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  1. Is Ven she ah throw words for.The other morning Ven screenshot her IG and her what she commented under Rich kid pic on IG

  2. Dolly look unhappy on the inside even on her snap you can see that she really hurting deep down…. I feel her pain! And your trying too hard to make people believe that this dude is all In love with you whenever you show him on your snap he showing you no emotion whatsoever him look like him hate yuh!!! I don’t know him or her but I see that you trying too hard boo it’s obvious! Dolly love yourself first!!!! Mi say the man Ever serious and vex when yaw snap him like him hate yuh

    1. He’s so not into her. I saw them at the club a few weeks ago and let me tell you that boy is so into himself…All dolly do is stand up and play pon her phone.

      No likkle One Dance(in a mi drake lyrics). Kwesi stand up far from her and a watch every other woman in there dancing and having fun.

      My first time seeing them in a real life and I was not impressed. He shows her no affection. She is always pushing up on him and he looks annoyed.

      1. Same way I see she snapping him at the party saying bae and de man just a bite up him jaw bone cross angry and miserable, it sad tho

  3. Dolly stay bad and Ven stay bad. Two a dem face ugly and Ven looks so old. Dem fi glad man a look dem way. Gyal like dem fi settle cause any gyal can tek dem place lol kmt.

  4. Dolly annoying all pon her social media so I can just imagine her inna real life. How yuh mek one waste man treat you so? Get some self-esteem. Cho

  5. Dolly and sweets and Kim possible all of them need to move out family house because them too hype dolly on snap acting like she have two vehicle and live with her momma really bitch, all sweets need a job now. When these girl gonna move out that’s the hype am waiting for. These girl can’t find a good man to mind them?? Smfh

    1. Kim doesn’t live with her family nd do have a 9-5 for yrs now

      Sweets finished school and doing her thing

      as for Dolly,well, she has updated her insta pictures,snaps ever so often nd argue wid imaginary woman over the everybody man she wid

  6. :ngakak :malu :ngakak but dolly dolly baby just put up , white roses she got from her boo :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :malu :malu it look like the boo ..cheating :malu :malu

  7. None of them are any favorites of mine. I think folly looks better & more polished than Ven & I like Ven. Kim & sweets full of it but y’all don’t let no one force you outta family house to pay other ppl mortgage. Stay home use y’all money dress to the gawds & slay these hating ass hoes lmaoooo

    1. For you to be giving this advice it just says that you are worthless!!!

      Yes! stay home in family house if you are on your own floor. You have your own entrance and exit. But when you have to be stepping pass mommy bedroom to carry you man go in go fquk that is heights of slackness. And when you have to send your son go in a grandma room when you man come over that is just plain ole wuklissness!!!

  8. The little boy on Instagram a hype with a rental. When are these people gonna have their own stuff??? This is just the worthless pack

  9. This is New York! Rent is very high. If you can stay with your parents do it. But, save as much as you can and get your own.But some dont do that. Live with their parents for free and floss.

  10. Kim seem like she ave the whole package…she can cook..she look good…and most importantly….she have good sense and understand wha gwan ina the world..unlike the other dunce bats what just moggle ina brand clothes n couldn’t hold a decent reasoning if their life depended on it…oh she is funny too. She look aright to me.

  11. Anon 2:44 you caan style mi nuh day bout worthless gtfoh! everyday unu live pon bout mother house, lowe out di gal! Nuff a unu did haffi kotch either wid mommy or some relatives before unu get unu own place. The part about bringing in men & who ah step ova who nuh get endorse from me I would never agree to that. Try know I have my OWN place, car & a friggin good job at a prominent reputable Hospital so try again.. oh btw mi never come yah straight like these chicklets, but mi smart & link wid only progressive professionals, went to school, worked hard & even became a citizenship. Bye!

  12. In deze times it better fi kotch and help one another get a hand up. Chiney a live 13 and more in one apartment and when time come dem all can move out and own dem own. I would never encourage any young person to run out guh pay high rent fi what you can never own. Kotch wid mommy and give her di money you would give di outside landlord, enrich her and stay deh save till you sort out you self right. Nuff a di suffering black ppl guh chu financially could alleviate if dem teck on communal practices and keep dem money amongst demself. Unno a shame dis girl fi guh rent from Jew, give dem her money, enrich dem even greater, grow dem power over unno in NY, instead of give di money to her own mother and enrich her and keep dem money circulating amongst dem. Unno fi start think critically man.

    1. Shut ur ass up ! INDEPENDENCE ! No wonder this bitch dolly always a beg and depend on people because she never been on her own ! She can’t even pay the little money her mom ask her for in the house if u a whore a fck money man a buy expensive things that cost over 2 n 3 k you can pay this high rent u speak of ! Dem too show off n don’t have jack shit ! She need fi go find a place especially cuz she has a child and the kid sleeps with her and every man or woman that sleeps over they sleep right in the same bed and dolly room is very small ! Smh

      1. If mi ass open up is cause mi was taking a shit in your mouth.

        If she need har own place den buy one give her. Live and let live! Unno love teck Panadol fi odda ppl headache too much. Which independence you talking when unno a fatten white man and continue build dem wealth. Renting is no damn independence, is bondage and waste of money. Obviously, you is a damn croaked lizard a change colour, so you know Dolly living situation and size of her room?..you neva see smoke widdout fire, is which ex-fren or fambly you be?


  14. My only question is why I is it that non of these chicks can either spell or construct proper sentences ?

  15. @anoynomous 32 and 33 I agree. She comes up on my newsfeed on IG. Her body is nice. But for an older woman she should be doing something better than partying all the time. What grown ass woman her age assuming shes around 45 plus goes to a daytime party? She brags about her too much. It’s all about her.

    Sad thing is dem nah get paid Kim.K money to floss. What is her info? Is she a coco or scammer lady? Coco and scammers woman tend to brag and showoff a lot?

  16. Met go check out dolly latest insta post (today june 11). She is still bending walls with her photo edits. Dwl…. get there quick before someone tell har.

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