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  1. I believe her too. Rumors about him been swirling around for a few months. She was his BEST promotion as a Sexy Wife, Good mother and Loyal Support. A fi him loss. The pics of the side chick soon come out cuz you know dem women love spotlight!!!

  2. @4. AR has always been a plain chick. She 0 fuks to give what people think about her. Check any of her interviews even after she and Kanye left and she didn’t dawg him she plainly say he left her for his side piece KIm and it turned out to be true. She admit to being bisexual etc. You can see she love Wiz. I Believe is she left him for someone else she would say it. Just a couple of weeks back she was twerking and promoting his album and expressing her love for him. They jus walk the wards shows red carpet where she was all smiles and he was not. Something must’ve happen that made her make such a drastic such as file for divorce. Wiz smokes too much and have rumors of DL activities. Check her IG today she saying she didn’t cheat but can’t say the same for him.

        1. He’s a rapper who rap about many hoes and bitches she know how she met him, remember Amber did push out Natalie Nunn to get Wiz, she started out as a side chick with him. Natalie probably cackling somewhere. When I see Amber I see those private exposed naked pics with her 4 fingers in her pums.

      1. Amber to lie, everybady including har know ah so the bwoy stay. Him cheat pan somebaby wid her. Shi decided sey shi ah go work wid de cheater and try change him. So, why get brand new when it neva work and all yuh really want to do now is move on with your little handbag (Sabastian and child and spousal support). People to lie, I believe shi plot pan di bwoy fe her retirement package, hence di pickney. Hoeing and spending the wey dese girls spend I am sure shi neva hab nuh 501 k much less checkings account. Even Stevie Wonder cudda tell Wiz shi neva plan fi stay long anyway (not dat him wudda listen). Suh I don’t feel sorry fi har and har situation nug at all. *sideyeye

  3. From what I heard Amber cheated back on Kanye with Reggie Bush so bun fi bun i guess yuck and speaking of interview anybody ever hear this chick talk, mi seh she mek Mumma Portia sound like professor Einstein.

  4. It just go fi show it nuh matta how sexy u dress or how raunchy u display yourseld. It nah go mek di man stay. She show di world har body inside out women we dont see nuttn he havent aeen. Poor ting.

  5. if she left him cause a bun she a fool. if poor man with nuttin in his name can gi bun, den imagine the rich man. any woman who manage to get married to, not deh wid or babyfather ting, but married to one of the few rich black men pon the earth and lef him cause a bun is a fool. the next man she tek up ago gi her bun and di one after and the one after.
    woman fool sometimes inno, as long as she naw see it in front of her face den she fi just cool. know how much hungry belly gal a get bun from dem hungry belly man?

    1. Oc so she fi tek him back really after dis?? no man u luu
      dis is more dan ina face bun dis is like pan tap a u forehead ..di man fight off him woman n go back ina di hotel fi angel…I would not stay :tkp

    2. good day met,metters,peepers nd others….
      :ngakak no mi haffi tek bad tings mek joke ..gweh man chue de gal nah itch dat mek har a fool yuh too damn bad a dad
      (Simplicity soon sign in )

  6. she meet the man a gallis, she meet the man a weedhead clown, she met him looking like when dog have mange, she met him just like he is now. so now she a lef because she couldnt change him? me no sorry fi nuh woman cause oonu choose di worse partners knowing how they are den vex when dem refuse to change lol
    know how much man out deh would worship the toilet seat amber rose sit on? but she want rapper and den come a play victim.

    1. :ngakak A real thing yuh a talk OC. Strange but true, d ugly bruk pocket 1 dem, weh not even have dry shit inna dem ass, gi just as much trouble or even more than d good looking rich 1 dem. Dats y mi want 1 rotten rich bedridden old man, wah cant gi dem deh breed a trouble deh. Betta to be a old man pet than a young bwoy slave!!!

  7. The ting is Amber know who Wiz was when she pick him up and cheating was going to be part a the program. She wa act brand new now that a Nick Cannon a manage har career.

  8. There is no way you can connect on a deep level wid a man whose main concern is to get as high as he can get all the time. I don’t feel cheating is the issue here, cause Amber is a street hustler she knows the game, this girl was a stripper and been at the bottom, so she wasn’t going to lose it all over some mere cheating, is someting big and dirty a gwan.

    1. yuh knw wen mi divorce story run i sed amber really luv dis man suh how she reach a divorce so quick den it hit me a wonda if him into MAN or she see him a duh extra activity wid a Man

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