1. A wha dem deh pan the counter white bathroom mat in kitchen lord help them all under the kid computer chair a white mat so this fool nuh expect it a go dutty hard because him a go use the computer nuff to help himself with school work since Muma and step pupa can’t a did dash out day man dash out half and woman dash out other half lol don’t we all love pink wall cause Unu did a read over ya

  2. Who takes pics and videos of every cranny in their house to show. Lmfao!!! I am 24 I have my own apartment 2yrs now and it looks way better than this & I decorated it myself & furnished my place little by little and it never crossed my mind to video & take pics put on social media of the finished decor but I guess the saying when u not use to things bcuz from I was a teen & working I furnished my own room with canopy oak bedroom set….. Apple bye you look & sound mad dumb!!! And J icon I lose a a lot of respect for u has a man behaving like u some washed up bitch#rollseyes

    1. For months all y’all talked about was how she ain’t got no furniture and now that her ENTIRE place is nicely and cutely furnished you still talking shit??? Y’all really weird

  3. Happle why are you so dumb omg I like her cause she don’t do me nothing but omg god man she fool fool. This is one of the most ugly and uncoordinated decor I have ever seen in my life. First of all white people house that you talking don’t full of cheap things they put them money into a piece of plain furniture that cost the most but when you look at it u see very high quality and long lasting. Your bedroom set in so cheap and feeble looking lol look at ur floor if I was rich like you I would rip it out and put marble those bathroom white rugs in the kitchen oh girl place don’t let any curry ketch it DWL the glass glass foolishness in your living room is so played out and ugly who the f**k does that shit any more. Gina yuh wicked bad. I still can’t get over that big flower pon the table and lap on the bathroom sink lol take my foolish advise you and yuh husband need to stop try and prove to me because a lot of us out here have sense and money.

    1. I was thinking the same thing about the white rug in the Kitchen. No one in there right minds would put a white rug in such a heavy traffic area where things spill regular! No curry to her kitchen!

  4. Is it their house or a rent house? Cause the furniture and the stupid design is the least I want dem fi show them name that them own the house then I will give dem dem props cause all this shit is wack AF

  5. happle you need to hire a real interior decorator, it’s 2017 you happy fi a microwave on top of your stove and the stainless steel appliances? first thing first tek dem nuff stuff pon your counter and that bathroom rug out fi ya kitchen, secondly where is your back splash fi bring out the kitchen, mi know sey you can go into loewes and do the tings dem and get whey u want to get, secondly take that bachelorette bed looking couch out of your living room, its 2017 ( modern apartments, or more llike traditional fi you because you have a family. where are the color pillows to pop the bedroom couch, or at least paint the walls ( but den again when you rent you have get permission so when you leave you promise to paint them back. a next thing your son room looks like an ikea showroom with that bobs looking furniture. but hey to each it’s own, my girl hire me, cause gina can really mad nuttin. A REGULAR TING DAT.

  6. She sound so hurt in that video bout white people house apple you need to go back to school alluou chat about in the video how people bad mind you honey you wanted all the attention

  7. I wonder it these two knows that the HARDEST things to keep clean are those white mats.
    Met, watch me a couple of years ago go following my single sister and buy those mats, within 3 weeks I had to throw them out because of the heavy traffic in my HOME with 3 kids and a man. When you wash them they get fuss balls all over and looks tacky.
    Gina needs to come with something new now.

