No sah petagaye after yu did a gone suh over u jps so call baby father. Cause everybody knw say a Sean the taxi man pickney… u really mek them tek him weh.. u look dead petagaye. Omg. But look pon the mate face to nuh.. the man get real old n stay bad tho.. u use to hype over him family house. Mark x the bike n all. Gal u should a go get u own. U look done nw tho…
U mek all a the waste boy them f**k u out rounda Conway Rd when the man gone a work.. hiking finally come to sense n lef u nastiness.
N the gal look so crawny that mean him would a stay wid u… but all him no have no ambition to.. look wah him pick up to nuh fi a working man.. how him love the whole them suh…


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