VYBZ KARTEL TRIAL: Prosecution’s key witness to face cross examination

Published: Wednesday November 27, 2013 | 8:52 am 0 Comments

The prosecution’s star witness at the Vybz Kartel murder trial is expected to be cross-examined by the defence today when hearing resumes in the Home Circuit Court.

Kartel and four other men are charged with the August 2011 killing of Clive ‘Lizard’ Williams.

Yesterday the star witness told the court that he and the murdered victim were attacked because they could not account for two missing guns.

The witness said on August 16, 2011 he was called to the home of co-accused Shawn Campbell, more popularly known as Shawn Storm, in Waterford, Portmore St Catherine.
He said when he went there he saw the Clive ‘Lizard’ Williams.

The witness said he heard Campbell telling ‘Lizard’ that Kartel wanted to see him because he had not seen them since the guns went missing.

He said Campbell made a call and put ‘Lizard’ on the phone.

He told the court that after that he went home and Campbell and ‘Lizard’ later turned up at his yard in a taxi.

The witness said they were taken to Kartel’s house in Havendale, St Andrew where they were met by another of the co-accused, Andre St John.

He said Kartel was in the yard and he told them to go inside the house.

The witness said Kartel questioned them about the missing guns.

He said he told Kartel that he and ‘Lizard’ were planning to buy back the guns.

The witness said co-accused Kihira Jones held on to ‘Lizard’ from behind and he ran into a back room because he feared for his life.

He said he never got to lock the door because Campbell and Kartel forced the door open, they held on to him and then took him back to the living room.

He said while in the living room, he saw ‘Lizard’ lying motionless on his back and on the floor.

The witness said he saw Jones bent over ‘Lizard’ and St John standing beside him with a building block in his hand.

He said two other men were also in the room.

The witness said he felt that he was going to be next so he ran to save his life.

He said he saw Kartel following behind him but the entertainer was bitten by a dog which was in the yard.

He said he saw Kartel hopping towards him and saying he needed a taxi.

The witness said he stopped a taxi, placed Kartel in the car and took him to hospital.

Asked by the judge why he took Kartel to the hospital, the witness said he feared for his life.

He said that night he went back to Waterford where he was told by Campbell not to tell anyone what happened to ‘Lizard’.

However, the witness said he told anyone who asked as he was not trying to hide what happened.


        1. yes and he will do more..he is truly a sick man
          zervah mi seh any post whey seh KAR..u doe haffi see TEL fi Ace fawwud..
          now ace velly nervous :mewek

  1. MET drop the full hundred over a year ago… Did Met interview the witness. Cause I remember her saying the witness jump the wall and Kartel a try follow, but his own dog bite him.. Lots of details coming out. but it was posted here already !!!

    1. dats why kartel killed the dawg and if dem draw back an episode a teachers bet him talk bout the dawg bite nd all had his feet band..a waan find the eppi deh

    2. therefore record deh a di hospital seh him dog bite him ….further more di yute a talk di truth because nuff a unu a seh unu wouldnt help him but unu probably would if you thought your life would be speared …..it is not far fetched at all

  2. Curious…. Kartel and him goons have guns and say Gaza

    Does Mavado have goons with guns too and say Gully..

    We see Sizzla have armory in August Town..

    And Spragga was a person of interest..

    Are most of them artists or gangsters ?

    1. pmrm ASK AGEN…and drop few more name in deh tuh …dem fi weed dem out das y di music cannot be right because blood a mix ina it

  3. I’m confused about something. If I witness a murder and the killer is chasing me but got bit by a dog, why the hell would I stop running from him? Why would I take the time to take him to the hospital?

    1. Dah part deh confuse me BADLY! Mi read it ’bout 3 time! Cuz mi ah go continue run & seh “Fu(ker Yuh!” & Thank God fi send di dog weh bite him & get him offa mi!

      Plus him never really ‘witness’ the murder cuz him seh him did deh inna di next room. Him don’t see WHO really ‘pull di trigger’ or throw di building block cuz him seh 2 more man did inna di room with Kartel!

      Mi nuh know if Jamaica have ‘reasonable doubt’ but if dem do, si di reasonable doubt deh!

      1. good ass point but kartel was in the room nd may av gave those two command tuh kill nd why didnt he stated who was the person standing ova de man wid the block in his hand

    2. when u r in XTREME fear for ur life, there’s no telling what u would do. Sometimes – and i’m sure u must have seen it in the movies or read it – when u turn around and assist ur perpetrator a lot of times that person ends up spearing ur life/assault possibly thinking this person really check for me in that s/he saw that i was going to harm them and turned around to save my life. GET IT?