  8. lol she don’t even have a dishwasher or a microwave imbedded anywhere apple you lost bitch take the L

  9. Ok I see the microwave now you still lost bitch even with that kitchen is way too small and I don’t see no dishwasher

  10. Suh a spanish people apple deh rob from cause a dem alone mi know call themself Jesus …..mi know a cyaan my sweet sweet Jesus Christ she referring to……now back to the kitchen from i see it i see rental unit all over it first microwave stop go over stove a stem range hood a dweet….stove with computer on back outdated the new style in the front now….where’s the fridge i bet it came with a 2 door stainless side by side……not impressed at all

  11. Apple and jaydon don’t own their own house it is a rented apt. Apple I feel so bad for you girl. Apple why u recycle the bed head .?????
    Apple and jaydon the bench in the bathroom makes no sense the space too small. Uno both beat never si come si. Jaydon and apple are weird. Apple although kj’s bedroom set cheap I’m so glad ur son got is own room it was full time he stop sleeping on the bunk bed with is little sister. Apple your house is wack u need somebody fi spray paint some of those bulshit white stuff with colors into yuh cheap house. Apple tuh how u and yuh husband claim sey uno rich uno house shouldn’t have all these recycle plastic furnitures Wey uno have fi years now.apple you are a sad girl. I’m so ashamed for you. Gina a get all the bad name fi apple messy house poor Gina. Apple you prove all the Metters right that your house been empty for months now. Apple I see why your furniture took so long to be delivered because the furniture people them had too much cutting and gluing to duh fi of to cut off one bed head and glue on a next bed head .fi rap over the bench them . Apple you need bedside table and a dresser to match yuh bed. Apple and jaydon flop uno self again and again on social media.apple and jaydon a social media clowns they always gives us a good laugh when we tour them rented apt but this recycling of plastic furnitures had me crying because I never knew people recycle furnitures in america unless a antique I taught people just buy Furnitures when them get old or tired of them they give them away or re sell them at a lower cost and buy new ones. Apple you really bring me to tears.

  12. Gina need to stop putting these played out glass furniture and di silver blinds dem she always using in people apartment so ghetto Jamaican. This apartment is basic the decor is blah her son room is blah the bed linens are ugly no creativity no nothing i mean its clean but thats about it . To show your house like that to impress people is so pretentious and in poor taste.

  13. I hate when people use the term “white people” as measurement for the best, good quality, or high standards. To me that sounds soooo ignorant. White doesn’t equal right.

  14. That girl ms_stop _traffic opal friend, What a woman childish man. I seen a video of her new love recording her sucking her thumb like pikney and now she post video of her and her man naked in bed. Even screen shot msgs that are suppose to private between the two.. no man she childish BAD BAD! Is she slow??! She seems Slow she even talks like a little girl smh

  15. Blessed morning to all,

    @princessapple..Deliveries* it’s not delivery. .it’s Digornos..smile, much love same way when it drop jus go live n sing n dance to beenie man’s song dem get heart attack!

    @gary sherlock. .plz to stop henker off Apple’s pot of food..why yuh married if yuh wife can’t/nah cook bossy?

    Msraquel….You’re* not your
    Manfi..Princess Apple is from Yard of course!

    Fk off with the apostrophe S..no one on here even bothers to use it.yessiday a lady correcting Apple bout lacking apostrophe s but she never use it either ..tell yuh bout some a dem smh.

    What’s this mountain out of a mole hill issue bout white rugs?geezam it’s a frigging RUG!!!talk about nitpicking! !


    gone do the ppl dem wuk.cuss if u must but stay bless n safe ppl.

      1. Not sarcasm at all blessed. .just being consistent with the grammar police wuk…in fact me a guh correct you too!!

        Sense* not send.

        Yuh see what I mean? :matabelo :2thumbup :alay

  16. Mi say a when she say “like white people house” mi say to myself dah goal yah bawn from outta battyole. She fool fool and dark.the place look just like the last apartment in throggs neck. One thing I can say though that place clean like whistle. She claim to not like jmg but every time she have live video she mention jmg/pinkwall she claim she a wife and always a beatup har gum bout sidechick, matey etc. Girl u are so insecure if a u own the man weh the bag a long chatting fah?? Dat mi waan fi know. It sad that you only married yr and change and you affi worry bout gyal. a weh u married fah TiTLE?? u in a the kitchen wid you soar crotches did the batty jaw put and your 18yr old son in a the place. Gyal gweh and go have some ambition… dutty Christine weh you deh cause mi deh yah fi u tidday

    I do believe that them live inna one Low income housing development. There is no way Apple and kerryann can afford a 3 bedroom place

  17. I have a video of a live she and har pink partner did in bed a talk bout how Jadore use makeup and nasty up the white bachum,MET I don’t know how to send it.

