6 thoughts on “DI GIRL SEH SHE WANT HAR 325

  1. A suh nasty people stay. Drm fren yuh up an seh di most nicest things wen dem wah tings fo barrow. An now di gyal want har money yuh block har. Kmft

  2. Dats why I don’t lend no more. I just give if I can, cause nobody returning shit these days. Wedda clothes, books, DVD, wig, bag, money, baking pan, or whatever, from di borrower get it you never see it again. Bible wud caan wrong, needa borrow nor lend fi keep a peaceful life.

  3. Same way one likkle pussy ole DJ from Bronx name Steve timers owe me me $425 from 2013 til now me can’t get it back

  4. If u can bare to loose it that’s how u give a loan!! If u hungry I have $20 here u go //only my sisters and my mom can get a loan from me

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