Met , This is Colleen weh did a war ova Baby fadda #1 bout 6 months ago that was messing wid di yankee gal behind her back.
Now about 2 months ago she was warring with baby fadda #2 about not picking up her child and not wanting to pay child support. Please explain why she in this message lieing about having 1 baby fadda. Social media gwine be the downfall of some a unuh. Collene you on every site and every blog. Please tell me what time do you work, let alone take care of that almost 1 y/o baby and the rest a babies you have. I can imagine you just sitting at the computer all day and yell and scream because you don’t want t know Interference.It is sad when you meck headline pon a blog that wants to know if they should bann you. Please take your”Waiting to Exhale” self go find Jesus and come off a social media.


  1. It funny how dem ppl ova dah Page deh ah call dis site “dirty” How cum unuh find out within 3sec of this posting and unh no love dah sie yah? Blog runner if it wasn’t for the free credits weh you gi weh you wouldn’t have any story line ova deh. Met Overhead cost is way lower than yours and we still In di loop same way. I find it kinda boring that you post 4 and 5 corrections to 1 story just to say you are fast with the news.
    DI ppl dem nah lie. Colleen need fi go reset har priorites and stop meck you bait har up while your pocket a full and she nah get “o”. No mother wid 4 picklni should be on a computer 24/7. Unuh fi stop meck the games and Tv raise unh pickni and try emulate di Chinese and Indian dem. Book, Book, Book and quality time from the parents, you cah go wrong. Unuh comin like some ppl weh just come ah farrin and start twang the minute unuh land. “frighten bad”

    1. Mi need fi pay the cleaning people more oo….u know when people getting paid low dem quarrel bout dem clean up crew is underpaid so dem a talk bout dirt …. mi a go increase di wage whey u think? :nerd
      but pocket full of what? Facebook start pay now? oh mi figet a mi clean up crew and a mi a pay dem :ngakak

        1. Dumb much???? Mi say obviously u neva get much book book book I love how Met ansa unnu eh see anytime unnu push out unnu ugly head she’s right here waiting fi :bola :bola FOH

          1. chuet obsession and low salary are a deadly combo..mi know it shameless because there are sane people who are not fans but have sense and see its an obsession..mi a nuh sadamite so dat a dem next problem….as di person seh why anything post here dem know like a study dem a study and dem doe see see mi nuh see dem no time? Mi haffi laugh ooo cause mi nah raise no pay a want dem gwaan drink poison and dead nice and slow ..chayyyyyyy

      1. Met mi tyaad a dis gal a gwann like she a Scholar and she betta than ova yah. mi neva see she Pudung a good resoning yet. As far as me see she a try piggy back and she a run leff har owna foot trying to keep up. JMG tyo di flipping world a we set di trend. Dem think it did easy now dem a beg fi save dem life and stay afloat. Pow pow pow..

        1. Dem;Mirror Mirror Mirror on the wall who is the fairest of them all?
          Mirror: You are a mule
          Dem: Am I the fairest yet?
          Mirror: I only do humans love, you’re a mule, stop wanting to be fair and just carry your load
          Dem: Will another mirror see me as fair?
          Mirror: We are all the same , it will see you as is..
          -The end-

  2. Oh sorry a mi nah read good a DI odda site u addressing so somebody meck a site like this?????? Very original really original

  3. Met first they laugh then they ridicule then they FOLLOW poor them don’t look at dem nopes non tall

    1. :maho it a go die cause it come see dis wall..that di decemeber it try di same ting n fail so it think when it bash it will build..i leave dem to di mirror

  4. Afternoon mums,just getting caught up to this rass mess!that gyal name ever deh pon every website.It’s funny how dem a try style jmg,is Wich “dirty site”dem a talk?Di way how dem nuff everything dem rass put up all weh nuh relevant,tired body woman huh rest! Yuh nuh see how di bags dem under Yuh eyes a sag? Jmg is a stepping stool fi nuff blogging site,Yuh fi glad fi it…but duh pon Unuh tuh!

