Hello madam
I’m writing this email because I want to publish to the public how D’angel go around and sleep with people man and break up family. After 6 long years she haven’t been to england now she came back to do a show and ended up sleeping with my baby father and cause my relationship of 8 years to be ruin. Me and my baby father have two boys age 5 and 1 years old.
My baby father drives a range rover and a convertible Benz and the promoter of the show she was preforming in brixton London ask my baby father if he could drop her to the studio a few days before the event. So he drop her to the studio but he didn’t tell me until I found his picture on her instagram. so I realize something fishy is going on. He told me he went to the studio with a brethren. I then decided to go to her show in brixton on Friday 19th.sept.2014. My babyfather told me that d’angel was now begging him to drop her to her show that night but I got dressed and decided we going together so she was not able to make an entrance with my man. He told me she likes him and like his cars.
The night after the event I was calling my baby father and could not get hold on him. I left and went to park outside the hotel she was staying and I saw my baby father driving in with her and her manager.I instantly drive out in front of his car and blocked him. I started arguing with him and her and her manager exit the car quickly and went inside the hotel leaving me arguing with my baby father. He didn’t come with me he insisted and going in the hotel room to see her because he said he gave her some money and she was gonna f**k him. I guess he wanted his monies worth and cause his relationship to end because of D’angel who seemingly sleeps around with man she doesn’t even know and couldn’t careless the pain she putting others through. The money she puts up on her instagram page about money pull up and counting is a lie cause she didn’t get no more than £60. Her show flapped. In summary she f**k my man for a ride in his range rover and some money. She is not a good role model and definitely not a first lady as she call herself. Please let me know if you need further information to highlight her actions and how low she stoops.


    1. Metty, Annie and the storyline ah beat mi very badly :hammer…Annie boo, come here come reason wid wi…what kinda car you drive mek Angel neva want flex out in your vehicle?..Annie, you and yuh baby father in a relationship relationship or unu just co-parenting?…Annie, stop play inch high private eye when it come on tuh yuh babyfaada weh resemble big belly boops; it nuh worth it Annie..the man tell yuh honestly what was going down so just leave him alone and don’t make ms. goodaz reputation ruin yuh seemingly good relationship with you and yuh baby daddy..Annie, one more thing…maybe he felt bad and wanted to give her the 60 pounds fe help wid Marco Dean school fee suh calm yuh nerves ma’am…hush mummy :peluk

      1. Yu nah on rass mannaz! Whey yu call de oman man? BIG BELLY BOOPS! lol
        She a tell untruth bout man tell har bout him give money and going to have sex. Annie a can’t your man alone if a so that argument go.
        Look like Angel go ride pon one a har 6 years ago buddy.

  1. Met, Annie write like is a serious business letter enuh! Mi loikke it! But she must did leave off a zero cause 60 pung can’t pay the big school fee?!

      1. DWLLLLLL, Boy mi nuh know enuh- mi believe the story but mi can’t believe the amount at all dwllll :siul :siul :siul :siul :siul :siul

  2. Mi sayyyyyyyyy mi grab up mi bog (inna mi British vice) grab up mi F grab up mi jockit n a when mi reach outta door mi realize say mi left mi boot lmaooooo Angel u gots mi running in the day ya mi nahhhhhh loieee lmaooooooooo :ngacir: :ngacir:

  3. But Annie u man nuh respect u man,u block him een and him still left u outside fi dagga D’angel fi 60£,him couldn’t call it a lost and splurt.Yes fadda, Met u Thursday tun up

  4. Your babyfather don’t rate you sender. He walked away with another woman right in YOUR FACE! If he had any respect for you, he would try to hide it….STRAIGHT IN YOUR FACE MADAME. It’s obvious he doesn’t want a relationship with you or he knows you stupid enough to stay all when you get STRAIGHT DISS IN YOUR FACE MADAME. The man probably told D’Angel that you are “just his babymother” and proved that when you tried to check him…NO RATINGS, NO RESPECT, HE IS NOT HIDING ANYTHING FROM YOU.
    D’Angel I hope it’s not true you selling vagina ooooo.

