She meet deh man pan line, n tell the man her business, the man and him gf plan feh eat out her money cause she say she rich and when the money boil down and she start send 30 n 40 dolla the gal left the man cause she cah get her hair or nails done no more, cause she shop a farman mills n buy some cheap cloths n some food cause look like this yah man seh him need it. When the money done she sell all her married ring n send the money guh give him, but it Nuh stop deh suh deh man weh did a give her story bout her husband did a f***k her to(Collin fisher) seh him a promota, mi hear seh him give r two ticket feh guh the Roy ryon n beres Hammond show n start f**k her instantly and it Nuh stop deh suh. Her husband fren the dancer youth mi hear seh him get couple piece off a it to n it Nuh stop deh suh, mi hear seh her cousin weh she grow wid use to molest her when she little n all now she still a claim seh a molestation. She and her husband baby mother put her husband on pink wall lately n a dem need feh guh pan it cause because dem get lef dem still a hurt cause dem did know him illegal n got nuff pickney b4 dem deh wid him but mi think a lickie lickie. This yah man never meet her husband at the school gate much less Inna him class. Deh woman yah about half of a hundred n really wah this lizard looking man younger than her son him a just 21 so she a molest r like how r cousin use to molest r.


      1. More than. Dwl. Cause I cannot mek our A from Bullfoot. Raas. A hope it stop yasso fi true cause di story mention bout 5 ppl an a one picho surface so far. Sender come clear up please. Please

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