Man tells court he broke into house because he wanted to sleep
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There was laughter in the St Andrew Parish Court last Tuesday when a St Mary man who was caught trying to break into a man’s home in Kingston, said he was doing so in order to sleep.

Alexander Blake was caught by security guards attempting to break into the complainant’s home on April 9.

The court heard that when the security guards arrived at the home, Blake reportedly had half of his body inside the garage.

The complainant, who was present, told Judge Ellis that the incident marked the second time that Blake had broken into his home.

“On the first occasion he attempted to break inside and damaged several items,” the complainant said.
When asked why he had not reported the first incident, the complainant said he had called the police but when they came they did not take any statement from him.

The judge then asked Blake where he was from and learnt that he was from St Mary.

“What you doing in Kingston and St Andrew if you live in St Mary?” she asked.

“I got discharged from a health centre,” Blake replied.

When quizzed further by the judge, Blake said that he was released from the health centre in Kingston and that he had planned to visit his mother who lives in the same parish.

She then asked: “ So why you wanted to go inside the man’s home?”

“Sleep, mi did waa sleep,” he said, eliciting laughter from the court.

“Really,” Judge Ellis said. “Why you never call and ask?”

“From mi a age 15 nobody nuh live there,” Blake replied.

“You should have gone to your parent’s house,” Ellis told Blake.

“Why you didn’t go into your mother’s house to sleep? Why you gone to stranger’s house?” she asked Blake, who did not answer.

Blake was subsequently remanded for psychiatric evaluation and is to return to court on May 19.

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