Lisa(First pic)you looking so beautiful .Michieboo(second pic) how you feel to know your husband is Lisa baby father. You mad michieboo you stared @ Lisa all night in posh posh. How you feel in the same party next time don’t just stare come say Hi



22 thoughts on “DI ONE MAN INA DI LAN

  1. Some a y’all bitches brave nah bc. A tek ppl husband and want hello from the wife to make your lose low self esteem ass feel goodFOH.. Karma is a bitch….your day round do corner!

  2. I though Michelle did a walk and tell the whole world say Richie is not the father of the Lisa baby. you look and feel stupid now that’s why you stare all night. dam fool

  3. Oh please Michelle need to go sit down. Richie been said Lisa daughter his daughter look how much time Lisa post she and Zaddy chilling. A shame Michelle shame fi how she did a hype but u show flop

  4. Michelle and her crew a waste gyal them. She Michelle a run behind Richie wey have women and baby everywhere. Tracey wey Paul walk and Suck out everybody. Neisha wey have how much step kids from she married. Tamara you love inna ppl business how you did feel when u see Nico wid him new BM. What a party full of mate. I LOL all night cause all of the so call wife them did look stress

  5. Michelle done now you a stare the girl down fi what reason she done tek your husband breed fi him and send him back to you. Michelle you can’t do better so what the hype for humble you self. You did force yourself Pon him so take what come with him.

  6. But Richie is not lisa baby daddy is Dreblunt. Him post up her baby on Instagram and the little girl look just like his other kidds. Lisa is a liar

  7. Dem a di sad crew neshia u never look good a yuh husband party all a yuh mate dem was there go breed for ur husband an probably him will stop breed other gal u not tired of him bringing newborns on u huh? Sorry For u Hunni. Tamara Nico a mad u all him do was breed the gal so him could have a excuse fi leff yuh an Tracey u voice sound like u trap in a man body to bc michiee u stay bad an old dance days done fi u yah 60 yrs old give it up now cause u have all great grands smh unnu life sad bad

  8. Lee Lee mi Confuse wasnt you waring with the girl whos name is Olivia about Dreblunt your real baby father lol. Now you back again wit your mate and wifey f**y wit Old Woman Michelle. You is a real Clown bad dont have no shame tree.

  9. Dre Blunt post which baby?? listen the world know say Lisa did da wid Dre Blunt but he’s not the father. that little girl look just like Richie. Richie had the pic in his phone and show mad ppl and him talk outta his mouth say him don’t care if Michelle vex he not turning his back on his duaghter. Michelle waste fren dem need to mind them business and attend to fi them man wey walk and sleep all bout. DUTTY SHAPEBAD TRACEY stop come call different man pon Lisa call out the MAN dem wey you tek. THATS WHY CASSIE GOING GIVE YOU A PROPER BEATING

  10. We a send in the Tory now . Dre Blunt post Lisa baby Wah Lisa baby name? Hayliegh . Wait wait Suh Lisa u give the two man dem di baby ? Mi have the screenshot when Dre post Lisa baby lol Lisa u come tell we . Or mi a send in the screenshot

  11. Michelle any screen shot wey u and you stay bad fren dem want to send in go right ahead and do it. Worry about Trump coming in 2017 Boo. Remember when you inna dance night time your son home by himself. Lisa kids well attended too. And yes Richie is the father and it killing you continue to see lisa in party and stare her down. She done tek Richie and breed for him and send him right back to your pink house. Which other man name going to call again on the baby. If you did stay good Michelle it wouldn’t so bad but you stay to bad fi war wid.

  12. This old Dog Michelle still a war with the girl. Go sit down you too old what you did think one child can hold him gyal you eggs dried up he gotta go multiply what’s wrong with you take you bun and be happy. You wanted young boy so deal with it. The way how Lisa and the baby stress you you all loose weight a know you look bad go gym go tighten. You pass me my change the other night and you hand dem stay very bad you skin want nuff cream. Man hand bi$$h

  13. Wait Michelle you nah send the screen shot yet we waiting!! after all shame you don’t have for your old ass go get a life and stop mine Lisa and Richie business. you love to talk bout its not Richie baby. Lisa daughter favor Richie bad who your son favor.. hey dog Michelle don’t start me

  14. Michelle and her crew a waste… Tracey never go posh party cause Neisha tell her stay home don’t come pass out cause she wouldn’t be able to assist her cause CNA Neisha a so call wanna be Nurse. Tracey you register for school yet cause the way how Paul say you dunce only sucking skills you have. Michelle with big papers inna DeIsland go seek a GED and find work oh u can’t read forget

  15. Tracey continue when Cassie hold you don’t call the police. you talk tuff so defend it. you shape so good as you say but yet still Cassie pimp out Paul here their and ever where. You have nuff mouth now why you never have so much talk when Sheryl did page you bout Paul. Dam brite the man never belong to you go have many seats you loser.

  16. But Michelle did I hear you say ppl a war you over your man?? what MAN??? Lisa baby father child please. you a walk and tell everybody say you a Richie wife and first baby father ok. but Lisa a your mate and his second baby mother. like BYE BOO

  17. F**y unuh ah talk me know and Lisa know who her baby daddy is di Artist boy Dreblunt from Rock Fort.lisa love too much bumboclatt attention a farword she a look. Well wan be a celebrity eeh poor you

  18. @ talk the truth how much $ Michelle pay you fi come talk or a DE Island food she a feed you. cause you blind the baby is dam stamp of Richie.. Michelle who your baby father cause the monkey big fat boy ain’t his

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