A mother’s love should be felt from the womb, in the developmental stages that womb is all we know thus the second we exit her warmness we yern for her smell, for her touch. It’s a mother’s warmth that sustains us & when that love doesn’t love us, oh my God when that love doesn’t love us, no matter how strong we think we are more times than not it’s the only pain most of us can never bounce back from. I mean that’s my mother. Why doesn’t she love me? Why can’t she love me? Is she broken? Did someone hurt her like she’s now hurting me? What makes her say the things she does to me? What makes her do the things she does to me? Does it bring her pain or joy to hurt me? Doesn’t she see that I’m hurting deep within? I mean can’t she feel my pain? She’s my f***g mother for crying out loud! Should i care if she is broken? Why should her hurt hurt me? If i was a mother i wouldn’t want my child to feel the hurt i endured so why can’t my mother think the way i do? Why do i love her? Why can’t she love me back? I have every reason to hate HER, i want to hate her, i tell myself i hate her, i tell her i hate her but deep down within i will always love the love that should love me even if it never will. F**K YOU MOTHER I MEAN I LOVE YOU MOTHER.

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  1. I was never close to my mother even now , reason been from the day I was born my grandparents raised me I kno them as mom & dad , they struggle every day to give me the best my mother was no where in sight, she went on to live her life have more kids and they were her everything. At that age I didn’t resent her not been around I see her on Christmas holidays I still love my younger siblings, but there’s always that lingering feeling as to why I’m not there with you. Now I’m grown having my own family and I still don’t have the urge to be there as a daughter to her, but deep down I love my Mom and I always get offended whenever I hear my aunt’s say anything negative towards her for not been in my life full time, God bless my grandparents I will forever be grateful to you guys and God bless my birth mother I will always love you but still there’s that bond that I wish we had which is not there.

    1. Gm Sista,jus know that Grandparents are the best!The reason is that granparents n grankids have a common enemy…the parent!!

  2. U know I feel like I should let it out.U think I should let it all out?It’s just that this thing with Miichi n her mom has me feeling some type a way n if I let it out I will HAVE to be judgemental n tek side. Fcuk it…

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