  5. Di man a bun out yu claat wid her long time and you mussi just a find out, and she probably did a collect off a di man fi a while, so now yu come mek up story bout 60 poun fi a F**K, and yu argue wid man ina road and him tell yu dat woiiee, Liar, but mi believe she a tek him and she a tek him goood

  6. ishawna nah come tek ova d name broiteeeeeeeeeeeeeee…..ishawna step asise a shi name first lady………lollllllllllllllllllll………mi baddieeeeeeeeeee

  7. Her behavior on Sting says a lot about her scruples and that she would stoop to any levels to pay Marco Dean school fee. People in D’angel Head £60 here and there can help a situation ah yard so ah NIH Annie man one a go £60 “POUND” had crotches before she go home. It add up people. Lol lol. If ah laugh dis yah morning a lose me job

    1. Fe real!…just like couch diving fe change fe put likkle gas eena yuh vehicle..every penny, nickel, dime and quarter add up and turn into big bucks…

  8. i dont believe the sender. angel is no angel but she love money too much for stoop for £60. remember she kinda use to money cause she did have her own range a jamaica a drive, so i think the sender just bitter that her man diss her in the most spectacular way. she might dash it pon di man yes but not how the sender put it.
    if my girl ketch me in a situation like that me a plea the fifth, how me fi tell her say no me a go in go dagga fi mi money worth. moooooooo sah, why me cant find dem eediat woman yah man.
    met tell me the sender me need her in my life to be mi wife!

  9. but that is more than £60 liar….the red note alone ia a £50 and the purple ones are £20s so how dat make £60…i went on her instagram for a close up and count bout £200

  10. but that is more than £60 liar….the red note alone is a £50 and the purple ones are £20s so could neva be £60…i went on her instagram for a close up and count £250

  11. Lady I hope him did sleep wid har because we don’t need har fi sey u trying to “ruin har reputation”
    :ngakak Back to reading

  12. £60 a how much wen u change dat out people.Lawd gawd man we shame u enuh.Well at least she neva sugar coat dat part and seh him leave out wid har.

  13. DWL stop tell lie pon D’Angel bout £60. 8 years and D’Angel f**k yuh man one time and tek him? My girl dat means yuh pussy never good and yuh have stay bad ways. Gweh yuh too damn rass lie. Stop watch Angel good good

    1. MET whats D’angel instagram name ? I look up name on pic and it not coming up
      I wanna go see the man jherri curl up close

    2. Metty, mi jus guh faas pan di big belly man page and it look like him twist the hair and add likkle oil sheen to it mek it look suh sleek and shiny…jherri curl mystery solved…what you think?…guh peep tuh…

      1. But yeppie mi tell u more dan one time now dat man was di wrong one and have nothing to do wid di story. Mi check him page long time oo

  14. Met/Metters Good Afternoon
    sender, clearly u baby fada nuh respect u and I may even go as far as saying him nuh luv u. My man fi tell me seh him affi f*** di gal cause him gi r money? Unimaginable. On the other hand, dem Jamaican entertainer gal deh, a so dem low and desperate fi money?

  15. Sender….guh siddung on side eeediat gyal. A come mek up price pon di gyal front. Yu a embarras yu man an him bredrin wid yu kabba kabba behavior. Ef yu man have it (dallaz) suh an him a grine D’Angel, yu tink him a carry promoter wid him? Guh hol a seat yaa….cho!

  16. A Lady Saw alone have punny principle inna di industry, dats is why she been reigning fi so many years.She raunchy pon stage but people respect har except har mate dem of course

  17. no big man ting, me traumatised! di man tell her say she must move cause him a go in go sex out him £60 dwlllllllll
    sender take it from me as a man, dat man is not your man. maybe only in your head, even if me think bout di wildest yard man me know, dem woulda tun fool if dem woman come ketch dem a go inna hotel wid woman. much less fi still go in deh hahahaha

  18. By the look of Annie man she has no business putting this on JMG is not even worth the shame the man doesn’t even look all that to hype up yourself on and if you were coming on here to make D’Angel look bad frankly it didn’t work, no one really business with what D’Angel is doing and if she hasn’t been a resident of London for a while that means that could of been a old flame long time ago when she reside out there and he wanted to rekindle and him around know he need to break bread fi it. I just can’t beleive the man did tell you what he was at the hotel for, if he truly did that he has no respect for you at all and care zero about your feelings at all. Let him be and make sure his taking care of you and the two sons you both have instead of worrying who is fat ass f**king it’s not worth the big headache over.

  19. Met ano jherri curls…it look like him jus need a hair cut.
    I don’t want to believe D’ Angel f**k fi 60£, no sr? I just can’t.

