News surfaced the Bronx New York on Christmas morning that the mansion night club in mount vernon was shoot up by a man that enter the club with a firearm. It is said that the security team tried to eject the armed man from the club by abusing him verbally and physically the armed man then pulled his firearm and opened fire hitting Oneil who is the club owner one security,also Shawn Mula and three other patrons.Oneil died on the spot and Mula died in hospital the other in critical condition.After one day of tears and prayers it reveals that Mula was not dead and he only received one shot to his back that lodge next to his spine it is said to be serious, he is still admitted under observation.Mula was just a fun fashion person who like to enjoy himself Oneil was a successful entrepreneur and a businessman. Condolences to his family and speedy recovery to the injured. SAD!!


    1. If only patrons would leave their guns home, guns are not for night clubs. I am shocked that security is being blamed for what happened. I remember partying and watching security Paul and the rest allow gunmen to enter venues armed. That kind of behavior by security usually result in innocent people being killed. The security officer (s) did no wrong in trying to put that armed gunman out of the club. The end result is what is traumatizing the most. One dead, one might be paralyzed and a next is hospitalized. This is all senseless and the gunman needs to be apprehended before he kills again.

    2. Quena,
      You sound stupid with this comment. Security had already put him out of the club for his behavior. Why should they be nice to someone that was already put out and comes back to try and regain entry?? It’s obvious that his intentions was to come back and shot someone. Security did exactly what they were supposed to do, prevent him from entering again. It’s unfortunate he was able to shot people that were by the enterance. If you want to blame someone blame the shooter or the judge that let him out on bond for murder charges that were already pending…..

      1. …… blame the shooter or the judge that let him out on bond for murder charges that were already pending….

        So, you know who the shooter is based on the above statement. You need to pass that information to the police…pronto!! We cannot let these lowlifes get away with these senseless killing.

  1. Can you imagine every Christmas their family won’t be so cheerful as before R.I.P. and speedy recovery to the other….It’s a shame what dance have become on the regular now

  2. Which one is Mula? Puma is a nice guy, and I don’t think Christmas will ever be the same for him. Is a party I always look forward to, but never get a chance to attend mi no regret it. My condolences goes out to oneil families and friends. Get well wishes for all the ones that are injured. Even if the security them was a little harsh it’s no excused for him to shoot up the place taking innocent lives. I hope he never sees the day of light again. I pray everyday to our lord and savior I don’t have to go through this, cause if I can feel sooo hurt not even know the deceased, how u find strength to go on. Only God can c us through, this world have no love r respect, for humans anymore.

  3. Met, does New York have the death penalty? that perp should get it, shoot so many persons in the back!!!
    He left the club went into his car for his gun and came and shoot up people standing at the entrance of the club with their backs turned

  4. puert.. u was not there so shut ur shit, they did nothing to the killer ,him just the devil, like u ,bitch him suppose to kill people for no reason, so if u where there I hope him kill u too , dunce bitch ,

  5. mulais the one ine the black and white shoes and the security dem too bloodclatt lie dem and the boy did a fight with the gun from in the club.dem just a cover up

    1. I am certain that security did not initiate a fight with him, I am almost 100% certain of this. The fact of the matter is, he had no business trying to get in the club with a gun, Guns are not allowed in clubs where innocent patrons go to enjoy music and drinks. The audacity of you and other who are in agreement with this killer guy. I am almost that had it been your brother, uncle, mother or father, you would be singing a different song. Nuff a unno love support dem killas yah. Move an gweh. Ah shudda armed guards pon site fe pump two inna him chest afta him kill de innocent people dem. Slime bucket.

  6. Linky go kill yuh self, your kind of idiocy isn’t needed in the new year. If the securities were fighting with the killer from inside the club to put him out, they were doing their job. What the hell is there to cover up. He somehow got in with a gun and they were trying to remedy this security breach to keep patrons safe. Go kill yuh self since you’re here endorsing the killing of a father and injuries to other.

  7. From what u hear everyone knows the shooter is not one to be messed with. Even the club owner himself knew the man and what he’s capably of. So y on earth would they put their hands on that man is beyond me. Y they just didnt call the police if he was being a problem. Well hard lesson to learn. Security guards need to stop putting their hands in ppl. There was no excuse for the shooter actions. But it all could have been prevented.

    1. The shooter think he is an untouchable, but the cops will be crawling up his ass soon. He is in some hole quivering, waiting for the inevitable to happen. Have it ever occur to you that he was there to cause mayhem inside that venue and only purpose was to settle a score? Maybe more death and destruction if he wasn’t accosted by security? He is no badman, just a fool with a gun whose days are numbered. Now multiple murder charges pending…..

  8. @realtalk she was just giving her opinion. To wish death on her is too much. It sad when people are lateral thinkers after all maybe the security could be blamed base on how dem try to diffuse the situation but is how much blame dem can get. The aggression you show is not too far from the gunman who shot people inna dem back! Watch you thoughts and yuh word

  9. Looks like the shooter was caught at the scene:

    MOUNT VERNON, NY — One man has been arraigned in the Christmas morning shooting death of nightclub owner O’Neil Bandoo.

    Errol Hillary, 39, did not enter a plea Monday in Mount Vernon City Court, the Journal News said, and he is due back in court Friday.

    Five other people were injured in the shooting.

    Police Hillary fired multiple shots into the crowd at the Mansion, which is located at 4 North Third Ave.

    At the time of the shooting, Hillary was out on bail from an attempted murder charge in the Bronx.

    For more details, read the Journal News article here.



    Picture of the shooter here:


  10. All I know SERENA salt bad. Why every man SERENA tek dead are go a prison? MULA you need to let guh this salt gal yu pick up! A suh her man shi send fa from Jamaica get shot up in a club a New Jersey and dead. Young man please take this as a warning

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