THIS is the Response from the HUSBAND to SAMANTHA ANSA up post since she suh hot fi mi wife and mightyful……

Ass wipe this is long mouth breda..it’s so f**king sad to know that a mother f**kka like a u…I have to call cousin..you mf are so jealous till you wanna plan with your mother to kill you dad to get his place fi unuh self..Lizzy just like how u ty di man an cant get him off a u cas di obeah man dead. A suh u ty u dawta pan man fu get pound….over di yrs u theif girllie money and talk bout u nah beg Gordon nuttin, but kuh pan u black rass nuh weh wah cum style me decent wife. We unuh cant walk inah har shoes nuh day not even when she inah yard clothes…..u nuh si u cant better cas u seh u a cristian and a go obeah man guh ty Ned….Nasty Samantha weh still a piss bed u cant even spell u blasted name…. a try buy out people aurgument luke mi a f**k u?… if u did a get 10cent fr u pickney puppa it wuldnt suh bad…u have fi bruck di pickney foot wid next man weh u mumma ty pan u like monkey, mek sure di obeah man nuh dead before u get him off
[18:06, 5/22/2014] “OG “!!: All a unuh motger f**ker next time choose di fight fi pick cas me nah F**K nuh a unuh ugly sorry ass cas it will never happen… cas unug is sorry excuses fi cousin weh shooda dash weh inah condom before unuh cum yah cum tun leech
[18:06, 5/22/2014] “OG “!!: Me use to sleep with Sonia not non a unuh suh mi nuh know how unuh comw bout unuh a tek side, unuh nah beg nothing but me wife come a Jamaica an unuh would a strip every thing off of har bout unuh nah beg nuttin- a tru people nah remind unuh
[18:07, 5/22/2014] “OG “!!: Beside di point gimme Ned number suh me text him and tell him seh unuh want to kill him fi him place. Nashell weh u nuh tell u mumma fi wuk obeah fi full u collection plate fi u guh law school since she luv obeah.
[18:07, 5/22/2014] “OG “!!: Unuh bright nuh rass a cum talk bout me wife a dead fi hungry and me house have more food than di shop weh u a run pu***yhole
[18:08, 5/22/2014] “OG “!!: Nuh mek me start cas nun a unuh cant live like how we a live… not inah unuh dreams..unuh nuh hace fi tell ppl weh mi seh cas every body a get the text include u sorry ass uncle weh me fi leave mek him relax
[18:26, 5/22/2014] “OG “!!: Pissen bed Samantha how u na ansa u suh bad and mightyful? Nuh woman cah run mi head and tell me nuh mine my yute. A mi wear di pants inah dis
[18:26, 5/22/2014] “OG “!!: U an u family a defender a obeah man unuh want carry har guh guh get more than 120 y unuh nuh get anatha collection plate fi har tu cas unuh luv beg
[18:26, 5/22/2014] “OG “!!: Unuh nuh see seh me never cum a unuh yard and ask fi use unuh bathroom r ask fi a drink a water cas unuh nuh have bathroom what says the water…..when unuh want know gud life text me. Me we text unuh pic and show unuh how me wife a live. A weh unuh feel like..Sonia tell unuh fi try mash up this? Unuh worst than har…sonia dum but unuh worst than har
[18:27, 5/22/2014] “OG “!!: Dont worry unuh nuh affi tell Sonia nuttin cas she a guh get tge message tu…if ms did deh America and nuh have papers…thank god me have it now suh un cant talk.. unuh obeah man never mek me reach yah or unuh collection plate and unuh never help me get america suh di whole a unuh f**k off
[18:27, 5/22/2014] “OG “!!: Bout if a me like Sonia me woulda call job too…and u samantha not even a get nuttin from u baby father mek u nuh call him job
[18:46, 5/22/2014] “OG “!!: U black bessy u nuh think seh if u puppa did a send 120 u woulda better off now.. and u wouldnt affi a teach u pickney fi use obeah man fi ty man and want kill dem puppa fi place..badmine unuh badmine tru unuh nuh want me dawta cum live good life suh unuh a tell idiot Sonia crop cah she dum…she nuh know seh she better off than unuh..cas unuh nah get crop
[18:58, 5/22/2014] “OG “!!: Nastyness unuh want cuss me wife like unuh kno bout her and she a nyam sumthing fi unuh…me wife a one a di best thing weh happen to me…she deh yah wid mi up and dung think mi aguh mek unuh mash up dis?
[19:15, 5/22/2014] “OG “!!: Asswipe mi aguh really mek me wife put all a dis pan di site guh mek di world see cas unuh want f**k with me family


  1. Mawnin met /metters

    Ak-47. >>>>>>Shots fired (meeeeetttttt u want a gun emoticons please mumma)

    Dunments to raaas

    Samantha u get read like bible a Sunday school

    Long mouth Breda part Samantha soul like the Red Sea .

