Afta sade delete ig oh long a hide seh she pregnant, she keep one piece a baby shower and mi cya believe a dah stregeh deh she give martino baby. Martino rich him fly out gone to him wife a new york and not even look pon har from she tell him she pregnant. Wat a gal evil. Enjoy yuh jacket doe sir.😂😂😂😂


8 thoughts on “IS WHICH SADE DIS OH??

  1. First and foremost I thought Martino was a Gay man
    & that girl dillioneminaj (me Nuh kno wa kinda name dat) thought her ass was a lesbian what am I missing here? I literally thought these two were best friends lmaooo

  2. Sender your sad , What a set a wicked people both couples are together and happily living big up yourself martino and your wife you guys are strongly inlove so people will forever be badmind. congrats on ur baby wen it come girl. That’s y the gal come of ig bcuz uno too bad pan uno mouth.

  3. This is just a bunch of fake story kmt leave d ppl dem business,met them people yah want a life so wa the boy caan have baby mother bad mine still a beat them bad??? cause the yuth and him wife alright.people are so force to wanna be in people’s life

  4. Look yah unnu no kill me yaa caawz me no know awahh kinda propaganda unnu a spread pon poor Martino weh love him man dem.. Me nuh know how spenda come by dissss ! Me cudda understand(ish) if martino was “top” at DAT but DAT dude only tek grind..him doe want a ting fi duh wid punni!

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