  20. mi read the email plus de comments nd a jus a likkle ting mi waan mek clear b4 mi ask de sender fi come blog nd ansa weh me really waan fid out
    fi wan she neva sey d’angel phuck har man fi 60 pound.
    de second is she sed de money d’angel hab up a seh a money pull up is lie she only got 60 pound for de pull up
    suh chee a weh de common sense kick in being as she didnt say how much har man paid she is say dat money on de insta is wat her man paid her suh if a 200 unno count a dat de man pay nd michelle put it up nd a call it sup’m else.
    Annie dear dearest log in nd mek mi knw yuh dey yah mumz :angel

    1. Simply, thanks fi point dat out, now mi can relax and believe Annie cause dat amount was tooooo lowwwww. Mi know recession still a gwaan but still del :sorry :sorry :sorry :sorry

  21. is who tell mi guh zoom in is wet nd weavy dat man a beat or a de activator neva set good afta di mini curl luk ere big belly man nuh dweet..kmft

  22. the lady saw angel only got sixty dollars for the money pull up song..
    the sender wrote (According to Annie 2014)”The money she puts up on her instagram page about money pull up and counting is a lie cause she didn’t get no more than £60. Her show flapped. In summary she f**k my man for a ride in his range rover and some money,(Annie2014)
    read more here http://www.jamaicanmateyangroupie.com/jamaican-entertainer/di-ooman-seh-beenie-ex-yes-dangel-drop-it-pan-har-man-fi-60-poun-dangeldi-real-devils-angel/#comments

  23. angel you a one wicked gal.. no man a nuh laughing matter no more.. annie you really make the man tell u say angel like him and his cars? annie u shoulda tump him inna him f**king face! aniie hush.. yaa mums angel a real tekka

    1. She and the man ah bredrin; them cool like dat and can co-parent at the same time…Annie just hanging on to memories in hope of she and ar baby daddy getting back together and it naan huh happen…Annie, come talk eeh truth. It is okay..

        1. Okay Metty, if yuh seh suh…suh Metty…your turn fe talk eeh truth now!…Annie ah hot gal or not gal? She stay like ar big belly baby daddy cause yuh know them seh when couples deh fe suh long dem start tuh resemble dem one another :nerd

          1. Sun den Metty.. :nerd…if the man ah startbwoy *minus di shoes* and Annie ah hot gal, what the problem is??…Annie…Annie, ah hope ano box di man box yuh dung inna parking lot mek Angel & the big belly man haffe scurry guh inside the hotel…Annie, you’re NOT being totally honest here….Annie, come here..

  24. Annie if you are not busy come and talk with us.. we are always here to give a helping suss I meant hand. angel go prepare fi tek the lady man.. smaddy a England tell angel out the man be she reach and make sure plan how she a go tek him.. wid zero care.. so annie come and vent your frustration here.. annie doe worry same way she get him same way she a go lose him… angel mek s rub up herself wid the oila hold him :hammer :nerd
    anni come and write to us over hear on JMG 1800 665 JMG


        1. But Anon, yuh nuh hear weh mi seh likkle while aguh?!…..MI SEH ANNIE AND AR BABY DADDY AH BEDRIN! *no hugs, kisses…just str8 hand dap, ah suh dem roll*..she still love him yes, but them seem more like friends/parents with benefits and dem still cool like dat…

  25. dats de kine a man michelle into dat slim fit rite dere luk like he cuda,suda or even dida get sum a Ms.Downer renk’n meat..cockyawna, d’angel seh guh hold several yuh wan too inna spotlight long a fi har time nd a she sey Marco Dean sch fee nuh CHEAPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP.

  26. As she put in the email…her facebook back up di ting. The man was in the drop top
    Annie ***** added 4 new photos.
    September 19 at 9:15pm ·
    Off to D’ANGEL show!!!

  27. yuh knw beenie man have wan de white roches killas as well dem phuck’n shoes really crush out any roach belly wan phuck slap and BAM is splash out…is de damn shoes draw michelle in :nerd

    1. Nuh roach nuh have ah chance fe survival wid dem deh shoes; had a pair of white pumps like just like dat; kill any insect dead…

    1. I just responded to u and told u thats not necessary . All u need to know is that the person isnt fictitious and I can verify that she isnt

        1. :peluk yeppie yuh too bad but i ovastan still seh annie feel enuff shame suh di pic muss not pull…she hurting enuff

  28. Apart from the man being a dog. U mean to say Angel cannot do a little better than this? Good God man she nuh big ooman now

  29. Di devil’s angel strikes again. 60 pounds mash up Annie an har babyfadda. D’angel yuh vicious bad. Lef from Jamaica gone a Brixton guh dash out. a yah suh nice!!!!!! :tkp

  30. angel instagram shows her true self…she takes nutten serious big clown and f**kist she is..shows no growth or maturity..sex lies and money

    1. Yes man look dem but I want to know if she neva see di man wid a woman fi know him off limits? She really a cocky tour :travel

      1. shani she deh pon di show tour wid har leg dem wide open up infront a man an a ask man if dem married an all dese tings…zero care she hav but annie babyfadda nuh hav no manners

  31. I believe senda causen sey Angel have a type and dat man fit her type. Angel yuh fi gwan and duh betta causen sey it dont luk gud.