    Samantha come ansa up putus kah di piss bed no sound good :mewek

    A how lizzy a go get the ” tie-ments”
    un tied like how di original ” tie-er” obeah man passed away :hammer

  2. Hubby a double rinse out Samantha .. Di man seh him house have more food dan di shop weh dem a run :hammer

  3. Wol-awn deh…long mouth breda really hab tings unda him fi breed ooman???…ah wha kinda maaama-man behavior dis??? Yuh trace wossa dan coronation market higgla. An all sen een pitcho???…big man memba seh real man nuh behave dem way deh. Guh someweh guh sign up mi man training lessons…cah yuh acting like ah WUSSI!!!

  4. Morning Ladies and gents

    So Met, de ‘husband’ is cousin to Samantha? Me did think she was bunna. Dem sound like a some country folks de way de “man” a respond. Dem confusing.

  5. me know dis dutty bwoy name bredda, him usually work a one post office , me know da cratches ya an end up deh wid one a d worker dem an breed r, a wonder if a she a d baby mother whe dem a cuss bout. him a talk bout d people dem family him fi talk botu fi him own cause it look like a tru fi him family curse mek him grudge d people dem cause him mada dead from aids an him fada hang himself.
    leave d people dem alone man

    1. de “man” inna de text state that the instigators are his cousins. Therefore, a him family dem him a address inna de text dem.

  6. people no worry d voicenotes are coming, i just hope d administrator is able to upload d voicenotes

    1. u husband murda him owna family members wid him gladys tongue? BITCH MOVE DAT!!!!

  7. lmao mixup!!!!!

    all di husband stupid cause d girl couldnt go lawschool and no bright. as a matter a fact she learn how fi hide a death a school so she can kill him an find ways fi defend ar sister so make dem continue lol

  8. What a man can trace, Cheese need some lesson from him, the man deal wid him family like dog no sah, da man yere look like him did drink a bottle of Milk of magnesia before him start to cuss

  9. memba say u an yuh wife did mash up an uno go back, a beg ya fi beg r fi deh back wid yuh cause yuh want yuh str8

        1. Dem a go round di edge mi need dem ina di center..di man/woman seh dem is a set a generational tyersss so mi need fi know if a really true cause mi nuh waa dem tie up jmg at all :angel

    1. Before yuh start pan di business u haffi dash out nuff a whey talk…most importantly di obeah :nerd
      mine u nuh get no more english pound oo

  10. Met, u think yuh easy, if fish come from sea and seh shark in deh, we have to believe the fish, cause we nuh live in a sea, wooiiii, Samantha you have a lot of questions to answer my girl, but mi still believe the man tek salt fisick, or mojoe herb sumting, sumting, him mouth did a run well haaaddd

    1. dedments________________________________________________________________
      bam whey u say maybe him did wraptid up n bungledupppppppppp but not in Jesus Christ ? :tkp

  11. a lie d battyboy a tell, i neva see a obeah man ina me life.
    Dis sorry excuse of a man a look attention an a mussi tru fi him mada specialize ina tying an go obeah man regular or him go mek him conscience a ride him, so him a try pin the skeletons ina him closet pan smadi else

    1. ____________________________________________ fram a was bawn dis husband doe normal at all….samantha u haffi mek a big clearance and clear up everything…u neva si a obeah man woman dolly or pickney

      1. di man say him house have more food dan dem shop………..food a farrin dear ooo …samantha what and what unno sell??



