Goodnite/morning met and metters, can someone confirm if it’s true that shamiele and jermaule who keeps sands left, notice every pics that’s together of them gone from their ig and fb page and dem all stop snaps together,I really like them both together,hope they work whatever issue they have out. a wah really a gwaan thou? Tnx from a concern nosey fan.


  1. Is this the same shamiele who have the 10 johncrow flying south tattooeD on her back??Correction I mean 10american eagles.

    1. Yooooooo! DWRCl. A weh dem get u from man? I just fell pout my chair. It’s too early sir. Please and thanks

  2. Well, mi nuh know dem nor deh pon social media, but from picha teck dung dat is usually a definitive sign seh dem dun. Maybe you can launch a petition and teck up signatures fi dem get back together.

  3. Laws needleye101 how yu so touches inna do morning ya. Di girl or whom ever it be just a put it out in case the source/ sources pop on and can give her some insights to what going on here . Just saying

  4. I find sender to be genuine in her inquiry. Hope you get you answer…

    YardieT you start already cho me still drinking me coffee so go easy :ngakak

  5. Met kindly no accept no more mix up about these two its clear is them a send in the mix up , and bout fans concerns like dem a celebrity people unu stop give These ig clowns hype yah kmt bout fan concern next

  6. Dem chemistry between dem in dis pic is as electrifying as the kiss Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley did on the VMAs. Sender, yuh nuh concerned u just a pu$$ y waiting to pounce on an available peen. Meow!

  7. Sender what r u a fan if that gyal have nth but to pose a fan sender gwan yah must she send in har self

  8. Best believe dem have fans, cuz u have some real fool fool frighten people out dere. Their relationship was allll the way out there so why not comment under their pics or send a dm ?? Lets see how much they respect their “fans”. They should make a statement addressing their fans.

  9. Dats why I tell people all the time stop idolizing social media hype and love life cause they only showing off on you for the hype and likes and behind closed doors a different scenery.could never tell these 2 would a left to how they were so in love on ig.life still all real celebrities a break up much less unuh that only feed off social media likes.

  10. Idk y tf ppl Mek dem ppl ya feel famous unuh need a f***g life. N dis gal need a f***g job. Nuh know wtf duh unuh with this Instagram hype

  11. I guess the sender is tired of paying for arm bands she want to start phuck for dem so she needs pink wall to help her saddle up lol… Jamaica is a strange place, don’t understand why people like to put regular people on pedestals and discuss them like world renown celebrities. Who are these two? They throw maps? So…………………..

  12. Story is sham c msgs frm jav n dass how it startd. But nino nu easy him a link bac wit jav afta all weh go down. Even d make up 1 kellyj him and kimmy frm portmore him a link back with. Sham cah tek it no more but sham av her man a farin

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