  32. Fooder did seh inna him intaview seh hoshawna worse dan di fallen angel but he was clearly wrong.. Angel seh she neva have no time fi respon’ cause she deh pan tour, but a guess she seh action speaks louder dan words she pass good an gone a great

  33. mi seh D’angel,Ishawna,Riane,Tinkerbell as tuh weh a cum awf a de top a mi head hide behind dis FEMALE ARTIST persona a tour dem a tour a phuck out dem truck out weda local or international dem is ntn but groupies,Tifa mi see yuh a cum up rite behind dem a wear pus-c shorts weh yuh pus-c hardly a breathe between yuh twist nd lock feet..STOP IT!!

    1. So angel see di man car dem n har skin ketch a fire because a dat… a sumting regular she do man a cudden di first time likewise di rest up top whey u mention..dem a regular skets :travel

      1. Annie de car mite need a powa wash mumz yuh doah knw wah kine a crosses she leff wrapped up in dem seats jus luk how she piss out beenie man head top nd tretch out bounty battam lip no sah..michelle too damn good

  34. Unu leave di girl a alone man …di girl is stronger now and true shi a di first lady unu jealous ….and beenie si a LOT inna HER mek him married ar an unu jus well wah tarnish ar imqage……ANGEL MI HAVE TWO IRON ROD WEH U CAN USE HOLD UP YU HEAD ……………………………LINK MI

  35. Mi go pon Angel page an see a video weh she put up when she reach England and ina it she say “My ride is here”…. Den mi see a Range pull up an den she say “A man should open the door for a woman, right” And di man come out an open di door. Dwlll. So come here Annie…..is dat yuh man and if so….him eva open door fi yuh yet?? Mi waiting fi di full hundred cause mi skeptical still. All now Annie nuh reach but she well sign name unda email so how she nuh reach yet. Dwlll. She soon come bawl out say a nuh she send it in. Lol. Lmao

    1. *MI belly!! Cita once again*____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

  36. Foota HYPE but him nuh lie ..it look like foota know GEL business mi tek off the an because shi inna everybody HAIR ….anyway angel move from spain so long ago but all now shi nuh dash weh di rubba slippas

        1. :tkp
          u tink u nice :tkp
          she fi stop it dem fi have a likkle sumting about dem and stop draw dem body dash over the place like sand

        2. lolol…see Met say is a traveling beach widout the sea…and a nuff seagull a $hit pon it, lolol Now Annie sey is a 60 pound entrance fee fi play inna de sand dune!
          lo me! lolol

          1. tek plane gone over how much country nyam dem taste bad food fi 60.00////// Annie mek a typo shi lef off two zero…………………nutten cah go so

      1. Phantom and met u know woman have a type ? but not Angel :request man coulda slim roun like rim ….man coulda bi gun man school teacher promoter …..u name it she likes it …mi nuh know beenie need fi go whole a bath because mi nuh know how beenie tek up bounty pay as u go :cool

        1. Family! Yu know you on to something MET! Don’t excuse Mr. Curly cause it look like him paid the most and “sand” angel nu have no prejudice pon wallets.

  37. Annie is an idiot a song a play innah mi head now “annie are you okay are you okay annie you been hit by you been shot by a smooth criminal” powww lol

  38. Annie, What type of work you man do fi have up Benz and Range a London? Regardless of D’Angel free Cratches, You putting this out there what was your intention? to shame Angel who no have no shame already or to put your worthless man on blast? You Annie should a shame!! Have some dignity Lady! If the man tell you him go f**k Angel that simply means You Annie in His eyes is a dogshit, Who knows how much woman this man have a London because of His Rides? Question again Annie, What kind of Work your Baby Daddy is are doing to have up expensive ride? You spread this story but you putting you Baby fadda under the bus my girl. Him dont respect or want you, Leave the man alone and gwan.

