Former dancehall artiste Lady Saw, will be performing at the White House on June 24. According to the icon, who recently converted to Christianity, the opportunity was presented by God.

“It not all about me, it’s all about God and I feel honoured to be an ambassador for Christ. I have to give him all the glory and honour,” Saw told The STAR.

The recording artiste, who now performs under the name Marion Hall, was known for her hardcore delivery and strong stage presence. But that has changed with her conversion to Christianity.

“Sometimes I don’t know what to expect. God has a way of just doing things direct on his time, not my time. A lot of times I will go out to minister and God let me do something else. But Whatever God does it going to be something awesome and wonderful because I don’t know yet,” she said.


my testimony

Meanwhile, in explaining how she made it on the list of performers for the White House event, Saw said it had God’s hands written all over it.

“My pastor, Bishop Everton Thomas, from Emmanuel Apostolic Church who baptised me last December received a call from Nadine Blair. She informed him that Dr. Agorom Dike called the radio station to get me on the Caribbean and African Faith – Based Leadership Conference, 2016, to give my testimony and perform,” she said.

The conference will be held from June 19- 24.

The goal of Caribbean and African Faith – Based Leadership Conference is to promote transformational leadership in the Caribbean and the African region.

This conference, which brings together spiritual leaders, diplomats, congressional representatives, will include a briefing at the White House where Saw is scheduled to make an appearance.


  1. All I’m saying is Big up yourself Marion Hall!!! Won’t he do it! Keep that third eye open for those demons that going to be there too! Real talk…

  2. Dem did waa run you outa dancehall and all now not one a dem can take the crown. and you keep breaking barriers no matter what genre you in. Big up

  3. To God be the glory, for ALL the GOOD things he has done !!
    Praise the Lord most high! I am moved and honored whenever I read or hear Lady Saw / Marion Hall talked about how GOD has transformed her life and filled that void that always existed deep within her.

    It just goes to show that all the money in the world, all the access to fame , media and privilege , does NOT bring self- satisfaction until one doscover’s their SENSE OF PURPOSE in this world ..,, Marion Hall has finally found her second calling.
    I loved her as a raunchy Dancehall artist number one on the chart and representative of women sexuality and women power and I continue to love her now.
    God loves sinners . Even if she returns to her former singing style, to God still be the glory!
    This is a woman who has given back to her community and continues to give … So God is giving her back now.

    Good luck in all your future endeavors Miss Marion Hall and make people know that Christians or those that FEAR the Lord are not all quiet weak – heArts, but nuff ah we are rebels and strong- minded, as we live our lives without fear and don’t care wah people say… Is GOD we serve !!!
    Happy Sunday ! Great story

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