“The sacking of Professor Brendan Bain illustrates the intimidating power of the gay rights lobby as well as external sources of funding on which we have to rely. I am saddened at the treatment not just to Dr. Bain but to the Caribbean community.

While I was in office subtle and sometimes not so subtle pressure was exerted by some foreign governments and agencies to have the buggery provisions removed from our statutes. I rebuffed these efforts because I felt this involved social, cultural and religious considerations on which Jamaica and Jamaica alone would have to deliberate.”


  1. If ever would I acknowledge the words of a politician it would be this one, as I am in 100 percent agreement with Mr. Golding on this. We are being manipulated by a section of society, that says if we speak in any way against homosexuality we are inciting violence against them. A man has lost his is job for speaking what is right, and what this life style has caused, we must be silent in our very small country and watch while our Island is being destroy by these high ranking gay predators

  2. Just like George Bush, Bruce Golding was always prompt and frank when it came to the dirty life [read: homosexuality]. He was and is still not an advocate of the dirty and disgusting lifestyle and for that I am highly grateful.

    Much respect Mr. Golding. Teachers and leader are obligated to teach and lead in the righteous way.

    As it relates to the matter of buggery/homosexuality, liberalism and libertines must not prevail…

  3. Although the JLP was the first so-called USA backed party in Jamaica, yuh haffi give Bruce ratings with him stance on this one. PNP support the buggering unda di quiet.

    Portia and nuff of her disciples dem swing both wayz. With all the release dem release the Kartel tings dem, I man still want see the Peter King ting release one day. That would make this country turn upside down fast fast.

  4. I will say it real loud. Bruce Golding is the best Prime Minister Jamaica ever had. If only the whole truth could be revealed, but certain secrets are in the best interest of national security.

    Real Talk 😡

  5. @Real I beg to disagree, I was an activist and worker for a certain political party, as a result I was privy to inside info, I will say this because its a fact, Michael Manley was and still is, in this time and age the very best Prim minister Jamaica has ever seen and had, all these politicians are corrupt, he had faults yes, but so does all of us, this man’s track records speak for it self. I am not leaning towards any sides I am not even on the fence. If the truth could be reveal, sigh!!!!!!!!!!! O bowiiii if it could my dear,if it could. I will comment no further as political arguments always leave a bitter taste in my mind and mouth

    1. @Sketel bam, Relative to Michael Manley, I agree with you 100%. Imaging if the world was not against Manley, Jamaica would be 100 % [plus] better than where she is today…

    2. @Sketel that one kinda debatable, but he did establish many good things in Jamaica – he aimed for social upliftment. But, the follow-back-a-Cuba policy did backfire, and the two-flights-a-day argument killed a large part of the productive sector in the 70s.

      Check Spanish town road and dem place deh and see the old closed down factories that produced things for export. Plus when P.J did get his chance and FINSAC come into play, more businesses went down under.

      I can understand Manley’s intentions in some ways – that was for us Jamaicans to establish things to empower all of us, but since dem time deh till now, the party that has been in power for the longest time had the chance to make Jamaica a place that most of us would want to live. Its because of these policies, why so many of my fellow Metterz dem (including di whole a mi blood relative dem) inna farrin.

      Farrin can’t nice like Ja – imagine if we had crime levels and low levels of unemployment like inna di 60s and a dollar at lets say JMD 5: USD 1. Yaard woulda nicer than nice.

  6. chat weh u mean cah mi no get u………..weh u mean if truth could reveal,,,,,,,,,,bruce a bad bloodclaat mn is d next bounty dat…….no bwoy to him ting……….a dudus cudda get him dung ……….u a ediaat

  7. Im not a big fan of Bruce but i agree with him. Gays always want to protest and force people to see things their way.

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