Di lady seh she go a party fi party she nuh guh fi si nuh gun and haffi deal wid dem disrespect…tell dem!


  1. she “revive” the pool party? I wonder wat har revival entailed? why har breast implant look like an ass? why grey tunny granny still a party? she need fi find har age paper cuz I am sure she wouldn’t revive it wen she find out har real age, and realize she must act accordingly.
    Fi real tho the dutty man dem fi lef dem gun out party and wait til dem see dem enemy infront of a police station before dem attack dem.

    1. Leave de oman alone!! Gray pussc or blonde pussc she dead bloodcla##t right fe say wha she a say.

      A some jus land a do dem phuckry de. England regular dem know de place too tight fi a walk wid gun like dem a John Wayne.

      Gun violence a England by niggers on a regular will not be tolerated. Don’t complain when Metro start lock dung all parties and deport without question.

  2. Gm met…she a talk some truth caah pple nuh go party fi enjoy dem self anymore it’s all about who have di biggest brand…who can bus di biggest gun and nuh stop suss bout each other…party nuh nice again met

  3. A shoulda she dem shoot. Big old granny inna young people space. Don’t know dem age. F***ng shameless

    1. Go kill yu self! Which space you a chat bout? Unu phucking exup a people ADULT events though…pool parties and house parties a ADULT space! Dumb phuck! Come see an no know. Again, go murda u self.

  4. The wrong messenger gangster ..why you dnt call trident on gve name …tak picture of who so ever u see with gun in party …that would be sendind a msg to dem..plus unno dutty friend wey a keep dem gun into their house

  5. Str88 talk!

    Ah bare ginnigog go ah party nowadays, no “tight” screw in ah dem head.

    Pawty nuh nice like one time fe real. Yo when a man use to corner a ooman an whine out weh him wish did “wet up”. Jah know star. Mi say de man woulda hook up him body like worm and work him waistline just fe impress or ah “fore play” ah start early. Yu done know say bed pop dung lata. Caws deh so cocky hard and puss start jump to rahtid.

    Hmmmmm…sweet memories :angel

    Bwoy party ah war zone now :sorry


  6. She is right with the message she is conveying to all… No one get up to get dress to go to a party to have to run and hide not to get shot or killed, that’s what we don’t go out fi do… We go out to enjoy ourselves… These securities need to do dem job, what are they truly getting paid for, they need to do them job and not allow these men to come in with dem weapon, I never see security walking around in these parties why because they are staying away just in case something pop off… You are not even safe inna de parties at all…
    On a different note, when I watch the UK parties I see this woman and she act so slack, the one Tash Eva Bless part this woman take out her titties like why are you doing that, if you can’t maintain while drinking you need not to drink no more, she was just all over the place and she needs to put some clothes on as well, you say your a grandma but when your out at the parties you act like you 22 or something, you don’t have no grown woman behavior your wild and it no look good at all… Act your age you can be classy and sexy at the same time but your behavior no good… IJS

  7. Met blessed GM. A like da lady ya it’s good when we can admit our faults. I agree with u people go out fi enjoyed dem self , nothing wrong if u wa enjoyed ur self age is just a number. We can say anything until we get caught in the crossfire, so she experienced it so MEK she dash out har frustration. Lady a likkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkke u. Yardy big u self!!!

  8. You find old women like this all over the Jamaican party scene. When they were young, they were acting like adults, slanging puzzy to old men in order to secure a few dollars. Some of them get through, the greater majority of them don’t, so when they get old and phucked out, with a house full of pickney from different baby fathers and even grand kids, you see these women revert back to a younger time in their life. They start to take up and buy young waste man cocky and go to pure young people dance and act totally age inappropriate. You can’t listen to music that glorifies violence and expect the atmosphere to be peaceful and tranquil. How many times the DJ tells you to rise your trigger finger in the air at a dance? How Many times do you bust a blank to bun out an informa? Promoting violence is hackneyed at dancehall parties, address that before anything else.

    1. Shut yur f%&*k! Stereotyping and don’t know squat about the woman. The one who brought you should have shut her legs when you were crowning. Most you under 30 SHITlings won’t live to see her #number :alay

  9. Well you won’t find her looking any man. She’s a proud lesbian …. This age appropriate thing is getting on my nerves. I agree some women like the attention , and have always liked the attention . So nothing changes with them as the get older. G has been acting this way for years so nothing y’all say will stop that. But most of us of a age that go dance’ go to have a laugh. I ain’t watching anyone when I go, to busy singing dancing and washing the shitty week away I don’t even drink. And after working all week for the shitty British government I need it. So ain’t no one telling me I shouldn’t be there cause I’m to old. Do one!!!! Unu full of shit!!!

  10. The woman is right she gu out fi have fun not run…even if she a 100 she have the right fi gu weh she want n du wah she want…if yu naaw gu if enjoy yu self stay a yu bombo rassklaaath ywad…

  11. @16
    You must be one of those old gray pubes childish old Pharts that I was talking about LMAO…. I’m pretty sure you don’t even know your father and your mother dis owned you many years back like every other skettell who’s have your age and run the place red. Old people in a young people’s dance is always awkward to see. Go find your inner peace in something more productive and stop trying to relive your youth you old piece of shyt.
    She’s a proud lesbian with kids and grandkids? Lmaoooooo how does that go? Oh I forgot Jamaican women take up line suck puzzy lifestyle for money or style not for arousal lol… There are plenty of events older people can go to, to let off steam, I don’t understand what joy unnu get from listening to music that unnu can’t even dance to, with people who are half to a third of your age… Unnu need to grow up and make your maturity match your age.

