey it did taste good.

  3. Nuff a unu nahn get bunup food or unbunup food – but still mi wouldnt nyam it unless dah hunga deh pan a diffrent level-like nyam or die-nevertheless mi woulda thank him fi di effort,caz practice mek perfect – but at di same time mi wouldnt share that crap eida, people love dis social media ting tummuch so till mi all ting dem lose touch wid reality…smh

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