Buss out a laugh tcp😂😂 then me never think a slim Trudi name wifey? Suh how wah day pon unruly trudy bday a wifey man and har a spar🏃 keep party and a the mother in law that me fren from Waterford tell me seh inna the bar.. A wey deh style deh name Trudi yuh nuh see nuh ratings nuh deh right deh suh fi yuh? Yet yuh hitch up back a him like tail 😢😂😂 yuh man, him mada, the step father n the gal go beach together an come back come keep party inna him yard a wey your party keep? Way round a one part mi think a u would a have more privileged yuh nuh see them nuh rate yuh the whole a braeton a talk bout it. Gal life style sad nuh bl**aat yuh man rate unruly Trudy baaad!!!!! 😂😂😂

2 thoughts on “DI MAN UNRULY CHOICE

    1. Simone yuh know seh yuh naaaa see good doe. Cause Trudi nuh mek one a di two a dem mek one. None nuh look Betta Dan none das y dem share di man.

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