    1. yes don’t do that I don’t like that. we don’t care what type of work annie or her man do.. we know exactly what type of work angel do

      1. Gold digging, cocky cooling and part time microphone screeching.
        Anon, nu do poor Annie so cause whoring angel was on the loose and go step inna de woman life.
        BTW, tell Angel fi run up ova yah fi a minute or two.

        1. Phantom DAngel nuh need no invitation fi come ova yah my spidey senses tell me seh she ova yah from mawnin’ siddung pan di verandah

      1. Me never like Spice and Marion, but from the other day I start to listen to them without bias, and the 2 are lyrically talented. When church call dem (dwrcln)who is left fi tek de podium? Icewata and angel ago have body come dung and throat issues so a can’t dem.
        Is a shame dem two yah a mud de industry fi females cause a dem non behaving crotches.

  39. @Met, I am inclined to believe Annie, even though she knows this post will make her appear foolish, it makes me even more inclined to believe her. At this point Annie has nothing to gain but ridicule anyways..But as fi Angel she if you type SKETTEL INTO GOOGLE SEARCH ENGINE MICHELLE DOWNER AND HAR ENTIRE BIO COMES UP. SHE’S THE EPIPHANY OF WHAT A TRUE HARLOT IS. DAM DISGUSTING FOR A GROWN WOMAN AND MOTHER.

    1. I woulda think after all di tekking dem would have some money or some property to show fi di years dem a tek and dem nah bingo same way……….big ooman now she fi stop it man

  40. No woman can tek away a man bipod just suh. That gentleman had intentions of departing if he really gone. Not a fan of Angel but blaming the woman is classic. Wake up smell the Blue Mountain coffee. You problem is baby daddy.

    1. ok wait for it angel will show him exactly what time it is.. him better make sure him always have it fi give D’angel

    2. @ 4.15pm
      I agree, blame the man first and the next step for you in order to maintain your dignity is to leave that man, period.

  41. hello met and meters met a how uh 60 pounds is in Jamaican money and a not the first time for angle she a pro in this line of work

    1. The money she puts up on her instagram page about money pull up and counting is a lie cause she didn’t get no more than £60. Her show flapped. In summary she f**k my man for a ride in his range rover and some money
      she said the man f**k angel and drive her inna him range rover and give her some money..

    1. Ah do believe that Angel is confusing money pull up wid panty pull up..Angel, guh back guh sell newspaper pa street corner and stop sell yuh crotches tuh Annie man..

  42. Dutty Crackhead Dangel…who cudda f**k dat…herpes cratches..cuz she tell smaddy say Bounty enoculated wid it..n anytime she a suck him cocky it smell like vomit…angel remind me of a dead dog wa a bun wid tyre round it. Annie bware a u baby fada hood..angel tink it up..

    1. yuh tink a dat mek beenie hair top drop out…. de bacteria frm har clog up de hair pores nd all dese tings or a de tie inna de food did too strong :nerd cuz if she collected sup’m from bounty she is now consider a givee

  43. Remember Angel did have man a New York so what’s new. She probaly been a link wid the man and she probaly still have a man in the US

  44. a notch above giver nd a step close tuh giveth…….dats what a givee is ..D’angel a hope dats not the only free give yuh knw fi give while yah collect de bickle :cool

  45. I heard d,angel on a interview in a radio station last week Wednesday in London and the way she was going on about money I think she would stoop for £60 she nah Mek nothing pass she nobody nufffy craven fi money suh

  46. Angel me wtch the video and a three twenty dollar me see yout inna u chest plate the first video when the man give yu the twenty dollar u look an it before u put it inna u chest.. after you force the money inn u chest you tell the man fi give u twenty more.. and den u say a marco dean school fee.. all me see u collect a three twenty dollar all that money is not money pull up… u too lie

  47. So you waan tell mi seh dis big ooman wah a madda and supposedly independent is available fi sale? Shi nah get residuals off her songs? Wah bout di shop? Dis is one piece a em-ba-rass-ment.
    And unno see how di debil trang. Nuh when shi was juss in Henglan Foota drop wud pon har.
    Angel, mi dear, some tings u name nuh fi call up eena at dis satge a u life. You are a mother, and have some level of celebrity, you name nuh fi call up eena tings like dis. Dis story if it true, meck u look like fi any glimma glamma u yeye shine and u drop u pants. U nuh muss used to good tings by now missis, u a nuh wahf dawg. Geezam peace, mi shame and a nuh me.
    @ poster, put di blame pon u man cause Angel caan know if him is attached or not. Him goodly tell har him single. All dese years and two children later and him still nuh put a ring on it, dat nuh muss tell you how him feel bout you, him want to appear single when he is not. All when you confront him, him a talk bout money wah him pay dung, him not shame or nutten. You know him betta dan any a wi, look ova unno history and be honest wid uself if he was a good man to you. Him may have been a good provider, but was he a good man to you and for you?


