1. The only thing me notice is di girl nout she a wipe him face like she proud. dwl. Dem betta thank God for the recordings cause the Po LICE wouldn’t surley deal wid them and give another story later. Right about now is target dem ago target him fi diss dem so pan video. I hope him can still fly out fi do shows after this, cause that arrest comes with restrictions I’m sure. me madda always tell me sometime you “affi walk weh all when you right ” Now him INCome is in jeopardy along wid him life.

  2. Smh. Mi almost stop mi breath while mi a watch it cause mi almost sure him did a go pick up 2 bullet. U nuh hear di police keep on a say “Yuh no know wha yuh a get yuhself ina enuh, yuh really no know”. Well….Dexta really no know cause if it wasn’t outta airport and so many ppl there, dem would probably kill him. Is like when police a haul an pull yuh, dem don’t want u to ask them why or what you did wrong. Smh.

  3. If it was the US, he would be slammed to the ground the moment he starts resisting and have four knees to his neck. How them seh Jamaican police bad? Them surely was quite polite to him or is it because of the crowd? But them did shoot that yute a few weeks ago even with a crowd and video.

      1. Whapon Mumma? Bet if America or any foreign place him would have shut his ass up and mek dem handcuff him video or not.

  4. It is his right to know what he is being charged for and if they the police refuse to tell him then i cant blame him for resisting.. Police have guidelines as to how they are to carry out their duties…

    resisting arrest dont mean u have to throw the accused to the ground and place ur knee in there neck or drape them by there trousers.. this is not in any police manual that ive seen. Officers choose to do there things and we choose to accept it thinking they are right.

    This tape shows only what transpired during his arrest but does not show what caused his arrest..

    1. resisting dont mean u have to be loud and get physical either…we must understand that our actions will contribute to our demise

      1. Hey Met…the amount of things him do in this video warrant him being arrested.

        Jamaicans keep pointing out bout we police dem wicked…in America that hand flash, twist and turn him do would have gotten him a choke hold, the taser, an asp to the knee, ribs and abdomen. Then the dutty bad word would have gotten his ass another charge a swollen lip and a black-eye.

        I guess Baltimore, ferguson, Rhode Island and the countless police atrocities in America is good enough fi de bad mounth diaspora compare to Jamaica.

          1. Very, very. Infact, this video will get them reprimanded for having him obstructing as much as he did.

    2. Resisting arrest is a crime. One of the biggest mistake people make, especially Jamaicans, they think that a police have to state what they are being arrested for – what offense they committed before being arrested. They end up compounding their issue with resisting arrest which sometimes lead to tragic outcomes. The dude should just take the arrest instead of resisting. When he is removed from the scene without incident, he stands a better chance of being released without a charge. Those police were very lenient. If that was foreign police, he would be gang tackled for resisting arrest, until they get the cuffs on.

      1. they would have stepped on him and beat him..thank u kunta because I know him really did a gwaan a way fi true..u can’t act like that with the police

  5. It is his right to know what he is being charged for and if they the police refuse to tell him then i cant blame him for resisting.. Police have guidelines as to how they are to carry out their duties…

    resisting arrest dont mean u have to throw the accused to the ground and place ur knee in their neck or drape them by their trousers.. this is not in any police manual that ive seen. Officers choose to do these things and we choose to accept it thinking they are right.

    This tape shows only what transpired during his arrest but does not show what caused his arrest..

  6. Clearly this police was abusing his power because he can’t state what he is arresting the young man for smh Dexta now need fi know say fi him trubbles have just began cause when Jamaica police teck set pon u not even when chichi teck set inna board house it no seerus so

    1. Them don’t have to tell him anything until they’ve secured him, and that wasn’t done because he kept on resisting.

  7. I don’t understand why ppl a question what him do. He is human so rightfully upset and loud the police has a obligation to tell u why u r being cuffed and the person should be able to ask that as loudly as they need without being slammed to the floor. I dont know what happened b4 but what I saw was they failed to inform h what he was being arrested for so he was well within his rights. The problem with jamaican society is most of us think the police has a right to fire two shot and kill someone if they question them. There are some dunce vindictive assholes as police officers as there r good ones. I am happy he wasn’t hurt physically though I know emotionally he was. Maybe is marco dean had queried his arrest in this manner he would still be alive today. We need to DEMAND for our rights to be observed.

