Yes met Radigan dead round a Dilly. The one name Steve come back from Jamaica,and them keep big welcome party fi Him. The people dem know what dem doing on who dem want,Radigan dead lean up on a car outside,a young youth don’t know his name dead inside a the yard! Few people get shot. All of this take place around 12:35 California time.

One shot in him head,dem all take off him chain and Rolex watch off him hand! The coroner move all three bodies around 5:30 9/15/16. Bready cousin junior his him shot RADIGAN. John John and junior first start the shooting. It sad bad all a lady a two weeks now shi married,her husband died in her arms!



Three people were killed and 12 were injured during a shooting at a South Los Angeles birthday party early Saturday morning, according to the Los Angeles Police Department.

Dozens gathered to celebrate a birthday at a home that was used as a non-permit makeshift restaurant in the 2800 block of Rimpau Boulevard when shots rang out around 12:28 a.m., police said. A man and woman were taken in custody as “persons of interest,” according to the L.A. Times, but authorities said they were still searching for at least one suspect late Saturday night.

At some point during the night, three people, possibly two men and one woman, left the party and returned with guns, Sgt. Frank Preciado of the LAPD said.

The group opened fire and shots were returned, according to police. Three people were pronounced dead at the scene and 12 were transported to local hospitals in various conditions.

The death toll is expected to rise, officials said, as the victims’ injuries range from serious, to critical, to grave.

Details were not released on the deceased, but police said all the victims were adults.

“When officers responded here, my understanding was that there were at least 50 people running from the location of 2800 Rimpau Boulevard,” said Preciado. “This a very chaotic situation at this point.”

Police found a semi-automatic handgun at the home, located in the West Adams District.

Witnesses told KTLA that people were having a good time and enjoying the party when the violence began.

“It was a birthday party; I don’t know what happen,” said Dilly, the homeowner of the restaurant that is said to be very popular in the neighborhood. “I went to go hide next door by the trashcan. When I come out, I hear plenty of people get shot.”

It is currently unknown what caused the shooting. Criminal Gang Homicide detectives are investigating and gang relation has not been ruled out, Preciado said.

Though the location attracted a good amount of foot traffic, it was the first time proceedings had turned violent, according to neighbor Millie Luarca.

“They’re good neighbors,” she said. “I’ve lived here 10 years and this never happened before.”

Mayor Eric Garcetti issued a statement Saturday afternoon in wake of the shooting.

“Today, Los Angeles woke up to a horrifying shooting in West Adams — the latest example of a senseless gun violence epidemic that causes so much pain and sorrow in our city and across the nation,” Garcetti said.

“We have every confidence that the LAPD’s investigation will answer the many questions about what happened, and why,” the mayor added. “Our thoughts are with the families mourning or praying at bedsides today. We must take action against easy access to firearms and the thoughtless, indiscriminate, murderous use of them. We cannot tolerate these tragedies multiplying in communities across America.”

One woman is in custody and being treated at a local hospital, where she is also being questioned by police, authorities said.

Detectives have not released any further details about the shooters involved.


  1. MORNING, Met. Dilly ass should feel the repercussions through his homeowner insurance and court house.

    You dancehall clowns going to feel a piece of law enforcement sanctions unda unu ass. Ya’ll keep forgetting say unu a migrants (nuff illegals) in a de people dem place.

    Senda a which oman get lock up?

  2. How yuh know it’s him and not John John.. Sender yuh di deh round dilly Or yuh di get the story from someone else. ?

  3. Rodigan might have been a “nice” DON, but somehow, his killer(s) thought otherwise. This wasn’t an accident, dem did waan kill Rodigan. It seems like it was mayhem in and outside of that makeshift restaurant aka SPOT.

    1. Chat too phucking much! You damn well and know a who, but you had to call the women names. Ever hear “when you can’t catch quakie, you catch him shutt?” Nuff time unu bait up people cause unu chat too much!

      1. You probably did kno but people like me neva know a which JUNIOR dem a talk bout. Is full time Junior stop rob, kill and setup people fo dead. Him fe member him sons dem smh

  4. Tameka and Wendy babyfather, him same one.
    Tameka move go LA for what? Try carry yuh pickney come back a NY and lv JR right deh

  5. All I have 2 say is dat we gonna kill everything dem kill the rong Don bread cuzin is gonna die John John is a dead man walking n many more frm my informer

    1. You fool, stop making threats over here and carry yu antics elsewhere. You are sick. You are a part of the problem society is faced with. Kill fe kill a go do what? Ole zar. Smh

  6. Hope Rodigan woman di ride or die one mia talk, hope shi doing okay because, I know this mus be very devastateing for her r.i.p lion king!