        1. Neva you eat and drink while reading JMG; I had to learn the hard way many times :sup2: :sup2: :sup2:

  12. me no know whe nobdai whe work obeah look like
    d administrator need fi upload d vnotes, breda a look somebody fi drop him burden pan.
    Instead a try pin him sins pan me family him fi go church go repent and confess. thats why when yuh see people cut off dem family uno nuffi shock cause yuh family worse dan yuh enemy dem.
    All whe a gwaan the root of the story is dat him wife a tek set him babymada, me mada keep him daughter once a week cause him babymada work late on that day an d baby mada come to me a cry cause d wife a send a bagga tings to har fone an she angry cause she cya get fi do wife ntn over d fone cause d wife neva know d husband when the child was born but d wife ready fi jump say d child is not her husbands. me hearing two sides of the story console d babymada an defend her. D family abroad call a tell me fi cut off d babymada cause she call him job. well if i were in her shoes an him na mine my child how he should and threatening me am calling his job two cause it takes two to make a child. a family member then told his wife that i am defending the babymother, the wife text the babymother a tell har say me a flare up like me think me can beat ar so me call she an mek she know me no affi tink me know me can beat ar an jus fi r brightness when she come ja me ago mash ar dun, den she sen in post d following morning so me affi tackle ar cause she too brite.

    Now dat dem cant tek d heat, dem a mek up story bout me me mada an me sista cause dem shame.

    1. Dat’s right Samantha, defend di likkle girl. From the wife call the likkle girl bastard, she get NOOOO ratings….paper wife..ring ah bun ar :bola

      1. Okay, thanks fi clearing de air. Like Yep! me a back yu to cause me nu like people whey take dem issues out pon pickney.

        1. Phantom, from mi si Debbie type that bout the child mi instantly lose offa ar. Imagine if she and the husband decide fe have them own children; you can just imagine the typa ill treatment his daughter, his own flesh and blood, would receive by the hands of that witch…and I doe care who fa pickney she ah style as bastard….bytch yuh pass yuh place!! Ah mi naah tek back mi chat needa…

  13. Hehaaaayyyyy wooooiiiiii, Met I can bet how the wife she feel good, mi husband a defend mi, but Debbie mek mi tell u on a very serious note, it’s a man frame you have, like a bed, and yuh have frame of the bed, you understand it now? Ma is miss Marri long tongue u married tuh miss Janey wid the big drawz, and muma Lashy in her bloomers. mi nuh want to hear bout all the thread weh him a guh use fi string up you when him done with you, may heaven help yuh or satan grab yuh. Ma

  14. this yah man mouth nuh under no government at all, Samantha r u in any way, shape or form related to Shebada because I think him have a twin bredda up a top deh, so mek Met know yuh hear.

        1. Chuet dem need cheese fi teach dem…all dem a talk bout firstly and every argument a firstly…………….mi doe even done listen have it nah grab mi samantha

  15. babymada block har from whats app, she start text
    d wife an d husband need fi go look a life and stop pine over d babymada.
    whole a dem jus vex cause me a defend d baby mada. a she come ina d people dem life an mash up whe d husband an bbymada have. any gyal whe come ina a ooman life nuffi nuff up arself when d man fi mine him pickney. what goes around so the same way u got that man same way u gonna loose him.

    1. Samantha mek u nuh tell the people dem seh a u friend draw the wife inah it when the job tell her they can’t do anything to him…..she start tall the wife a talk bout if she was any good woman she would help her….u nuh kno that ah.

      1. If him nah give nothing fi him pickney and him de wid de ‘suffera’ babymoda me nu see why him can’t feed him pickney and help the mother if she is a deserving person.

        If me man have a ex and dem nah nu malice me nah go stop him from giving a helping hand to har; if she a do good the child a go even better.

        1. ANY man…mek mi seh dis again…ANY man weh disown im owna flesh ah blood or ill treat im owna picky, sake ah front…is ah BIG PUSSIOLE HIMSELF!!! Im mumma shoulda SHAME fe have such ah wutlis cruft called ah son weh ah mistreat ar grand baby..fuhck outta here wid dat garbage….people lakka unu soon meet unu waterloo….

  16. Me woulda shame fi call dis yah long tongue man mi houseband. Blouse and skirt if a di man a ansa it sticky bad

    1. Bam a 23 voice notes a di whole a dem a cuss di husband …Samantha di notes dem not happening
      Bam a doe know how a gwine upload all this evening

  17. If it stupid and nuh mek one cent, den nuh waste u time Metty, caz it look like nuh baddie in a the family cyan lash tongue like the husssban. Lol

    1. him was wearing di skirt in both relationships it seem…….notting nah grip nor grab but mi a go mek unno hear dis one and see…dem cyah manage him at all

      1. Before unno tell bredda bout him dead hood whey unno did haffi light matches under fi bring to life unno a loo wid di tings

        1. And unno cyah class him n call him bredda u haffi say ole draws water patch bwaay etc etc…unno nah read di site?? unno will learn

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