    1. Both him and di police wrong..Di more u gwaan bada di worse di police a go gwaan so what will be achieved outa dat..u have u right and give it whey in cases like this

    2. Wrong! Just wrote about this. The police is under no such obligation to tell you why you are being cuffed – at least in America. The police can detain or hold a person temporarily for many reasons, public safety, the persons safety, etc., without filing charges or arresting. Charges usually gets placed at the station.

      1. Kunta, it’s these misunderstanding of the law that creates many of the dead suspects we seeing more and more of now.

      2. On your arrest or at the time you’re charged, even if you’re not detained by the police officer, there’s an obligation to say what you’re being charged with and to give some general sense of what it is. That having been said, the police officer is not obliged to use the precise language of the Criminal Code and can use descriptive language.(CBC News)

  8. first of all dexta is an American citizen so just the face that they are handling him like this they can be in some trouble. 2nd he was the one telling them they don’t know what they’re getting themselves into because it all started from a parking incident and the police decided to let it escalate, I guess to show some type of superiority. it is wrong for what they did because dem neva afi handle di yute so but I bet u as soon as they found out it was an American citizen dem start change dem tune. police dem jus love show off demself fi no reason

    1. Get the f**k out a yah bout “they can be in trouble” ON WHOSE ORDER?! Onu delusional about this 8 by 11 paper till onu tun rass fool!

      F**k any citizen from any whey in the world who think dem have ALL rass rights fi go to another sovereign nation go act like idiot and think that nation ago pay no rass piper fi onu. YOU BLACK MALES NEED FI RESPECT LAW N ORDER. Jamaica can lock his ass up and send dem arrest list to the us embassy as an FYI…so true onu hab citizenship fi other country onu feel like onu can come a Jamaica come do as onu like? OH I SEE…BUY ONU LIFE INSURANCE THEN :sup2:

      1. :ngakak I seriously doubt the arrest of this fellow will provoke a diplomatic incident. If he is a U.S. citizen and does not also claim Jamaican citizenship, the U.S. embassy will/may dispatch a minion to the jail as a courtesy and mainly to check on the treatment he is receiving, but, that is as much as they will do. He is in Jamaica and, whatever his nationality, he is on Jamaican soil and, therefore, subject to Jamaica’s laws. Bout American citizen. Kmt. Dem delusional bad… Uunuh American citizenship don’t seem to save uunuh from being murdered by American police on American soil. I don’t see too many of those police getting into trouble in those cases. Poor uunuh.

  9. A Johncrow dem deh in a uniform a suh dem kill di yute dem every day fi som simple likkle tings som time nutn, dis is pure arrogance and abuse of power on di police part kmft.

  10. All ova di worl cops a di same ting dem abuse dem power cuz di badge an di government gun make dem feel mighty, cops suppose to know how fi defuse minor situation intelligently widout a cause it fi escalate. Dem wudnt like nuh body deal wid fi dem yute dem suh kmft.

  11. I don’t know what Dexta did prior to this videotape, however, the Police should tell him why he’s being arrested. Afterall, when they pull you over for speeding, they tell you WHY they pull you over. I also know for a fact say there are some likkle dutty germsy showoff police inna de Force in JA, and some a dem get more hyped up when dem see a crowd. Hopefully, may the person who was in the right win.

  12. @phantom pheanix I see u are one a those people if police tell u jump off a cliff u jump. u no believe in standing up for your rights because him name police him suppose to ddeal with u anyway and him fi just comply. If u never know when u treat any person who is not a citizen of the state in the manner which dem treat dexter a serious suit can be filed and the penalties are more serious because its now an international matter. because u no have a visa or dual citizenship u feel like people who have it act as if dem above di law which is dumb of you to think. it simply means a more thorough investigation will be done being as he is a citizen of another country and im sure u saw how the police handled him but I guess to u that’s professional.