  4. @DAVGAL, it could just be a story him make up to separate himself from everything, who knows maybe at the time him agree to keep silent then change him mind.

    And it doesn’t have to be made up to make sense either, fear does cripple and people react to situations differently, maybe in the moment him tink if him lend a helping hand him life safe.

  5. Once people act in common design, ALL will be charged for murder. So if ten people conspire and execute the act with a common design, then all or some will get guilty of the same charge.

  6. Jah know de case ya have mi mind all “scrambled ” up. It’s a 50/50 chance fe de “manipulator” walk free. Prosecutors dem have a strong lead, but if weed nuh tan up strong an really talk de tings dem during cross-examination kartel i believe will be a free man….den police and angry family members/friends/associates will bring fe dem justice to de fore front. Caws mi nuh tink him a go walk long pon road if him buss de case. I just a pree de ting from a distance

  7. The defense will try to entrap Weed into telling lies, then say that he is a liar and not a credible witness. The best way to hold up is to keep his answers short and honest even if it will reflect badly on himself !!!.

    Seems like Weed and Lizard are gunmen, and will have some stuff to answer even after this case is done !!!

  8. I tink weed teck money fi com chat a bunch a foolishness an make di case easy fi di defense kmft. # a mind game a gwaan

  9. that testimony was nothing that can send kartel away for life, it is beyond a reasonable doubt and there is plenty of doubt already. any good lawyer will make this youth look like a joke under cross examination. why did you bother mentioning that you help put kartel in a taxi after him just try kill you and kill yuh friend kmt even the judge had to ask him that so clearly the jury gonna have doubts too. if the system wants him gone then he is gone so all this court house ting wont matter if that is the case.

  10. if Weed know that guns missing and who take the guns , then it seems that Weed may have stolen the guns…. remember say Weed say a Lizard and Brown… Lizard dead and Brown is missing…

    Fact is maybe a Weed and Lizard take the guns

      1. Pmrm mek mi explain…I think ratty did get blame first and him send dem fi tek off ratty..dem cudden do it because ratty n dem grow up together so dem start dodge out kartel .. and him now start tink dem have something fi do wid it..this a whey mi a assume

  11. Marnin Miss Met and Metters,.well mi think Weed na haffi tell too much fi look like a him fu–k up Kartel and send him away.the presecution na pressure him fi more information because as unno know the mastermind love video tape everything and remember sey mr.big police Elan Powell did sey if people see di tape di unno belive \people can be so cold hearted.The case a tek it little time play out.

  12. But if him really chat rubish an mek kartel walk him planning him an nuff pple funeral soh mek him tan dey .dem need to get to de bottom of tings.. what i want to know is why portia a walk a beg money all ova de world an cant organise a proper judiciary system .imsure if she beg dem help wid taking in witness dem would be too glad to oblige .jamaica is at a stand still in everything

  13. Ano jlp or pnp run JA. .A world bank,and IMF who lend money and dem haffi fallow the policies dem lay down ,and belive it no ina fi wi betterment.Dem interest is fi what dem get out a wi fi dem investors.So more taxes and more interest pon wi rass.

  14. Kartel and everyone of him goons dem guilty but weed kind of throw mi off cause if u fear fi your life why u stop run to assist one of the killer him never fear fi him life there is more to the story than being told.I think weed just never trust dem after wey him see go down and him fear it might turn round pon him.All of dem guilty from weed to lizard right down to the boss himself kartel.u kno how much time man gi man gun to lock and that missing and family have to pay for that or man end up dead.unnu little youth must go find something to do beside locking gun fi don, that is always the result when it end up missing…

  15. There is no tape… if there was one , it would have leaked , and posted on the internet. Normally, if they had a tape and it would have proved inadmissible they would have leaked it. So I don’t think any tape exists that the prosecutor has.

    Lizard, Weed, and Ratty… Missing Guns… is every man for themselves… Somehow from hearing those names it does not seem to be a very bright bunch of fellows…

    Somehow them a blame each other .. friends don’t count in these circles.. because it seems like most a them related ( baby mother linkages/ friends from primary school ) to each other, yet them kill off each other.

