5 thoughts on “DI MAYOR OF PALM BEACH?

  1. Cant take men like dis cant take care of him kids but will give the woman the entire bank.Vinnie post party at blesh house for Easter this yr in Claradon Ja. what a wicked woman cant rate woman like her either!Shameful!

    1. She need to go clear the child support payments they sent in on his ass the day.

      Nothing more pathetic than a Deadbeat father like the bum bitches dem usually have a mek dem look like somebody.

      Vini run a payment pon de likkle girl tab! Slack bitch.

    2. That’s May Pen playpen. she a gwan like a she a wife shi may as well get the back a de house finish, but remember the child support.

      Big house and baby have fi so without ….

  2. Man done had 2 fish fry and still cant fling nothing on da child.Smh stop support people who nah support them children.Don my ass.I’d rathet give my $ to a bitch for him cus dats all he do with $$ buy asses and titts

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