1. the centre for diseases and vector control need to quarantine a cake deh.QQ go siddung and go put on clothes!

  2. A yuh he/she bumbo dem need fi quarantine…gwan like gyal more time. The way you gwan bout threesome Apple yet u wanna shit pon QQ pon every bloodclaat QQ post. At least she naw hide and tell lie like dutty Apple. Low ar eeeeediot birl and every time you come for her I will come for you.

    1. Oh and when last you see QQ pan di wall bout you ah lay wait Yardie from post to post and I can’t even remember the last time QQ reach…so you did ah stalk di man an ah wait fi him seh “QQ” so you could go in? Is that correct? Maybe ah you send it in fi di perfect chance to trace him bc we used to QQ by now…nothing new…nuttin nah change…

    2. Anon 10:18,How are u doing tiday,did you have a good night’s rest?I knew something wasn’t adding up when u said I was coming 4 QQ on every QQ post. Right away I took the liberty of searching JMG’s archives by typing in “QQ” in the search section.

      The results show posts abt QQ being made on Feb 21,2016 that’s 3months ago.Then there was a series of posts in 2015 on Dec17,Nov2,Oct 15,aug7 then April 6 so that’s a 4month gap with no qq news. It picks up again in March 3rd n 5th.

      Thus of the 10 or so QQ posts the past year n half I’ve never commented on 9 of them(90%),the 1time I commented was to say I think they hacked qq’s account cuz I don’t believe is she post that.

      While reading some of the past comments on QQ’s posts I realize who u claim to be and how wicked n lie yuh is.QQ was never relevant,4months n 3months gaps the wall only remember her when she tun up the cries 4 help.

      Everyweek that God send Apple’s name stay happening fi her looks,fashion n lifestyle so yuh haffi go blow ur brains out asap if u want har name stop mention and her star stop rise yo dig?stop cite the moving traffic!!


  4. I’ve made it Highly Concerned!!!!My very own Stalker,Cant wait to tell Phantom Phoenix this.Maybe we can compare which one of our stalkers more demented.

    “Moving traffic” I laugh and laugh so till picturing
    Shim a cite the cars dem,till a 18wheeler just….dwl!

    1. yes i imagine you with your legs crossed back straight chest push out cackling like smaddy granny…why u a call next blogger name….typical gyal behaviour.

      stalker? hardly. you only dey pon every damn post….

      low QQ….obsessed much?

      1. Den a how much post u deh pan dat u si Yardie pan di post dem? People haffi comment fi keep people reading so a beg u low him please and thank u

        1. met that quarantine comment was unnecessary…he has a piece of obsession because on post that dont have nothing to do with QQ he takes shots at her.

        2. Met is same way this Said person came for u twice on QQ posts last year.first dem sey u badmind and a try disgrace qq cuz everyday u post qq stories.how it a backfire n nah work cuz QQ’s fan base growing n she getting celebrities endorsements!!dwl tell u bout dem delusional ppl ya eh see!months pass BTW qq posts n liad sey everyday!

          Mi sey me Inna stiches when u respond n tell shim u sitting on dem rotten duck egg waiting 4 them to swallow so u can ease up!!

          The next time pon a post abt 5times dem change name to defend QQ so till u had to tell it nobother change yuh name to get ur point across,we got this!spread rt out a grung fi dat!

          Mi get mi lot n mi bellyful so consider the matter addressed dutty wicked liad mi only ansa yuh cuz me pree dat u goodly one of the five or four a dem careless gyals crew n not a battymonger.

          Big up urself jmg fambily n Met thanks again for this space of true freedom of expression for all a wi,the lamb,the sheep,the shepard,the fishes,whales and a wretch like me.Amazing Grace to all,even when me a volunteer n help build jamaica,me will always mek the time fi come pon di wall and talk mi *#b#””cla#$(t mind.Deal with it!

          1. U must annoy many ppl because I am not that person you speak of. I too saw that comment that you speak of and that person was right about you. But galong yah cause MI see you have on yuh tracing draw today:cd

      2. That person was rt abt you?? I wasn’t on that post at all.The person was addressing Met abt how she Met stay,to which Met replied.If u saw the comment Ole wicked liad then u wouldn’t be confused that is me dem talking.The facts show I don’t comment on QQ’s posts,1/10 is hardly “everypost”.i annoy u to the point of desperate lying huh?

        Something else is up cuz this nuh normal at all. I wonder if is a Esau and Jacob situation this??This ain’t abt no damn QQ,is 1 a APPle’s delusional 1time matey dis that get lef in the lost and never found section? Hmmm Apple a go mad yuh,wife fi life jus deal wid it goodie

  5. Hi sista wrappy.me a go work pon a basic school later but mi have lil time pon the labour day yah oo.So me a go do mi research an forward.Me deh yah fi dem wicked zar zutupek ya oo!

    1. She look better slimmer fi true….di likkle weight mek har shape out like one Mexican…and dem g string body suit mansion have dem bartender ah wear ain’t helping. What will give that girl is that almost every hairstyle she wear suit har…

  6. Rass she still deh bout…..ntn new I see, a wonder if she guh luk fi har somewhat,almost, is he tho, babyfather John John boo P-money.

    1. Yes mi “ukkibit” it comes in dosages as u know.All becuz mi sey fi quarantine a cake!Mi Mumma!!! At least anon never have issue that QQ must go siddung and put on clothes.So give the devil his due and respeck anon 11:45.Not even you nuh wicked and lie suh to debate or deny that fact!

  7. @Yaadie, me couldnt stop laff at the Esau and Jacob comment, me nearly dead!!! me laff to tears…Some real sick pple troll chue dese walls here…waieeeeee :ngakaks :ngakaks :ngakaks

    1. Dwl highly!!!

      Yes me Inna mi Isaac mood tiday. Voice of Jacob and the hand of Esau them swear dem slick.Wha day me see when dem get out princess Apple ova ya and make the sweet sweet girl run go do video fi di wall sake a dem fcukery.

      Is the same Met haffi tell her doan mek the badmind maties n rejects draw her out.So the smaddie nuh really have no qq beef.bun it bun dem thru me a president fi the winning teamApple and always a big her up!

      Search fi qq and is 1 time in 2yrs me ever comment,search yardielovethug apple and mi comment more than 100times everyweek fi mi star Apple!

  8. Wow all of you bitches is on QQ pussy!!!
    Haters everywhere. I haven’t heard shit bout QQ in a while . And she is with her Pitney all the time. So what u saying the girl shouldn’t party anymore, she shouldn’t take photos anymore?

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