  12. Old or not, she is totally right. We need to make danchehall parties great again, the good old days when people go party to relieve them stress from the work week. Her age has nothing to do with the message she is trying to send to these Jancrows who love go parties with Gun.

  13. I can’t understand what u ppl consider as old ppl. In, my opinion old ppl is someone 65 plus. Pension age, senior citizen. This lady is not old and she has the right to party till she’s old. You young ppl are just jealous.

  14. I can’t understand what you ppl consider as old ppl. In, my opinion old ppl is someone 65 plus. Pension age, senior citizen. This lady is not old. She has the right to party till she’s old. Until then, leave the woman alone. You young ppl are just jealous.

  15. @21
    Sounds like you’re jealous of the fact I have a mom and you don’t lol… Don’t be mad because your mom conceived you in a cane field after a dance and then shytted you out in a public bathroom and run wey and Neva look back lol… I bet for Mother’s Day you send flowers to the ole lesbian whose puzzy you had to suck out in the orphanage you piece of dog shyt… Go suck yuh mumma you don’t know 1 million times.
    No mon only tings like that happen to you, wid your old Dead Sea salty front… Go soak your germsy frownzy front in dettol and drink a gallon ah bleach and reborn you ole John crow.

    1. Mother baby… but yu puppa is a maybe. Yu ole whore of a mother teach yu fi suck pu$$#y early afta har customer dem dun har. P@$$y towel rally back wid u angry self. Not pinkwall bloggers fault ole pu$$y a mad yuh. Troll Go rinse yu mumma an lo people.

  16. Lady gangsta look better than nuff a unu johncrow weh a dis up the f**g gal the lady a do better than nuff a unu weh claim unu have bbc madda a one life everybody have fi live so why dont do the f**k you please why unu all up in a gansta life a so some a unu young gal behave when unu suck an lick out too many cheesy hood and balls that goes fi u suck cock anonymus

  17. reading some of the comments I have to wonder if a d gunman write them ,cause ppl a talk as if its a’ good thing happening in the dancehall nowadays with the shooting and killing ,one comment all a say a should she get shot now really ,wat the lady do you ,lady gangsta Neva Eva a hide or kids or grandson or age , enjoying your life doesn’t mean you have to be young ppl live the life them love and love the life them live but all that is not the point listen the message and stop kill the messenger ,lady gangsta I wah shake you hand some a them see them enemy a road daily and do nothing but as soon as then inna a party don’t know if a music playing get to them head ,them affi pop off and all these things them fi gey and go bathe them dirty self ,a this them come a foreign for ,cuss out them rass gangsta you nah tell no lie the truth hurts ,if more people start talk up it will change and some a d party gal dem wey a Carry in gun fi man stop ,y’all gonna start rub some time inna HMP

  18. Anon 5:16 abayyyy u lickle mad or u big mad damn idiot :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :najis When mi throw di dettol try have u straw ready because a u fuss mi a go call…..bye Felicia.

    1. Dat mad’da sucker fi grab a bloodclatt smoothie straw so it can sip long and hard :ngakak de woman opinion bun it right de phuck up!

  19. People say ignorant now a days , freedom of speech ,how lesbian reach inna it ,so gays can’t have a honest opinion expressing there view on thing and talking the truth at the same ,leave gangsta alone she talking the truth and happiness comes at no age ,she Neva a hide are age ,kids or grandson ,she happy if some of you ppl start live and love others the world would be better ,mi read a comment I swear a that person man go do the shooting ,y u a do up the lady for the truth wat u a promote death and badness ,a livity people a say now live and happiness , gangsta qwan speak the truth , crazy Neva lazy

  20. @Pinkeye101
    I call you pinkeye because you’re an infection you ole slow retarded germs. We done know sey you is a metro PCS rocking, undocument, illegal immigrant who ran off the farm and works in the back of a Jamaican restaurant scrubbing pots and pans you bum bytch. The next time you phuck up my rice and peas order I’m going to call immigration on your illegal azz and have your coconut azz dipped back to the bush you call home you stupid bytch, so watch yah talk…
    Change your number to 69 you ole cobra tongue and suck out you mudda when she ah see her period and her belly ah run har and when yah done dey sah go suck out yah granny dry until all her dentures dem turn inna dust… The two of unnu broke bytches need fi go chuck off in the deepest ocean so yah front can know what water feel like.

  21. ditruth shut u bloodclaat cum catcher an take 10seats in di back row bout a di woman dem shld shoot she speaking di truth,some a unu nd fi sit pon unu fckng fingers if unu no know wah fi type seh pple go party fi fulljoy dem self not to run an duck from bullets

  22. Anon 12:05 woieeeee i see u having a heart attack hush yaaaa… illegal no bitch …. Work in the back of a restaurant no bitch….bum bitch no bitch….metro no bitch….call immigration, yes bitch u want my information i would gladly give it to u bitch….f**k up u rice& peas I would gladly do so if i get the chance bitch…. All in all you still mad a nuh none a wi fault abayyyy… now go play in traffick bitch if u have nothing else to do.

  23. @boochie are you addressing mi ,if so your comment is for yourself cause you don’t read with understand and you didn’t read wat I write boo ,mi know gangsta from mi a pickney mi woulda a Neva say she fi get shoot ,I said that wat one person comment ,mi affi back her cause mi kbow r and a d truth she a talk ,so next time u a comment read first ,

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