  18. The girl house looks good. Real nice. People are f**king haters. A lot of you are nasty pigs that’s why your house cannot stay in white. When you’re clean you can have white stuff because you know how to keep it up. A least her kids have their own bedroom and she is comfortable. A lot of you guys are real f**king haters. Dirty people have nothing better to do. Stop worry about people and worrry about unnoticed self. That’s why unno cannot reach anywhere. Whether it’s buy or rent so what!

  19. Good Morning Met ,Metters, Peeper’s nd Others…

    Apple and Jadion need fi honestly stop post things on social media they are both insecure plus say one thing and the outcome turns out to be a different thing. Saw a few here and there last night when went live smaddy name Ms.b_80 had her showing everything nd wen she about fi head upstairs fi show the bedroom cuz husband asleep in due to snow har frenemey mi dem stop har. What I will give her tho is that the house is Clean but apart from dat it’s dead, dull and drowsy

    1. The way how Apple life topsy turvy she cannot even think for herself. She posted two videos of the place and smaddy call her on her phone and tell her fi tek down the posts, which she did. She is trying to prove a point to smaddy specific or maybe to people who she don’t even know but it keeps backfiring on her. I must admit, the more she goes live, the more I like her. She reveals plenty that she don’t even realize. I actually feel sorry for her these days.

  20. left ms_stop _traffic ( amex shanna ) alone, she just happy in her raltionship right now, true sey nobody didn’t want to dey wid har after dem find out she have the monster. unu better use protection wid dat one, hot trout. glad she still taking her meds though because couple years ago, her face sunk in bed and arms got small, lawd. left da gyal alone she feel off bad doe.

  21. Bathroom mat inna Kitchen??????????????????????? Why????? A wah duh dem ediot yah. Dah bloodclaat gal yah wah go siddung inna jail wid har plastic bady????????????

  22. I’m sorry but hypples can’t touch robbas no day in house or apt fix up. Hypples you need to sit down this is rented property .you hype over a closet and you don’t own the home???? That makes no sense I hope y’all have funds save away for a rainy day cause when it rains on y’all its gonna pour. But you rich so no worries lol . nah this place look like your friends places where the Versace at ?? You were posting in the Versace store and I see no Versace anywhere like I said robbas thief better goods her Versace plate sets and vases are dope even though she thief um lol

  23. Love it!! We can all agree America is okay, but damn sure ain’t been too good for any of us!! Keep getting how you get it Apple it looks great, and you know it;)

  24. Why do you people hate this girl so much? Nothing she do can please you y’all, she was living in the Bronx it was a problem, she move its still a problem, but u know what I blame she and her man, uuno video every rass thing too much, I guess its the way dem show off why people always a done dem, oh well carry on lol

  25. Yes! I remember her saying that.”white people house” mi would want to know,what white people house really look like. Cause that apartment doesn’t look like a Caucasian house. LOL

  26. No one hating on them yes if she like acrylic fine because den still expensive but the bag a fantangles you never see that at the furniture store and recycle bed post a her fault cause she love prove and show of her man and her put it on social media so she want attention so the foils get attention. Poppyshow nuh use to a dam thing and a brag and nuh have nothing wannabe rich folks dem only impress dum folks majority of people laughing at them remember a dancehall folks alone maybe on her page but over pink wall a nuh dancehall dunce uneducated folks alone over her so some a we only laughing how foolish these poppyshows are they say pink wall mixup but guess what facts talk over here gal never have furniture fe how long and gal and man now fe the video hype foolishness over what God knows bout white people most home have microwave over stove what wrong with these frighten Friday where they been and a next thing people nuh scam collect welfare and hype so bout rich who them kidding and it tek so long to get Unu furniture one cheep bed and the kids beds because everything else a wha den did have. All the others don’t cost over $3000 good Pickney 2 bed and upholstered bed everything else she did have and the decoration what a set with the nonsense that why dem laughing at Unu