    1. smaddy gwine juk it wid a pin and buss it fi dem :ngakak ..
      attention it love …………..all di energy it put in obsession it can go put up pan di sky top n beg likkle more …….

  5. Met me lost, Is who a Banton you site? Me a try figure out who unuh a talk and I don’t get it :ngakak Please don’t tell me is your BIG Fren Mermaid at it again?

    1. a really big fren………….bright bout it a come like mi page stink…and u know dat sting dem rerse mi a dead roun here but see milk sick deh mi a go see whey a gwaan brb

      1. DWPCL. She need to use that energy and go back to school and do communications cause duncebat is an understatement. Mek me go look who sick. LOL.

    1. But people would a be so fool fool to give that Mule any money? Bout Go fund me, what a thing go fund me come to now? She not doing it because it is within her and she love blog or love doing communications, This rass duncebat LOVE spotlight from 19 how long and IT is very determine to stay in the spotlight. I don’t even know how people really follow IT and the dunceness so perilous.

        1. I am one of those Old veteran from DHR days, I know IT and the dancehall life that IT love. Some people have a passion for Journalism and it will show when they write articles or even working at an event, This Lady is Hell bent on being in the public eye, from when she came on DHR and put up about the taxi and the sh8t bag from IT in the video spotlights. I don’t know her face to face but from donkey years IT being trying any means necessary to be seen in the dancehall community. I hope she get the funding she so desire. LOL. Poppy show.

          1. And dancehall dont accept it……… it will keep on trying thats what mi see it as tuh..attention seeking by any means necessary

  6. @Met, predway a grung!!!!!! waieeeeeeee, mine unu mash up di pple dem nerves and ruin dem honorable journalism skills…

  7. She should NEVER speak nor write (sounds ridiculous) This lady is totally inept communicating effectively.. that jibberish shit she constantly uses to caption an article or video is that of a primary school kid (lady its not funny/good look) when I see the number of shares on various people’s profile with the mediocrity makes me shudder. Shidd I never study communication and would have been more professional if I wanted to be taken seriously..there’s a time & place for everything. Anyway not bashing ijs

  8. Tell them metty you never take up collection to build jmg, she seh a you a follow her and take her idea from back then and people think you was her and threatening her life, with her nuff self always acting like she so intelligent.

    1. Me?? She really said that?????????????????? I wonder whey me would know her from fi tek her idea? I know people sick but this level of sickness gone far now..My emailbox still has every email I ever received ..Jmg was started july when she run in pan it n couldn’t comment bout people work place she run go mek a site that october n started spreading rumors bout people a blame her fi jmg…one a di time mi all message that liar because she claim she get text n she can show me ..i asked to see all now..people from dance tell me how she go up to them a walk bout is not she own jmg dat time di people dem a wonder why she a seh so…she is one a dem wicked liars dere only karma and God can stop..Mi cyah cross it..She saw JMG n may have thought I did it for the popularity…….because a di limelight she seek..I dont know her from a hole in the wall never knew of her till people start email mi all a philly she walk ina party a run her lies and dem tell me and mi never know why till dem come call out one a har acronyms and mi check mi mailbox then I understood where her venom was coming from..She was always a fan sidung and a watch..what she fi study a my ways..she can’t be me..mi born in a good set up.. she fi go drop dead..damn lie

  9. Metty all dem time mi si shi Ah dash word mi never know Ah you shi Ah pree? Mi always wondering who shi talking. Gwine unfollow har right dis minute

  10. Yes metty she said it when raga did big you up the other day and the green eye monster in her come out, because she want come compete with you, she don’t even start off her day with a prayer or a bible verse on her page a morning time, who God bless no man curse.

  11. Lawks mi lost in transition. Couldn’t follow the first few comments. But she who mek site? Anyways all that nuh relevant. Pink wall nah guh nuh weh, it’s original, the name catchy, it nah fi post rumors fi get a hype. So to the carbon copy try something else weh nuh bady nuh try yet. Bawd mind get di bess a dem

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