How has Vybz Kartel kept up his colour?

Friday, November 22, 2013

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Dear Editor,

Let me start off by saying that I have no opinion regarding the guilt or innocence of the accused, Adidja “Vybz Kartel” Palmer regarding the killing of Clive “Lizard” Williams. This disclaimer is necessary given the penchant of his rabid supporters to attack persons who criticise him.

I am disturbed, though, that for his recent appearances in the Supreme Court, his face appears to be freshly “bleached”. The “bleachers” featured not so long ago on All Angles, and the myriad Youtube videos suggest that to maintain the bleached complexion requires constant use of the various creams and substances.

Vybz Kartel has been imprisoned for nearly two years. Therefore, it is difficult to conceive of how he could sustain his “colouring” while in confinement. His original hue surely should have returned over this period (darker or otherwise).

Are the prison officials complicit in Palmer’s access to these creams? What a picture of the state of the justice system where an accused could be supplied with bleaching creams while in the custody and care of the State. While ordinary Jamaicans continue to live in fear of rape, robbery, kidnapping, assault, and murder, prisoners are delivered luxuries (if bleaching creams can be called that) in lock-up.

Our fears and experiences have been reduced to another performance or the lines of another Vybz Kartel song, and almost sadistically, we still wait with bated breath for the next scene… a warden enters with another delivery of cake soaps.

Janene Laing

[email protected]


  1. some people seems to think so. I have a fren who rub and me hear somebody asked har when she get so brown and she said it’s because she haven’t been outside much. Me nearly dead wid laugh

  2. She raises a slightly good point about the wrongs in our justice system, however it is just one element of corruption that exists in Jamaica. But it’s in the US, UK, etc etc..

    Bless metters — Long time mi no rant, but since I got some spare time:

    Unless you know nothing about prison life, both here and abroad, there is a level of corruption that allows contraband to find its way in prison cells all over the world.

    Sounds like a bit more Kartel hate. I nah say him guilty or not guilty, personally don’t care. Though I know Metty might not agree, i think he’s gonna walk — the prosecution’s case is weak. I also don’t think the man dem really did do a video — a lot of things that they did were never taped for many reasons. The man dem not as fool as some may think.

    And remember, 90+% of killers here in Jamdown don’t get really get ‘caught’ by police, and another 90+% of the cases are not solved.

      1. IF the dna of the blood samples matches with the victims dna and the person who escaped testifies against him there is absolutely NO WAY he’s getting away!!!

  3. This is soff topic met but have u listen to that interview with that white oman who her family is the biggest slave trader in the usa it came on irie fm on Wednesday night?

  4. Don”t forget say dat him have cell phone and other technological devices in a prison (remember when Roach dead inna September and the police dem search Kartel cell), so if Kartel deh inna de Comfort Inn Hotel, who is to stop him from having him bleaching cream ?? You can also see how him put on weight, so, it look like prison life gree wid him.

  5. I see a comment stating that a lot things they did weren’t taped for many reasons…….what is this person saying??? I need some clarity on this statement please if you don’t mind me asking.

  6. well just a quick notes,i being to jail before,just nt in ja,and I am nt proud of aying it,but the facts is,mistakes do happened and jail dnt make for puss and dog.but yes,let me first say,being in jail or while incarcerated.i realized that,when u av money,u can get anything u want in jail,except to buy out the judge u]yourself or face to face,and trust me,if I could get everything I wanted in jail and get it,and this is farrin,why u think it would be an issues or problem for kartel to get his needs and wants in jail?a kartel dat,plus in a 3rd world country like ja,i know for sure those hungry belly police there will do anything for him.and also,yes the sun sometimes,if not most of the time,has a lot to do ith our complexion,if u do believe me try it ok,but kartel definetly getting his rubbbins in jail though,n if u can live a little life while being incarcerated,why not,shit I even met my ex in there,got two more pregnant in there,(2chainvoice)same damn time,welcome to the corrupt system the laws build,to know the system,you have to be in the system ok ppl,so calm down and do yall research…peace out

  7. oh and I am clean too,no dieases or std ever,guess I f**ks with the best,jail is place where inmates and policeor even the ppl on the streets hustle from or used it to hustle,everything u want in jail,u can get it if u got your mula,weed,cellphones,pussy,coke,crack and just name it all.but for the ppl that never being there,please stay away as best as you can,avoid foolishness,f**kery,drama,negative ppl and things,but most of all,be in the right place at all times in your life,it takes 1second to get into trouble,and a billions dollar and years to get out…that’s where I went to college and graduate with a master in staying the f**k to myself and from trouble.

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