Here’s another waste mon caught up inna hype 90’s mon dem shirt tail.. Walk & tuff up him self wid 20 long seed mon backa him living off of Old hype 90’s crew done long time and Bruk and in prison and deported.. Rev is the smartest Makaveli bruk like dog in Jamaica and the rest in hiding true shame Dre and as friends teff people things squander all the money with nothing to show when you niggahs going to wake up outta this Al Pacino Scarface fantasy all the cars they had flossing either get repo or crash or in hiding & sell off teefing mony & things never last long… DI OMAN WANT HER MONEY!!!!!

4 thoughts on “DI OOMAN WANT HAR MONEY

  1. When it comes to my hard earned money, no man will rip me off. Women wise up, everybody is looking for a fool.

  2. Stop giving these men money! Period! Majority of them are looking for a come up, with no intentions of paying you back a dime.

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