  27. No know why everybody a pick pon Gina and her services enuh dwl. Gina have a specific clientele and she have to give the customer what they want. All a dem want the exact same thing do none can’t feel dem over none. Same glass glass, Acrylic, bring and fur. Me sure Gina feel like her creativity stifled sometimes. Nobody no want to see the next have something they don’t. Real sheep mentality.

  28. “White people house” look how hard d Marcus Garvey and so many others worked for us to be ok with us and this girl said white ppl house as if to say. Please pick up a book. God knows why he never made some ppl celebrity!!!

  29. What’s the use of the oversizes cauliflowers on the countertops in the kitchen,is she an advocate for healthy eating?

  30. You have all these bags, shoes and clothes and you wear it well Apple. But, why your attire don’t match your house? Hmmmmmm I guess you can’t put your house that you rent on your back and walk 5th Ave. So everyone can see………Sooooo those bags and shoes will have to do huh. Ohhhhh we know it’s a rental because you didn’t oh should I say can’t knock down any walls your just decorating your rental

  31. Lastikman is a fictional character and Filipino comics superhero created by Mars Ravelo and artist Mar T. Santana. Lastikman debuted in comics format – certainly in Aliwan Komiks #56 (December 7, 1964). Based and patterned from the original DC comics superhero, Plastic Man, Lastikman can also stretch, transform and reshape whatever or any imaginable forms and shapes he desires.(Lmaooooooooooo dwl dwl :hammer :tkp :siul :ngacir2 :malu :ngakak :ngakak) met is what do you and your editing? Met you need to behave yourself

  32. Apple and Jaydon apt furnitures fake ,apple and jaydon bags,belt ,eye glasses, clothes and shoes them fake. Apple yuh so frighten until yuh nuh know good furnitures your son bedroom set cheap it not even value $1000 good furnitures don’t come with those little plastic nobs on them dresser or chess. Apple please stop flop yuh self. KerryAnn, mis Lou, shamara and ugly Sally nuh stop laugh and chat yuh Sey yuh a popishow apple.apple u so dunce u need to go back to school. U stupid bitch apple bout yuh house look like white people house. Mi sure know Sey oprah house look good and she black. You little silly whore .frighten Friday clown bitch. Apple you are the dumbest bitch I ever seen. Apple yuh a hype and hype Ness nuh fit yuh. Yuh prove tuh the world sey yuh don’t have shit and yuh life is fake

  33. Lawd gawd unnu mek Apple gone video the outside a the place now she say unnu mad and Christine say she fi shit pin unnu dwbclllllll.. Apple anyway u put it government still involve in a that place a Low income

  34. When the since head say white ppl house maybe she literally mean “white” that’s why everything white a plastic clear

  35. The apartment is very clean. Give her that. I know dem frighten and hype but many of our comments r too harsh. All the kids have their own rooms and it’s neat and clean despite the presumed cost. Give her a break. She’s silly but doesn’t know better.

  36. Dancehall people are so ignorant ! Most of these men that are in jail are caused by their woman ! Who in their right mind is going to think they could afford all of this from throwing parties ? What happened to making moves in silence ? She is so focused on proving something to the world that she don’t even realize she is putting herself at risk ! Not only her, but her man as well ! Even his dumb ass posted videos ! This is sooooo ignorant ! Everyone should know the Feds are always watching from social media ! And how does white peoples house look ? I have a lot of white friends and their house look so damn regular . Also the dumbass who commented that her bed cost $10,000 is a damn liar ! That bedroom set is $1700 from furniture ville !

