1. Then before him open the door fi the woman him run go tek up clothes, smh Mi watch 5 minutes and dats still too much.

  2. LieCon a you kill chivalry kmt….you mean to tell me you got out the car to open door for Tom ford while your wife had to open her own door…ooman alone suppose to talk bout change of clothes dat nuh sound to right as a man…custard apple why the video man started with your feet,I thought I was at Belmont racetrack watching a horse warm up..**

  3. So a dat deh empty dance dem a wet up icon in no sah the million dollar couple dance a get flap think dem rich so why dem still a keep

  4. It’s all about him that’s not a man . Apple don’t used to man open car door for her so too late for him to start .

  5. i’d be so pissed if my man do that. him wudden even help har wid har grip and coroochies. Apple yuh man a waste man, from mi a little girl my daddy a open door fi me so mi know wah fi expect from man.
    Apple was wearing too much make up and it gives her face a hard, man royal look. her outfit looks sooooo cheap, that mesh nuh cost nuh more than 3 dollars. that man is a real asshole tho fi a take out clothes when him gal siddung same way inna car. No sah.

    Party empty tho, mi have a strong feeling say a true dem so hype.

  6. Omg couldn’t watch more than 2 minutes! Jamaican dances have gotten so boring, I’ve outgrown them. African parties are the balm and Arabic parties. If they are so rich why aren’t they given their own hood rat reality show? Cause that’s what they are. Frightened.

  7. This seems very boring n wasteful. Sorry y’all can’t do it like flippa did. Bad as tings be big gal Daffy party dem always pack like any slave ship. N how mi Nuh see the daffy she n her wife.

  8. Good Morning Met,Metters,Peepers nd Others…

    luk min nuh have 2hrs fi give bit fi the first 20 secs in yah tell seh dis man open the door fi him Tom Ford nd not him wife :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak no sah dat alone mek mi know seh a 2hrs a hype over utterly ntn but phuckery no man dis caan be life mi seh doah look pon Apple at all

  9. So that’s the best candy from England could a find to come a merica come party in a…what y’all people real call dressing lol.

  10. But sum a unnu Nuh sensible. Afta ano gentleman fi a open door a Suh much credit unnu go him. Credit soon dun….but him a hold di other girl hand a wah dis? When him fi a hold him wife…. Other ppl dress Betta Dan har doe. A wah dat pan har foot?a wah shoot dat shit it look alive so mi wah kill it… No homo but har bress disturb me a mean wtf! Not even space Nuh deh fi walk doe pawty too full :nerd a wah dance gone tuh?

  11. Candy from England yuh stay real bad wannabe be apple gal yuh too nuff you and apple ain’t real sisters nor blood yuh luv run in too much yuh just dry and stay bad man done Pom yuh. Candy with the fake Chanel bag from aliexpress so apple couldn’t len yuh one of her real Chanel bags mi nah laugh :tkp

  12. Blacka shine candy morisha sister from north west wearing ego official cheap shoes candy you don’t look good you run go apple man party before you sort out yuh Pinckney them wanna be hype gal all you do is idolise dice apple and resort Barbie dem batty shots Soon rotten yuh batty

  13. Oh and Apple it’s obvious you have lip
    Fillers smh !

    Me would really love the tea on Gary not so much Vicky more like where can I find him hahha .. hmm

    1. girl me and you both lol

      heard his money tall and look like him generous

      and Vicky dont seem to mind sharing

      Gary, Gary, looking for LA Gary

      1. A diff me u into threesomes ?
        We can share him !
        Hahha I don’t mind long as the money can
        Portion we good

        LA GARY ! Somebody mek we know weh him stay …

        Mi friend tell me she aguh link me wid him wa day .. she have to do it neatly tho so it a tek time but diff me I got you when she does .. just send me u email hahaha

          1. Mek mi finish it fi yuh met…. A whey di @#$&?!&$#____________ a weh diffme deh?yuh affi come see dem yah breed a comments yah….no sah!!!

  14. Fake ass Kim&yeezy..they need fi go sit dung some where.no style she need fi stop wear her nite,clothes,go dance..them boring bad.only dancehall people them can show off pon.dance boring an empty…

  15. The venue was too big for the amount of people who showed up and for the girl from England Icon made it a big deal that she was there, she should of been able to walk herself in the dance without help like his wife. A matter of fact he should of open doors and get her bag out the drunk, why your bag in the back seat like passenger and your wife change of clothes and shoes is in the drunk, it don’t look good at all.


    i havent been able to stop laughing at your butu in benz ass mentality

    you bought 2 of the same ugly shoes ? i dont care if is Fendi , its ugly !

    and you changed outfits into the same black color

    one see through

    the other a leotard

    if you fool one more time

    girl you really dont have no friends

    if i had youre scamming money chile i’d show you how a real bad bitch suppose to look

    Robert beat you by a mile in the dressing department

    Apple everrrrrrrrrrrytime we see you you naked

    bitch we all got tits and ass under our clothes , you think is you one ?

    no mystery lef

    FLAPPLE you did know seh your sexy shape will still show even with clothes on ? yes mi love it can still be seen

    so i implore you to look at keyshia kaor page, jai nice, nikki minaj and see what they wear – that seems to be the style you should go with

  17. Dat is no dance :hoax2 Big dutty pappyshow wid dat Tom Ford worshipping mascot. Hicon yuh party dry, all di wet up weh yuh get you and yuh party nah bingo. Yuh foot dem fava yuh run pon hot coal from Jamaica come ah Merica. Mi knoe di shoes dem hate yuh foot. Nuttn nuh refine bout yuh…:travel

  18. I want the long time big lady Alicia Lushus to stop trying to reinvent dancehall queen outfits! N stop shake her f***g saddle bags. Yuck!

  19. That video man is such a perv, him never stop zoom in on the girl on red till him see her front Lol. I don’t think turn out was bad, the venue is probably too big

  20. party no nice again,social media take over every body life,all i see is pure cellphone ah take video of themselves to post on social media,thats why i work and enjoy spending quality time with my family,i dont know how this can be entertaining standing up for hours and your feet hurt,i see when white people dress elegant and wearing high heel they go to a nice seated event they dance but have chairs to go back and sit not standing all night like these ediot wearing designer clothes.

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