  49. Sender plz to stop ur lies. You are a lyad. You need someone to beat ur ass to a bloody pulp. So you couldn’t find Dangel pic weh you send eennnn the poppyshow pic for. Wait a some advertising you deh pon. Show the man, talk bout his fancy car all the entertainer him a sleep wid. Met no mine annie unno so see a the man a pimp out himself?? You story just as shady as you and you made up woman …….you can fool everybody mr smh

    1. SMH…I was the one who looked for the man’s photo the sender did not submit one. Please read the comments and dont be quick to assume please!

  50. I hear you met. But har story don’t make no sense. No man not gonna tell him woman him live a yard with that he pay for sex so hes going to get it. He never have to send a pic too obvious BUT he told you where to find it. No matter how a woman love money no woman especially a known entertainer gonna lay for 60£ knowing the disgrace that coul come from it. This is not a woman story sound like it was written by a vindictive man trying to look a shine off Dangel

    1. Me go fass pon big man FB and him kind a set a way- responsible. If me angel broke the way dem say she broke a de responsible type me a go afta….Mr. 60 lb would have fi go buy gas wid him 60 and go home to him woman, lol
      Can’t wait till tomorrow

  51. Foreign Currency Converter
    British £1
    Jamaican $ 180
    £60 * 7 Days = £420
    4 weeks = £1680 tax free
    Total selling pussy for a month in England one f**k a day
    $320.400.000 Dollars.
    Price abit high better looking female selling for very less so she doing well

  52. Some people read without understanding the girl Sey that she and the baby fada broke up because a duty angel, so obviously she a no idiot as unnuh claim her to be because she no stay with him and him low life behavior.
    Her story a true. A after the man f**k angel him a beg annie back and sey a did just a one f**k nothing more. The man never pick up her a no airport a England him meet her through the promoter dem.
    The leave the girl alone at least she not hiding things like some a unnuh that a act like unnuh man prefect.

  53. The idiot gyal that trying to be funny bout annie are you ok are you ok sound like an handicap informa gyal. Move from ya and go look a job and stop been bad mind.

  54. Good Morning Met,Metters,Peepers nd Others…
    mopre while sum a unno pon yah sick mi bloodclaat stomach nd mi feel like jus pull unno chue mi bloodclaat laptop screen..a chue nuff a unno ppl doah waan sen in de phuck’n tings dem or doah waan cum phuck’n ansa afta dem send in de tings like de phuck.
    give ppl benefit a de doubt more while till dem phuck’n log in de ooman nah tell nuh kine a lie cuz michelle a read pink wall whole day yesideh nd a ansa via her insta stop pussiole jus cum wen comment pass 100 nd a done ppl b4 unno knw de full pussiole story….fi de wall keep going wi need story nd nuff unno nah send in sh!t yet unno sum sh!t but jus waan cum read sh!t nd start sh!t doah bloodclaat get mi stink yuh c from wen mi a cool cuz a ADMIN sake.

  55. get mi pink jus nung man… mi sure annie a read yesideh tuh nd waan ansa but fraid dem run in pon har ..de be leave har name har fb info match wat she send tuh met….stop run de ppl dem man mek dem blog live wen it cums tuh stories like dis cho

  56. Annie,please go look a job and ambition because you clearly have none!
    When you go find them you will stop make your so called man treat you like fool. You come try diss D’Angel n flop yourself in the process.
    No man should ever be able to look in your face and tell you he is going to f**k a next girl.
    And commenters read it properly she never said Angel f**k for £60 she was talking about money pull up…

  57. Miss anonymous you sound vex like you did want the man too dwl. Am sure annie is a well educated working class lady,you notice she made her point clear about duty angel not to diss her but to highlight her nasty behavior. Annie have no time to be back and forth pon this because she said she have two kids so obviously she must be taking care of them unlike you that still living on this stall ass news need to get a job and go pay special attention to your child who must need extra love and care.you sound vex i wonder what going on in your miserable life.not to worry annie sey she done with him so you can go pick him up now. YOU Need To Go Find A Job and go take care of your pickney.

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