  7. What I want to know if you can turn a single family house in a residential area into a restaurant? Is this legal?

    Why are people referring to Radigan as a Don?

    1. I don’t live in LA and never been there but from what I have been reading it seems like Dilly’s is a chill spot, eating, domino music playing. the news says they weren’t licensed to run a restaurant from their home so you know Dilly is in trouble where that is concerned. RIP to all and praying for those in the hospital.


  9. Mets you heard hair stylish keisha from NY,died in a car accident lastnite in jamaica…SAD RIP KEISHA YOU SURELY GONNA BE MISS.

  10. None a we nuh special to gunshot and all who a send treat and a pree innocent people who doe even live a Merica unnu can dead too and a hope some a unnu dead before the people dem weh unnu a plan fa, some a unnu a born crosses and a dat mek innocent ppl lose dem life all the time! RIP to the dead and prayers for the ones battling for life!

  11. why people acting like this man innocent when big war a gwaan a Maxfield right now.He’s a big player in the war supporting di dutty foot gun bag dem with gunshot and guns yuh say you have sunlight man dem back, but who did have yours?I hope God tek care of all you big men on all sides. staying abroad and a help support f**y,Stop buy the youth dem GUNS, buy them some plane tickets instead dem unuh seh wah unuh duh fi unuh communities.

  12. Me nuh know who a call it chill spot, mi born inna the garrison, and di first time mi go round deh, mi cut right away. Pare eeediat round deh, mi suprize it neva shot up long time before. If you comfatable round deh, yuh nuh too bright.

  13. Joel Rubin
    Two suspects were arrested early Sunday in connection with a shooting at a popular Jamaican restaurant in Los Angeles that left three people dead and 12 others wounded, police said.

    Police tracked down Mowayne McKay, 33, and Diego Reid, 25, both Jamaican nationals, at area hospitals where they had sought treatment for gunshot wounds, said Los Angeles Police Capt. Peter Whittingham. Eyewitness accounts and other evidence, including videos, led police to the men, Whittingham said. They are expected to be booked on murder charges.

    The two men are suspected of taking part in a gun battle that erupted after an initial shooting at a house in the 2900 block of Rimpau Boulevard, out of which the owner runs an informal eatery.

    In the first volley of gunfire about 12:30 a.m., a man was shot after being confronted by two others in what was probably a dispute over a drug deal gone bad, Whittingham said. With dozens of people at the house celebrating a birthday, gunfire then erupted between two groups, one associated with the man who had been killed and the other backing the two men who confronted him, Whittingham said.

    Police responding to the scene encountered chaos as panicked partygoers scattered in fear and the wounded lay bleeding. Three people were pronounced dead at the scene and 12 others were transported to hospitals. Three of the wounded were in critical condition.

    : ‘When the shooting started, everyone scattered’
    McKay and Reid are not thought to be the men who initially confronted and killed the first victim, Whittingham said. Those men remain at large.

    Police Sunday were still working to piece together the details of the messy crime scene. It is not yet known how many, if any, people were killed by shots fired by McKay or Reid, Whittingham said. After consulting with prosecutors, police decided the evidence against the men was strong enough to charge them with murder, he added.

    Coroner officials declined to identify any of the dead, saying the victims’ families had not yet been notified.

  14. What I get to understand that shooting start in the house and went all outside that’s why there’s so many casing up and down rimpau ithats crazy. So this Don everyone is speaking bout died against some car and not inside the residence but the fatal shot was one to the head and the one who kill him is this man name junior that’s what I gather from all the comments. Now how the killers gon have time fi ten off man chain and watch off a him and call kind of shot a pop off! And did any woman shoot or she was just with the two who did the deadly deed. Further more once shots pop off didn’t all in a de place who had dem tools pop shots too? So I also get to understand that Rodigan and him crew was the target and along with him dead there is two other innocent men dem that wasn’t in the drama so who gun kill them was it John John or his woman gun? There were over 50 people in a that house that knows what happen the ones who didn’t get hurt please come and straighten out all these pot holes please and tanks. Further more we still forgetting that three was a total of three men loose dem life not one and all of them need a RIP anyone have pictures of the other two bring dem come please so we know who we’re the other two bra e souls that life was taking just because they were there having a good time. Condolences to everyone who lost a family member and fast speedy recover for the ones that were hit and a real speedy recover for the three that are in critical conditions please lord bring them out of critical. These other people who keep talking violence about killing people family members stop that get who did it and let it stay there if it was John John and this junior person then go get them leave their families out of it. You know who you chasing go get them they can’t hide they are well know in LA I’m sure. Also it’s strange that they would even kill people around people that know of them and probably even know were dem live u now put ur children in danger some men don’t have no brains!

