Ppl really put on and tell lie fi IG and to get likes. Corret mi if my eyes decieving me but nuh di same exact pot of soup dat she put up 2 time and act like she cooking. Or maybe soup know it ago deh pan IG an jus start pose and di pose dem turn out to be the same. Likr really now!!! What inz soup fi lie pan. Lmaooo. *smh*



9 thoughts on “RECYCLED SOUP

    1. Blessed one…..yuh think u easy. No dat it on IG fah. To be examined. It funny cause a bare laugh mi laughing. Di soup pose di same pose months apart. Mi naw laugh but mi have to laugh. Lmao

  1. di heading a kill mi ‘recycled soup’ :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak ms.met how yo come so man dwfl

  2. But u know mi say it right here on the wall say ppl all a use food fi banton dem mate an fi show off. Talking about who can cook fi hold di man from whoo cyaan boil water. Dwl. Dem soon start put up videos of dem self a f**k, just fi banton dem mate. Fi di mate see how eem f**k good an wine good an kotch good. Watch…..MEMBA SAY CITA SAY IT RIGHT HERE ON DI FAMOUS WALLLLLLL. F**king competition soon become the norm. Smh

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