1. Well she really need to go check fi see wa germs in her vagina now like hw him insert it ina a butt..or maybe the guy a tell her him give him smethng else..idk..women plz stop being wth these men. Is not like unu nu knw.

  2. ME(beating my chest) and no Battyman nah go deh pon no phone ah talk about my man about nothing!!! :bola :salahkamar From a man have fish tendency me no want it. He can go swim in the deepest part of the sea cause me no want it. Really women is that what we have come too. There are straight men out there still you know ladies… Him want she to put him out so him can put him in what ah ting SMMFH disgusted :dp

  3. Di battyman seh “…when Blair skin him out, f#%k him, ah di real come him come and all put ickie pon him neck and tell him how him love him.” :najis Wid all ah dat di nasty gyal still want Blair. Is whaaa gwaan Fawda :bingung

    1. Oh gosh I swear mi done right dey so. How u can hear dat n still sleep wid dat man oh gosh man. Something is really wrong. Den him talk about go get check time to get check. That is very serious.

    1. Any other MAN a phuck this girl should stomp out har backside!

      Bitch knownly a phuck faggot and a jeprodize people lives. Beat dung to all females knownly a tek sodomites men.

    2. yeah and they take it lightly …what a shame ……….the day me make a man call my girl is the day me confirm in the mad house ……all a dem a garbage …it , she and blair and the rest a dem weh a boost the thing…….PUM PUM JUICE IS THE BEST ……IF ITS NOT INVOLVED I AM NOT INVOLVED

  4. Mi neva hear nothing like dis in all my life God know Mi caah manij… A wah dis? Damn Mi affi go hurry up an get di last good man cause man scarce bad bad bad…. den man a tell yuh say him did f**k a next man an him inna yuh yard no sah! Not never have I heard this

  5. Omg omg omgggggggggggg. TEARS TEARS TEARS.
    Im not against homosexuals because i understand its a mental disorder and a demon
    but why have our Jamaican women lost all their morals???
    Is it the economy or just greed, or both?

    1. Nothing fi do wid economy. Some demon gal come out a some condemn womb and demon producing seedbags.

  6. Lawd Gawwwwd! The vomit just fly up inna mi throat when shim seh how shim nah fi force Blair *stick a pin* Shim have a right fi name Blair cuz that can be a girl or boy name!!! Back to it now, shim nah fi force Blair fi skin him out, UGGGHHHHHH :dp :dp

    No man! Man CAAN so short! Mi refuse! MI REFUSE fi believe suh!!!

  7. Economy mi rass, bare demons ah procreate & multiple demons get leggo all bout fi infest the poor island. Mi sorry when the epidemic bruck whey down in Jamaica

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