    1. Yes there is a tape fi true but I dont know if it was admitted into evidence..there are tapes one was of a job they were told to do and record…nuff a res a tape dem have on di sexx shop business..pmrm that is the sad thing fi true they are all family and dem nuh think twice bout killing..for the sake of money

  16. @observer baby what do you want me to say. the trail is here and if he is found guilty he will be going to jail but if the (PROSTITUTIONS) can’t say i have concrete evidence it is going to be a mistrial for one the witness is not credible. you put a gun man on the stand that is running for his life and the same person that try to kill him he turned around and help. how did he know that kartel was hurt when he left the grounds and he is running for his life.

    I am not outside the court baby i have things to do and it’s crunch for me like the boss. but if he does good or bad right now i know i have to do good. that is why i am not here talking what i don’t know.

    1. ace yuhsoun so gud mi naw lie..yuh reasoning diffrant..mi loooooike it. Yes to enuh dis luk stiv=cky pon em…smh no wikkidniss fi guh unpunished but cool nuh…mek wi gwaan luk

  17. there are reported incidents where victims have assisted there abusers and attackers.we can not assume that it isnt true bcuz some1 responded in a way that does not seem logical or rational to us.this goes to prove the extent of this evil person’s (Kartel) control mentally over the ppl around him.Kartel is the devil himself whether or not these individuals are saints this demon did not have the right to decide to end their lives.the defence job is to provide believable alternative such as lizard is happily living in the country or something of that sort.but Mr.Finson have so far grabbed @ straws(using met words) accusing the police of planning a scheme to imprison his client which i must add was baseless and seemed ludicrous when it was suggested base on the response from the witnesses.

  18. di whole a di story did a mek sense to me until it get to weh him escape a run fi him life an Kartel start chase him, dog bite him, di witness stop taxi an bring Kartel go hospital cuz him fear fi him life… hmmmm dunno bout dat part…cuz if dat was me an me escape…unoo wudda only see my shirt tail ina di cab..and him say him tell everybady weh happen cuz him naw hide it…kinda odd u ina a house full a man weh juss kill a man an u manage fi escape but tun round help di person weh order dem fi kill unoo..a feel dis bredda was more going along wid Kartel dem assassination and right now jus a try save himself

  19. maybe the dog give him a rass bite lef him helpless pon the road and the yute say make me help him fi save me life later on.

    1. u know the vein down a u ankle area? i think it was there he got it and it must have been a crippling bite…but fi a dog bite him owner it serious

      1. kartel fans just desperate holding on to why him help him into the taxi. but i guess since they all thought your news you posted from 2011 was not going to come out in a court of law he would be free and out killing more people by now.

        the witness could have lied and left off that point to make the prosecution case stronger but he didn’t.

  20. he was 50/50 .. because if Kartel wanted to kill him, he would have done so. Weed say a Lizard thief the guns. So he stood a 50/50 chances of getting off. At some point him realize that maybe him at the wrong 50 % and make a dash for it. Obviously Kartel probably never want kill him, because he probably want to get back the gun first.

    if guns missing, and you have 2 suspects , you wait until you get back the guns.. so maybe thats why the spare Weed

    1. mi think a shawn storm him a di gun teef because he said he gave him the guns…das y shawn storm go fi him..di whole a dem fi dead..but as mi se feelings did a carry because dem did fi go kill ratty

  21. @Met no not my rationales. i am busy with a paper and have limited information on the topic and have to looking for some credible source to finish but as of now i am stuck.

  22. @Met, what a way Shirley fat and sexy??? bloodfire di man swell up..Pon di real thou, shirley fi rot ina prison till him teeth dem long and me nah tek back me chat. Di man wicked, him deserve it bout coming out fi STING!!

  23. @met i see you like the rest of the jury will be asking the same question why did he help him. and please be real no man in this world is going to help man that just try to kill him. this sound like him a try spear kartel and shawn storm to a lessor charge or time served and blame the other two. but why is the other two guys name not called and they are on trial too. this is deeper than we all think until the clothing arguments we will not know what will happen or when the jury finish deliberating.

      1. There are many things that can explain why he could of helped Kartel. Being that they were close, I don’t think Weed believed Lizzard was dead and even though Kartel gave chase he possibly figured that if he helped him perhaps Kartel would not cause him harm going forward. I would love the prosecution to ask Mr. Weed while in the car to the Hospital was there any conversation between the two. I would also like to hear the Nurse that looked after Kartel come on the stand that would give credibility to Mr. Weed’s story!

        1. The hospital thing mi nuh know how it go wid di patient confidentiality thing but he was treated at andrews hospita…Lizard was dead his head was crushed because brain matter was found in the house as I had posted before…Weed know him did dead man

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