    1. No me one a dem who know The law…and i’m a bitch and everything the likes a you don’t like…you should feel better now.

      Go tell de Bali 9 whey catch gun shot today say dem can sue Bali fi execute dem.

      Onu nah go stop dead because onu don’t know how to interpret the laws accordinly.

  13. @A2 police brutality deh everywhere in the world.Dont think because I said he is an American citizen i meant he is going to get off, simply means more scrutiny and di police cyaa brush it weh so easy like they do others

    1. Don’t fool yourself about being a US Citizen. There are differences/levels of US Citizenship. If you are a Black Naturalized US Citizen, you don’t the same rights as a White US Born Citizen. Haven’t you notice how the White Americans do not have their luggage search when they enter Jamaican Airports, yet all Jamaican born US Citizens have to go through luggage search…….why?

      This guy brought a lot of problems onto himself. All he had to do was compily and I’m sure by the time he got to the Police Station they would have dropped the matter (or even before). Never confront the police, no matter which country you from or where you have Citizenship. We all know as kids growing up in Jamaica not to challenge the police or you can end up dead. I have been stopped by Jamaican Police and have M-16 trained on me and the moment I speak to them they understand you are not a threat and treat you accordingly. Once you start with the badmanism, they will respond aggressively.

  14. Dexta has every right fi gwan suh (although not smart) bc JCF should tell him why they are arresting him…This is how it is done in Canada…..
    You are under arrest for _________ (charge), do you understand?
    You have the right to retain and instruct counsel without delay.
    We will provide you with a toll-free telephone lawyer referral service,
    if you do not have your own lawyer.
    Anything you say can be used in court as evidence.
    Do you understand? Would you like to speak to a lawyer?

  15. Every action is met with a reaction. Jamaican police have no people skills. I dunno if dem don’t teach dem dat or when dem lef academy dem throw dat knowledge out the window. Police always try embarrass man by draping dem up or a draw up man pants. If they had accosted him in a respectable manner him wouldn’t a fight dem off so. Dem always wan Bway Bway up and Pussyole up people. Dem nuh know how fi approach ppl.

  16. Jamaica police them too bad mine true the little youth bus way them a try flop him them need fi stop because there is a lot of talent youths in Jamaica but we always fight against our own it’s so sad

  17. These comments are killing me! The man should be told why he’s being arrested. You can’t blame him for his behavior either. That is fear of the jcf because they are murderers! There is no way in hell I would get into a police car in Ja without having someone follow that car and video it in transit. They deal with you according to how you look. If he didn’t have braids and was wearing a dress shirt dem wouldn’t deal wid him suh

  18. 2 likkle song and him think him a celebrity why him neva go buss weh him a citizen. oh please… Jamaican police bad and him lucky him neva get one to him brain, and get dash in a the back a wah jeep but mi feel like him a shuoff cause the way how dem foreign police yah a behave now if him gwan so wid dem him get thrown to the grung and the whole a dem jump pan him like a football dem a play and slap him wid a fat resisting arrest charge plus all the while mi watch show police nuh haffi tell you shit just like you don’t have to say shit to dem either

  19. Some of u U.S. citizens need to watch locked up abroad.. The airport drop off and pick zones are no parking areas. Dexta was told to remove his vehicle and he refused. By refusing he is no perceived as a threat and due to the airport being an “international” space then the police can claim national security being at risk. Many a trials and tribulations for dex.

  20. The only reason Dexta is alive today is because this happened at the airport with too many witnesses and too many videos being recorded.
    You ALWAYS have the right to ask why you are being detained or arrested…ALWAYS!
    However, do not resist the police, please. Accept the arrest and have your Lawyer deal with the matter.

  21. He has a right to know why he is being arrested,however they handled him bad,he was wrong to be loud n using expletives, but I know it’ s from anger, we all can speculate because we don’t have proof of what transpired before it got to this point. Bets of luck to him, officers all over need to stop abusing their power and treat humans like humans n not dogs,what hurts is that the few good cops dying leave d troubled F**kas

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