  37. Who cares that’s it’s rented or owned ! Yes her apartmejvis clean and decorated but to give us preview of every room like this is an episode of MTV cribs is annoying and classless ! I hate it when SOME Jamaicans think everything connected to white people is good !!

  38. I’m sorry that living room remind me of a casket setting from those long time days those glass looking furniture played out she just added the middle part to the bed the had before and the dinning table she just added the decor same old funirues but try to change it up a little….i thought she said she will not show her house but she live for what people have to say so she could not live with her self if she never post the funeral home…

  39. Stop hating there’s nothing wrong with her house and if she wants to show it off it’s her business not you’res intoyoureself and ask yourself why does it bother you what they want to do hmmmmmm mmmmmmmmm ?????????????????! What the f**k it’s there businesss not yours bad mind active

  40. I have to comment because either I’m delusional, naive or dumb. I don’t know how so many people say these people don’t work, do credit card scamming. If thats the case, how are they showcasing their movements like this for everyone to see. It seems like they have quite a few people they either have beef with or just don’t like them for whatever reasons, and I’m sure they see the “hate” so why not be more cautious??? I heard she was cussing people that wish for her to go to jail when she have kids but if your not doing anything illegal, then you shouldn’t worry and if she is I hope the case with Flippa is a good example of what can happen. HOW HOW HOW can they be doing illegal activities and showing out like this??? Listen your style is your style, not everyone that has money have good taste/style. My thing is if you ain’t doing shit legally keep your shit on the low..cause trust if you cross me (scam me)I WILL make your life HELL and if your kids have to suffer for it OH WELL… and the way I see she cuss people and people talk about her she needs to be off the radar if her shit ain’t straight.

  41. Apple if u know what is good for u don’t post another video. U can’t win, I’ve commented on u being hype but I must complement u on your home, it’s a nice place. I like your living room, kitchen and your children’s rooms. I agree with one of the comments about showcasing ill-gotten gains, u r baiting up yourself just fi likes. I can c that u guys love and provide for your children. Remember easy come easy go and everyone wants to be present in their children’s lives. I wish u guys well, nice place (I don’t care if it is rented

    1. I’ve fallen in like with your comments and your aura. ..truly you are a breath of fresh air.

      Again just a gentle reminder to keep working on the usage of complement. ..it’s Compliment*
      .I have every confidence u will get it right going forward! God bless you for your best wishes for Princess Apple n her kids!

  42. Yuh know unnu wicked di may inna di kitchen an bathroom is too different set a mats and di bed weh unnu claim seh recycle is a f**king lie dat bed is a very expensive bed dat bed is from unlimited furniture unnu too f**king badmind low di people dem Mek dem live dem life how dem want live it unnu guh pon di people dem page fi fass an chat of unnu nuh like dem weh unnu a duh pon dem page unnu a bring dung unnu own typical bloodclaut Jamaican crab inna barrel mentality my god how unnu stay suh everything thing inna di girl house expensive how mi know cause mi shop a dem store deh tuh zgallerie an unlimited furniture nuh cheap unnu wicked nuh bombo all dat deh one deh bout how much bedroom why yuh nuh post your own weh look better acrylic furniture nuh cheap nor played out unnu nuh know shit just love chat she have the white bed similar to the yellow tufted acrylic bed on di website guh look unnu chat too f**king much an stop pree out di people dem life man all under dem immigration issue yah unnu want di people dem fi spend fi please unnu set a low life

  43. This here is “Heights-of-Not-use-to-Anything”!!!
    So suppose them did get a property in a Greenwich Connecticut, weh dem would a do start one Reality tv show same time??? Lord if yuh nuh busy stop here so lol no to baxide

  44. These furnitures look stupid, it looks like dolly house furnitures that people give to their kids to play with, grown ass people in their right minds shouldn’t do this bs to their home, you can tell they’re not used to nothing dam idiots.

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