Hide my id pink wall!! Sheensea and Leon bailey deh?? Because mi see them early this morning a the gas station a me serve them this morning, and then mi see Romiech pull somebody inna plaza call him my goddess she better mine Romiech flop her career because a him build and invest in her Leon bailey na and caa help her.


  1. She is young up and coming and more suited to someone in her own age range. If there is a real connection between them and is no using thing, then she and the baller well suited. I like to see young ppl together, enjoying their lives and learning about the world together. It doesn’t hurt that they are both cute and thriving in their careers. Victoria and David Beckham still together and have a very beautiful family together.

  2. U see Romiech do wah???
    Romiech think him run dancehall but watch how him gyal aguh flop him like Footah gyal do him.

  3. I think she means she saw Romeich pull up, somebody in the plaza must have called him and told him about Shenseea and her new beau

  4. Im wondering the same thing too Staygood. Why are they sending in people business and not taking the time out to use proper grammar and punctuate properly.

      1. :shakehand2 And, it seems we are forgetting this is a Jamaican website, So what if we type inna wi good up dialect? Funny enough if you are from and grew up in Jamaica you will understand everything the sender is saying :ngakak ….. :peluk Happy New Year, May God continue to blessed you and your family.

  5. Weh yu mean seh di baller can’t help her? Romiech have money? She won’t be self sufficient with a singing career. Do baller need fi send her back to school

  6. Pull out banana chips) suh issa next man a deal wid tings. Chaaaay.. romiech buddy did look soft when she did pull di lisa hype, suh ano nuttn oh boi :ngakak live yuh life yah deal wid it like a sketel if yuh want a ur own.

    1. can tell say yuh ugly an saty bad lol, mi nah fi ask cause its always the fugly ones full a so much hate!

  7. How unoo nuh know seh she an him dun? She lef him an him nah let go? Romeich wish. Foreign currency, more international opportunity, Shensea need fi tek di opportunity and get access to a voice and talent coach and advance har ting. She have likability she just need development.

  8. Leon Bailey a Big baller a Europe so how he can’t help he she can do so much better than rome rich old tired man

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