  15. If anyone knew “blacks” who use to drive taxi and come from dung a mission Rd., He’s one of the dead.

    Just passing on what’s told to me as a Metter

  16. ANON@5:24 BORN CROSSES is right bad getting set at he same time u cant have family baby mother and a walk and kill/rob people some a we too fck…ing thief, it in them blood line bready connection and this man was the people M.P. yes if him mek sunlight nice dem naw tek it so, so a shoot out who fi run wey. who a hide dem a go get it. Money deh a farrin fi all, SOME A DEM FRIGHTEN NO USE TO NUTTEN BUT TEA WATA FREE SHRIMP A KILL DEM B.C.

  17. If money nuff a foreign why dem man den killing one another. Why not help one another come up and make money. You don’t see the kartel doing none of the nonsense these Jamaican men dem do. If it ain’t jealous it’s envy way all that for if you all come to America to make a better life you and your family. No one come to America to be killed like a damn dog over street rep and who have this and that and who jealous and who want to take what the next man have because dem don’t have. Leave people hard earned things alone. If some of you was smart you would t have time to envy nobody.

  18. How the police going to arrest two people and say they have evidence to charge them and turn around and say but they weren’t the ones who killed anybody so why are you charging them for exactly. I just can’t see it yet that bullshit. What I get fi understand is that a man shot one man a few days ago and the man who did shoot the man was at the party and John John friend I guess he is the friend of the person who got shot and I guess he felt he had to defend that, well when the guy turn him back on him to walk away John John friend shot the boy in the head from the back that’s when shot start pop off. I’m getting this information from someone that was inside and there when it all went down. Radigon get stray shot nothing was meant for him. John John friend took it upon himself to settle some beef right there instead of settling it another time. I don’t think John John knowing that everyone in there knows him would pop shot and while everyone in there is an eye witness. John John have these friends that think they bad man dem and think that nothing can do anything to them. But my other thing is this why after U shoot someone in the foot why would u go to a party at a house knowing everyone bring gun and you at this place and knowing that you shooting someone that it wasn’t going to end so. Why go out in public and be seen and now you yourself amongst the three that is dead. Why people think that they truly that bad that no one can’t aye to them. Now the media is saying it’s drugs related once they hear Jamaican they try put two and two together and automatically say drugs. Now you some men bring uncessary attention to the Jamaican community in LA and know majority of them not straight. There’s really some stupid men out there that have no sense of righty or wrong, that only a woman can think fi dem. It’s a damn shame that bad judgments got you killed and now whosever did this going to jail for a long time. You should never put other innocent people life in jeopardy in that way. U know u have beef in the straight with people dontvgo around Jamaicans go to Hollywood and stay far away from people. Smdh

  19. 1st and formost my condolences to All of the loved ones of Radigan!
    Ive read every post
    This man may he R.I.P.Was the last of the BEST THAT EVER DID IT!!
    THE LAST MAN STANDING FRM BACK IN MY DAY!!so how is it possible for him to be taken out by children?
    This come in like some sort of retaliation from something personal not no drug deal gone bad!Thats BULLSHIT!!
    Please somebody tell the Truth!
    From what i gather he was in his element and vibing
    So how did this happen? After this man survived the UNIMAGINABLE FROM BACK IN THE DAY!

  20. Ive known Radigan sexy chocolate ass from lincoln pl and Troy ave In NY..since the 90’s and he was one generous..handsome..attractuve..softspoken.. soul..ive known…whoever did kill him didnt study first before killing him..first of all..we all know he wasnt perfect..no one is..but remember he fed so mamy ppl in Jamaica paid ppl bills..his entourage..family..friends strangers depended on him ..he was very soft spoken..attractive..stylish..smelled good at all times. Drove luxury cars since the 90’$ ..i call him a don because i know of him personally..he was large then and extremely larger now..he asked for nothing and had it all..women loved him to death..he loved brownins..u rarely seen him commit long with a dark chick..he had his personal issues ..and im not knocking or putting the blame on anyone..all i know is he was the sweetest u ever known. And the entourage who he fed daily is not letting that go..beleive what im telling u.. may God bless u all..the good the bad and the ugly..

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